77 Bombay Street

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Sep 18, 2015 - Street in the Australian city of Adelaide. They shot to fame ... Swiss Music Awards in the categories ”Best Album Pop Rock. National“ and ”Best ...

ALBUM RELEASE: 18.09.2015

”Every step you take / surely brings us closer / forget the small mistakes / we are on a roller coaster“ Optimistic People Three years separate 77 Bombay Street“s second and third albums. But it was worth the wait: on Seven Mountains, the band serves up new stories coupled with new sounds. Above all, the single of the same name is unusually epic in style. ”The title is a reference to our ups and downs. As a band, we have really been shaken about over the past few years: we had to find ourselves anew,“ says Matt Buchli. While searching for themselves, 77 Bombay Street has really developed in leaps and bounds. The vocals on the new album have a noticeable confidence, varying between tender (”December“), rock (”Waterproof“), and easy going (”Optimistic People“). In terms of their style too, they have explored new genres, adding funk (”Amazing Day“) and classic (”Seven Mountains“) to their more usual pop folk style. For the first time ever, they have supplemented their acoustic sound with stringed and wind instruments. Despite being in their seventh year, there isn“t a hint of a seven-year itch here; this is all about a brave new Bombay sound.

FROM A MOUNTAIN VILLAGE TO THE POP STRATOSPHERE ... Back in 2008, the four Buchli brothers Matt (33), Joe (31), Esra (29), and Simri-Ramon (25) shared a room in Haus 92 in Scharans in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. The four of them (who have three other siblings, incidentally) decided to set up a band. And so, 77 Bombay Street was born. The name of the band is full of meaning for the Buchli family: after all, between 2002 and 2004, they lived in a house at 77 Bombay

Street in the Australian city of Adelaide. They shot to fame in Switzerland, winning the MyCokemusic Soundcheck and the minor Prix Walo as well as signing their first record deal, all in 2009. Their debut album, Up In The Sky (2011), went double platinum. The single of the same name even went one step further: triple platinum. The band won no less than two Swiss Music Awards in the categories ”Best Album Pop Rock National“ and ”Best Hit National“ and followed this up with a sell-out club tour. Their colourful uniforms turned out to be a hugely valuable and recognisable trademark. They then hit the top of the Swiss album charts with their second release, Oko Town (2012), which went platinum. They have played over 300 concerts in the past seven years, including gigs in Germany, England, France, Italy, Sweden, and the Netherlands. In 2013, they won the 2012 Swiss Award in the category ”Show“.

...BACK DOWN AND BACK UP AGAIN Despite all this success, the brothers started to question their path and did not agree about the direction they should take. ”We had to find a way of bringing all our wishes together in such a way that it worked for everybody,“ says Matt. ”We are a unit made up of singers, instrumentalists, and brothers. But we don“t have a leader.“ This was the start of a process that saw the band letting go and finding a new orientation. The brothers began to break out of their comfort zone so that they could liberate themselves from the pressure of competition and spread their wings as a band. In 2014, they moved to Berlin for several months in search of new inspiration. In the German capital, they joined up with Australian producer Chris Vallejo. ”As a band, we fell in love with him immediately,“ they say.

... AND THEN BACK TO DOWN UNDER FOR THE NEW ALBUM Last spring, they decided to go back to their physical and musical roots. Australia is not only their old home, it is also the home of their producer Chris Vallejo. In Sydney, 77 Bombay Street recorded their new album, opting for full equality on their third LP. This meant that they took it in turns to sing lead and write songs. ”We realised that we can only develop if everyone does what he does best,“ says Simri-Ramon. This meant that Esra added a few heavy drum beats (”Falling“), Joe a guitar solo (”Amazing Day“), Simri-Ramon raps a few feel-good lines (”Bombay“), and Matt reveals his hidden rock voice (”Dancing On The Coast“). ”We just created. It is our most daring album to date,“ sums up Joe. This laid-back attitude coupled with the sunshine-and-strand feeling of Australia really radiate from the album. On Seven Mountains, the band is sending out its usual positive vibes despite singing about its ups and downs. ”There is always a way, if you believe in life, in the positive, and in togetherness.“ This is an attitude they soaked up from their parents while the whole family lived in Australia. After all the turbulence, there was only one thing they didn“t believe in any more. In their seventh year, they decided that the time had come to bid farewell to their trademark colourful, matching uniforms, which are now a thing of the past. 77 Bombay Street has found itself and is now a band of four individualists, something that is not just audible but also visible. ”When we“re old and looking back / you will hear us whispering the fact / we were telling stories till we“re grey / so they“ll say“ Seven Mountains

Matt Buchli Vocals & Acoustic Guitars Esra Buchli Vocals, Drums & Percussion Joe Buchli Vocals & Guitars Simri-Ramon Buchli Vocals & Bass Guitar


01. Prelude 02. Seven Mountains 03. Club Of Optimistic People 04. Painted 05. Bombay 06. Falling 07. Intermezzo 08. Once And Only

09. Amazing Day 10. Where Are You 11. December 12. Waterproof 13. Dancing On The Coast 14. Own The World (iTunes Bonus Track) 15. Finale

Release Date: 18. September 2015 Record Label: Gadget Records

13.11.2015, Stadthalle, Chur 14.11.2015, Schüür, Luzern 19.11.2015, Rhypark, Basel 20.11.2015, Chollerhalle, Zug 21.11.2015, Studio Foce, Lugano 27.11.2015, Volkshaus, Zürich 28.11.2015, Bierhübeli, Bern 04.12.2015, Salle de Thônex, Genève 05.12.2015, Le Port Franc, Sion 11.12.2015, Kofmehl, Solothurn 12.12.2015, Messe, St. Gallen

Contact information:

Press material: www.gadget.ch/media

Management: Treelight Music, Irina Sterchi / ILT Music Oliver Macchi, [email protected] Label: Gadget Records, [email protected] Promotion: Gadget Records, [email protected] Booking: Act Entertainment, Basel Distribution: Phonag Records AG, Glattbrugg www.77bombaystreet.com

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