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April 19/20—Easter Weekend: It’s Always Been About You It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of our lives. We get lost in family, work, recreation, etc., and we often lose sight of what truly matters in life—Jesus. In fact, it’s always been about Him, everything that we are, everything that we do, and everything that we live for. So this year, we want to invite you to our 2014 Good Friday and Easter services, as we put all of our attention back on Him. Make a decision to give Him your all, and join us for this full weekend experience, both at our Good Friday Worship service and at one of our weekend Easter services. Come expecting a great message with vibrant worship, as we celebrate our risen savior and make it all about Him.

Muskegon Campus Saturdays 7:00 pm Sundays 9:15, 11:15 am Weekly Small Groups 3084 Whitehall Road Muskegon, Michigan 49445 Voice 231.766.5599 www.MyLifeChangeChurch.tv

Ludington Campus Sundays 10:00 am Wednesdays 7:00 pm 5532 W US10, Suite 800 Ludington, Michigan 49431 Voice 231.843.6300 www.LifeChangeLudington.org

4. The church is the (not just the children’s ministry). A. Pharaoh’s daughter and wife took on the responsibility of a child they knew nothing about. B. The church takes on the responsibility of children they know nothing about. Ephesians 4:16

Child Dedication April 12 and 13, 2014 Opening Scripture Exodus 2:1-10 1. The world is and always has been, against God’s truth and bent against those who have God’s and Exodus 1:8-22

2. Parents want to raise their children Moses’ biological mother

3. Children need to be The basket



5. Because Moses’s mom dedicated him, God’s purpose for his life was able to take shape. A. Moses led Israel out of Egypt—this generation will bring liberation B. Moses performed miracles—This generation will reveal God’s power C. Moses brought about God’s ways—this generation will be a light to the world

to God in the church.

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