A Legacy and a Vision

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Topping the list are repairs to the slate roof and dormer windows .... Pipe restoration, rewiring of pipe chamber in Historic Church, and Exsúltet Organ installation ...

A Legacy and a Vision Each of us has a unique story reflecting the faithfulness of God in our everyday lives. Through good times and bad, in personal and sometimes powerful ways, God shows us again and again just how much he loves us. Collectively, these stories remind us how richly God has blessed this community of faith we know as St. John’s Church. It is a legacy built upon the service and sacrifice of St. John’s parishioners for 170 years. Today we face unique challenges in caring for the sacred and historic spaces entrusted to us. Since 2011, the Vestry has faithfully and systematically addressed critical building repairs and capital improvements by investing almost $470,000 from designated gifts, budgeted income, and generated endowment income to support and further the mission of St. John’s to Dwell, Feast, Journey, and Shine. Details of that completed work can be found on page 3 of this document. Current repair and improvement needs, however, are too large for the Vestry to fund without income generated through a capital campaign. We continue to prayerfully seek God’s guidance as we attempt to discern the size and scope of that endeavor. The urgent need for some of the work is unmistakable. Topping the list are repairs to the slate roof and dormer windows over the Historic Church and the Chisholm Hall closet and a new roof over the Sacristy. Water incursions during recent rainstorms have damaged interior plaster, and threatened our new Exsúltet Organ. The estimated cost of completing this work is $282,450. Roof failure is caused by gaps between the slate roof and vertical stone walls.

Water intrusion due to missing glass and rotting or missing wood. vertical stone walls allow water to pour inside.

After 120 years of use, limestone is cracking and mortar joints are missing, allowing water to enter the structure.

Supplemental roofing like this and the one over the sacristy need repairing and/or replacing.

Interior plaster walls are suffering from continual exposure to water.

Repaired Parish House roof frequently fails, causing destruction in our Catechesis Atria.

Plaster wall repairs in the Sacristy and Sanctuary are estimated to cost $41,222. The membrane roof over the Parish House, which was temporarily repaired in 2015, needs immediate replacement at an estimated cost of $53,900. Other priorities include window and stonework repairs on the East front and towers of the historic church on Washington Street. Cracks and discoloration in the stonework threaten building stability and require immediate attention. Stabilization and protective recovering of all stained glass windows on the façade and towers would be completed at the same time. Estimated cost: $306,159.

The aging electrical system in the Historic Church is in dire need of upgrading to safely accommodate current use. Rewiring would also provide opportunities for enhanced lighting for sermons, concerts, pageants, and exterior illumination. Estimated cost: $100,000. The total cost of making those necessary repairs is estimated at nearly $784,000. That amount, in the Vestry’s judgment, is well beyond the church’s ability to pay out of current income sources. Thus the need for a capital campaign. During the discernment process, parishioners will be asked to identify and prioritize other potential projects to enhance our ministry to the community that might be included in a capital campaign. Some that have been mentioned to date include kitchen upgrades, new flooring for Chisholm Hall, and technology/ sound system improvements in Chisholm Hall. Undoubtedly there are others. The estimated cost of any additions will be an important consideration. At the heart of any forthcoming decisions on these matters will be the willingness of St. John’s parishioners to catch a shared vision for what God is leading us to accomplish. Roof issues may have led us to this point, but it is what goes on under this roof that changes lives and transforms our neighborhood. Please continue to pray earnestly that we may accomplish God’s will in all that we undertake.

Summary of Estimated Costs Limestone damage on façade threatens the stability of stained glass and stonework.

Roof/limestone/dormer repairs on Historic Worship Space & Sacristy $282,450 Interior plaster wall repairs to above $41,222 Parish House roof replacement


Window & stonework repairs to East Façade & Towers


Rewiring Historic Worship Space


Other Projects?

St. John’s Church Major Repairs & Improvements (2011-2017) Since 2011, the Vestry has faithfully and systematically addressed critical building repairs and capital improvements by investing almost $470,000 from designated gifts, budgeted income, and generated endowment income to support and further the mission of St. John’s Church to Dwell, Feast, Journey, and Shine. 2011  

Replaced both sanctuary AC units in late summer (AirServ: warranty 2 years parts & labor/10 years compressor & coils): $36,500 New digital wi-fi enabled digital sound system with speakers for church: $14,895

2011-2012  Founders’ Chapel created: $10,416 2013   

Creation Atrium (children newborn to toilet trained) renovated and opened in January Created Memorial Garden (including new path, garden shed, handicap ramp, & main bronze plaque): $9,500

Good Shepherd Atrium (ages 3-6) renovated and opened in September

2013- 2014  115 year-old Gabriel Tower Bell ringing mechanisms replaced: $19,250 2014       2015      2016    2017   

Chisholm Hall LED lighting (free labor from USS Enterprise electricians): $3,317 Replaced rotted arched panel over bell tower entry door with identical reproduction: $1,850 Tiffany Altar Window restoration, covering, and lighting completed (ET Gresham): $18,500 North Wall exterior water intrusion repairs & stained glass covering completed (ET Gresham): $25,800 Parish House rooftop HVAC Unit #1 replaced (RS Andrews): $9,693

True Vine Atrium (ages 6-9) renovated and opened in September Professional refinishing of mahogany church doors completed: $3,991 Metal Canterbury Cross and venetian plastering of parking lot entrance lobby: $3,630 Parish House rooftop HVAC Unit #2 replaced September (Professional Heating and Cooling): $7,113 Complete Parish House exterior roof duct replacement and temporary flat membrane roof repairs completed (to keep out water intrusion until a new roof can be installed/ ET Gresham): $79,786 Pipe restoration, rewiring of pipe chamber in Historic Church, and Exsúltet Organ installation completed (ET Gresham/Viscount of Mondaino, Italy/Whitesel Church Organs): $207,893

Temporary repairs to slate roof of historic church to prevent further water intrusion until permanent repairs can be made (ET Gresham): $1,382 Replaced failed boiler expansion tank: $3,143

Covenant & Light Atria (ages 9-15) along with renovated Art & Community Meeting Rooms opened in September New exterior signage installed: $3,200 Twenty cathedral chairs to provide flexible seating for Wednesday Eucharist & concerts: $9,560 + shipping Hiring of a consultant from Episcopal Church Foundation to begin capital campaign process

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