Achievement Night 2018

Nov 18, 2018 - Jenna Thompson. Annika Brown. Keira MacKenzie ... Marshall Allen. Mickayla Allen. Evelyn Ekdahl ... Jenna Hammond. Ian Kennedy. Kendall ...

Yates County 4-H November 18th, 2018

Evelyn Dillon

Alexa Mitchell

Jenna Thompson

Andrew Payne

Annika Brown

Jen Roussell

Keira MacKenzie

Tasha Shaff

Malia Choate

Mickey Wirth

Kaytlin Cottrell

Karenna Donoso

Kasey Cummings

Gia Lamb Gabe McHenry

Jenna Hammond Ian Kennedy Kendall Sebring

Alexander Cornell Evey Cobb Audrey Hoffman Alex Hoffman Marshall Allen Mickayla Allen Evelyn Ekdahl Patrick Cornell William Boutard-Hunt

Stepping Stone awards recognize youth who venture out of their comfort zone, try new things, and who are learning new skills in a project area.

Marshall Allen • Shooting Sports

Mickayla Allen • Shooting Sports Laura Bagley • Dog Obedience Annika Brown • Public Speaking, Fine Arts and Crafts, Horticulture, and Citizenship Xavier Burch • Sewing, Food and Nutrition, and Pet Care Evey Cobb • Horticulture and Food and Nutrition

Brenna Hathway • Poultry Science, Sewing, Mannequin Modeling, Citizenship, Rabbit Science, Equine Science, Photography, Teamwork, and Leadership Greyson Hathway • Woodworking, Teamwork, Public Speaking, Poultry Science, Mannequin Modeling, Fine Arts and Crafts, Sewing, Food and Nutrition, and Rabbit Science

Kayleigh Hight • Poultry Science, Canine Science, and Fine Arts and Crafts Colton Johnson • Rabbit Science, Dairy Science, Public Speaking, Teamwork, Leadership, and Fine Arts and Crafts

Gabe Johnson • Rabbit Science, Dairy Science, Metal Smithing, Fine Arts and Crafts, Teamwork and Leadership

Lizzie Lilyea • Public Speaking, Craftsmanship, and Gardening Leila Martens

• Sewing, Dairy Science, Dog Obedience, and Rabbit Science Maihue Miranda Wiltberger • Archery, Leadership, and 4-H Camp

Brisco Smith • Sewing, Archery, Dog Obedience, STEM, Citizenship, and Fine Arts and Crafts

Eva Smith • Fine Arts and Crafts, Sewing, STEM, and Citizenship James Smith • Shooting Sports, Poultry Science, Dog Obedience, Fine Arts and Crafts, Teamwork and Leadership Marissa Sorensen • Teamwork, STEM, and Food and Nutrition Jett Swearingen • Public Speaking, Food and Nutrition and Teamwork Macey Swearingen • Public Speaking, Food and Nutrition, Teamwork, and Sewing

Emilie Thomas • Horticulture Alexa Wood • Public Speaking, Fine Arts and Crafts, Food and Nutrition, STEM, Teamwork, and Persistence Avery Zeigler • Equine Science, Poultry Science, Sewing, Pet Care, Teamwork, and Mannequin Modeling Zoe Zeigler • Poultry Science, Pet Care, Teamwork, and Mannequin Modeling

Brisco Smith

Gabrielle Wells

Eva Smith

Kayla Card

Sophia Smith

Thomas Elliott

Colton Johnson

Alexander Kaufman

Kaelee Bunn-Smith

Jax Saunders

Allie Dean

Jett Swearingen

Levi Minteer

Macey Swearingen

Leila Martens

Malieq Thompson

Paul Santora Marissa Sorensen

Emilie Thomas Alexa Wood

Avery Zeigler Riley Minteer

Fourth Year • • • • • • • •

James Smith Brennan Dailey Zoe Zeigler Greyson Hathway Brenna Hathway Gabriel Johnson Lizzie Lilyea Daytona Bailey

Fifth Year • Xavier Burch

Awarded to 4-H’ers who have taken a project area to the next level. Milestone award recipients have taken the basic skills they’ve learned and expended on them to be able to complete more challenging projects or accomplish long term goals.

Laura Bagley • Public Speaking, Equine Science, and Teamwork Daytona Bailey • Teamwork and Leadership Xavier Burch • Poultry Science

Alex Cox • Teamwork and Sportsmanship Blaise Cox

• Shooting Sports, Woodworking, Teamwork, Communications and Leadership, and Poultry Science

Brennan Dailey • Rabbit Science, Fiber Science, and Leadership Caiden DeMarco • STEM, Leadership, and Teamwork Brenna Hathway • Public Speaking and Food and Nutrition Kayleigh Hight • Animal Science Katie Livingston • Equine Science

Keuka Miranda Wiltberger • Leadership, Career Readiness, Teamwork, Leadership, and Sportsmanship

Maihue Miranda Wiltberger • Public Speaking and Teamwork Maddie Smith • Sewing, Equine Science, Teamwork, Food and Nutrition, Leadership, Canine Science, and Equine Handling Marissa Sorensen • Sewing Emilie Thomas • Teamwork, Sewing, Sportsmanship, and Canine Science Alexa Wood • Growth of Character

Sixth Year • • • •

Madaline Smith Maihue Miranda Wiltberger Maggie Santora Ginny Savage

Seventh Year • Jennalyn Conley

Eighth Year • Blaise Cox

Ninth Year • • • • • • •

Laura Bagley Alex Cox Caiden DeMarco Keuka Miranda Wiltberger Andrew Santora Harry Santora Ian Santora

Kayleigh Hight

Katie Livingston

The first full week of October is designated as National 4-H Week. During this week, we encourage 4-H members and clubs to help promote 4-H and increase 4-H awareness throughout our community. Window Displays are one way 4-H clubs are encouraged to do this. Clubs spend a great deal of time coming up with a concept, planning and creating their display, and then partnering with a local business to showcase their display throughout the week. Each display is judged based on its ability to attract attention, hold the interest of passers-by, the title, subject matter, appearance, and workmanship.

The Project Pilots

The New York State Fair provides several unique leadership opportunities for 4-H teens. Yates County is lucky to be able to send teens to the state fair to serve in various leadership roles. This year one of our teens represented Yates County at the NYS Fair, serving as a judge’s assistant and helping staff a 4-H booth at Chevy Court.

Brennan Dailey

Awarded to a 4-H’er who: • Has worked in a project area for a minimum of four years and has achieved a level of mastery • Has most likely received several stepping and milestone awards in the project area • Has exhibited extensive and in-depth learning related to their project area • Youth receiving a county medal have incorporated all four H’s (head, heart, hands, and health) into their project area

• Experience in horseback riding or driving • Increased knowledge of equine science through study of nutrition, management, and equipment • Exhibited strong sportsmanship • Used knowledge and skills gained to benefit others

County Medal: Equine • Exhibited English, Western, Dressage, Gymkhana, and Mounted Games on the county and state levels • Participated in Horse Bowl, Hippology, and Communications on the county, district, state, and national level • Assisted with county horse bowl, public presentation training, and county horse clinics

Laura Bagley

• Demonstrated knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to lead and help others • Must be a self-starter who has developed selfconfidence through teen leadership and public speaking • Has been an active 4-H’er, taking advantage of advanced leadership opportunities

County Medal: Leadership • Member of Teen Council and Teen Ambassadors • Teen Group President for 2 years • Regularly helps promote 4-H at community events • Completed Teen Leader Training • Public Presentations Room Host • County Fair Judge’s Assistant • Volunteers to help with 4-H events • Regular teen in the 4-H Dairy Bar

Laura Bagley

• Consistently shows a cooperative attitude • Strong involvement in the county 4-H program, as well as other community interests • Is a positive role model • Respects the rights of others • Has demonstrated understanding of what it means to be a contributing community member

County Medal: Citizenship • Has continually assisted with 4-H Shooting Sports workshops and activities • Works to build youth up and improve their skills • Volunteered at local Rod and Gun Clubs • Attended 4-H Capital Days • Regular participant in 4-H Teen Group service projects

Blaise Cox

County Medal: Citizenship • Strong leader in the 4-H Animal Science Barn at County Fair • Shares knowledge and skills with younger 4-H’ers • Regular volunteer at Friendship House • Regularly goes out of her way to encourage and support others

Kayleigh Hight

County Medal: Achievement •For outstanding work in all areas of 4-H •Strong Character •Exceptional leadership •Positive citizenship

County Medal: Achievement • Member of Teen Council, Teen Ambassadors, and the 4-H Sharp Shooters

• Completed Jr. Archery certification in ALL shooting sports disciplines • Competed in NYS and National 4-H Shoot competitions

• Projects in dog obedience, Metal Work, Woodworking, Photography, and Poultry Science • Served as a Teen Leader, Dairy Bar Teen Manager, and NYS STARR Planning Committee member • Shooting Sports Teen Leader at NYS Fair • Attended 4-H Capital Days and Career Explorations

Blaise Cox

County Medal: Sportsmanship • Demonstrates courtesy, enthusiasm, encouragement of others, and fair play • Is eager to lend a helping hand • Willingly tries new things • Is a positive role model for others

County Medal: Sportsmanship • Regularly steps in to help with 4-H events and activities • County Fair Junior Superintendent • State Fair Teen Leader • Positive role model for others • Encourages and supports younger 4-H’ers • Is flexible and always willing to help where/when needed

Brennan Dailey

Alleen Stewart Memorial Award Sponsored by the Stewart Family

Nominees should have shown overall growth and personal development through their 4-H work Criteria includes: • Work in the Home Economics projects areas • Leadership in club, county or community • Effort and willingness to try new things • Desire to be helpful • Ages 9-19. • Must be a girl

Alleen Stewart Memorial Award • 4-H member for 3 years • Member of International Harvesters • Regular participant in monthly 4-H workshops • Participated in Public Presentations for the first time this year • Completed projects in Food and Nutrition, Sewing, and Fiber Arts

Alexa Wood

Alleen Stewart Memorial Award • 4-H member for 4 years • Member of International Harvesters • Grown and exhibited multiple types of flowers and vegetables • Has volunteered at the Penn Yan Community Garden • Participated in Floral Design, Fine Arts and Crafts, and Food and Nutrition projects

Lizzie Lilyea

Alleen Stewart Memorial Award • 4-H member for 4 years • Member of the 4-H Project Pilots • Strong interest in Equine Science • Has completed projects in sewing, Fine Arts and Crafts, and Food and Nutrition • Took part in Mannequin Modeling for the first time this year

Zoe Zeigler

Fenton Wager Memorial Award for Animal Husbandry Sponsored by Penn Yan Kiwanis.

Criteria: • Should be 14 or older • Boy or girl • Presented to a 4-H'er who has shown initiative, follow through, and personal growth as a result of caring for their 4-H animal project

Fenton Wager Memorial Award for Animal Husbandry • 4-H member for 4 years • Interest in small animals • Used his rabbit to promote 4-H at community events • Taught youth at Rainbow Junction about Rabbit Care • Created an ARBA registered rabbitry • Received Master Showman at the 4-H Rabbit Show

Brennan Dailey

Dave Eames Memorial Award Sponsored by Penn Yan Rotary • Presented to a 4-H member who has been involved in community service and who represents the spirit of "Service Above Self."

Dave Eames Memorial Award • 4-H member for 10 years • Regular volunteer at the Friendship House • Salvation Army Bell Ringer, Highway Clean-Up, Canned Food Drives, and Pet Therapy

Kayleigh Hight

Laura Decker Memorial Award Sponsored by John and Sarah Decker • Presented annually to a girl or a boy who has shown steady improvement in both leadership skills and public speaking through public presentation participation for at least three years

Laura Decker Memorial Award • Participated in Public Presentations for 4 years • Steadily increased public speaking skills to become more confident in front of an audience • Selected for District Public Presentations this year • Great sportsman while exhibiting animals • Completed Dairy Bar and 4-H Meet and Greet shifts

Brenna Hathway

4-H Sportsmanship Award Sponsored by Farm Credit of East ACA • Presented to a boy or girl ages 9-19 • Presented to a 4-H’er who demonstrates courtesy, enthusiasm, encouragement of others, fair play, is eager to lend a helping hand and try new things • Is a positive role model for others

4-H Sportsmanship Award • Regular participant in 4-H workshops • Often assists younger members with projects • Is supportive and encouraging of others • Regularly assists with events and is flexible to change responsibilities when needed

Maddie Smith

Friend of 4-H Sponsored by the Yates County 4-H Program • Presented to an individual, organization, group or business as a token of appreciation from the 4-H Program for help and support of the Yates County 4-H Program

Ted Cox

Rising Star Award Sponsored by the Yates County 4-H Program • Awarded to a 4-H member or volunteer with 1-2 years of experience • Presented to an individual who while new to the 4-H program has become increasingly involved and left a positive and lasting impression on 4-H staff, leaders, volunteers, and members

Jim Finch

Volunteer Recognition

Sponsored by the Yates County 4-H Program • Denise Slocum

• Shooting sports instructor, STARR planning committee member, helping in Dairy Bar and Exhibit Hall, promoting 4-H at community events, encouraging youth to be involved in 4-H

• Sarah Bagley • Assisting with public presentation training, serving as Pet Show Judge, Running our 4-H Horse Show

• Jim Finch

• Shooting sports instructor, attending shooting sports committee meetings, making and donating bow stands, helping take down county fair signs

• Beth Smith

• Helping at Fair Clean-up, continually lending a helping hand at 4-H events and workshops

Outstanding Volunteer Recognition • Laura Hight • Key adult in the 4-H Animal Barn, assisting with the Poultry Show, attending Parent/Leader meetings

• Lisa Wood • Continually covering Dairy Bar shifts, assisting with multiple random jobs at count fair

• Trish Bagley • Attending 4-H Parent/Leader meetings, serving on the Horse Committee, serving as a coach for Extravaganza

Outstanding Volunteer Recognition • Jen Stape • Serving as a Club Leader and Horse Bowl Coach, attending Parent/Leader meetings, serving on the Horse Committee, helping at Fair Clean-Up and Spaghetti Dinner, organizing Meet and Greet activities

• Charlene DeMarco • Assisting with Spaghetti Dinner, attending Parent/Leader meetings, serving as a Holiday Fun Instructor, covering needed Dairy Bar shifts

Outstanding Volunteer Recognition

• Dawn Dennis • Preparing and presenting 4-H Sewing Workshops, helping inventory sewing supplies and needs, and serving as a County Fair Judge

• Lisa Harper • Serving as a County Fair Judge and showing extreme flexibility in areas covered, being a dedicated Public Presentation Judge

Outstanding 4-H’er of the Year Sponsored by the 4-H Office Presented to one 4-H member, boy or girl, who has been active in the 4-H program for at least four years and has completed 10th grade. Their 4-H career must include: • Several public presentations • Participation in club and county leadership opportunities • Nominees should exhibit a willingness to volunteer and take on additional responsibilities in 4-H and other aspects of the community, e.g. school activities, community and church organizations, without an expectation of personal gain • Applicants should also positively represent 4-H, exhibit strong sportsmanship qualities and serve as a positive role model for other 4-H members

Laura Bagley

• 4-H member for 9 years • Member of Teen Council and Teen Ambassadors • Participated in areas of animal science, communications, sewing, and shooting sports • Exhibited high knowledge and skills gained in equine science • Regular participant in public speaking at the county, district, state, and national levels • Regular participant in community service work • Helps promote 4-H throughout the county and often assists with 4-H events and activities • Completed Teen Leader Training and Your Next Step programming, served as a NYS Capital Days Planning Committee member, is a regular teen in the 4-H Dairy Bar • Is a positive role model for others

4-H Pledge I pledge my HEAD to clearer thinking my HEART to greater loyalty my HANDS to larger service And my HEALTH to better living for my club, my community, my country and my world

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