9311 Board of Education SECTION: BYLAWS OF THE BOARD

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When a policy is placed on the agenda for the second consecutive meeting, a motion ... If the discussion results in a suggestion for change, such changes will be.

LEBANON Board of Education POLICY



In the absence of any written policy, administrative regulations will be used to guide and administer the effective operation of the school district.


Suggestions for either new policies or policy changes would normally come to the Board of Education from any of the following: A. B. C. D. E. F.

Board of Education Members Superintendent Statute Matters of law Citizens Students.


The Superintendent will prepare a draft policy statement for consideration and for the development by the Board of Education.


Policy proposals and suggested amendments to, revisions of, or deletions of existing policies shall normally be submitted to all members of the Board of Education by the Superintendent in writing prior to a regular Board of Education meeting in which such proposed policies, amendments, revisions or deletions thereof shall be read and discussed.


Policies that deal with matters of an emergency nature may be introduced at any regular or special Board meeting.


Policies that affect students shall become effective at the beginning of the next school year following adoption unless the policy provides otherwise.


Except for emergency situations, policies will be adopted, amended, or deleted after consideration at two regular meetings of the Board of Education. The agenda shall be marked to indicate such policy matters.


W hen a policy is placed on the agenda for the second consecutive meeting, a motion either to adopt or not to adopt the policy or the proposed policy changes is necessary for discussion. If the discussion results in a suggestion for change, such changes will be included in the second reading of the policy prior to adoption.


The formal adoption or deletion of policies and the adoption of policy changes shall be by majority vote of all members of the Board, and the action shall be recorded in the minutes of the Board.


Only those written statements so adopted as policy and so recorded shall be regarded as official policy of the Board.

Recommend Documents
... of Information regulations. Reference: Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised. Bylaw adopted July 1, 2006/Reviewed Summer 2016. Shelton Public Schools.

Nov 22, 2011 - designated persons. D. Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the proceedings of the Board except as otherwise provided by these bylaws. 2.

the procedures of the Connecticut State Board of Education. ... mandated by local, state and federal statutes, under which the entire Shelton Public School.

The Shelton Board of Education recognizes the need to maintain open communication between itself and the staff. Essentially, communications with staff deal ...

and does not serve as an ex-officio member of committees. 2. Work with the Chairperson and Superintendent to become generally informed of Board business.

Remuneration and Reimbursement ... Board members shall be granted reimbursement for reasonable ... Mileage. All Board members are authorized to be reimbursed for use of their ... Board business at a rate established by the Board.

Nov 22, 2011 - conduct that interferes with the orderly and efficient operation of the Board. Procedures for Removal: Prior to any vote to remove a Board officer ...

200.36. BOARD MEMBER REMOVAL FROM OFFICE .... official acts of the Board of Education which shall be signed by the President and the. Secretary. .... contain the agenda for the reconvened or scheduled meeting. However, if the ..... under the influenc

provided to school districts and the community. The primary objective of the County Board is to work with the County Superintendent of Schools to establish the direction and priorities for the. COE and to provide leadership to support the success of

Vacancies occurring shall be filled according to the Charter of the City of Shelton and in compliance with. State Statutes. Legal Reference: Connecticut General ...