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of South America. For all clients in all industries, Saito supplies ... label tag or inkjet system for their business, they .... high definition inkjet printing, food-safe and.

ABOUT SAITO Rolled-up sleeves and eyes wide open It is 30 years since Saito started out in the labelling industry. Over that time, the company has worked with businesses in just about every sector, from food manufacturing to forestry, hospitals to horticulture. Clients continue to find Saito everpractical and keen to innovate. If you dropped into any Saito office, you’d see the staff working on concepts for clients, playing a vital role in their internal project teams. Saito’s staff go out of their way to really learn what makes client businesses tick. This rolled-up sleeves approach to business keeps their work fresh and their eyes wide open for new possibilities. Labelling leads to greater efficiency Since starting out in 1985, Saito has made it a priority to ensure its knowledge of products and technology has been right at the cutting edge. In recognising that its products play a vital role in business process improvement, Saito has found new ways to save time and money for its clients. Saito has helped them make changes across the board, including warehouse layouts, software, stock levels, quality control, authentication and despatch processes. HOW WE WORK Many years ago, Saito had its own lightbulb moment. The company realised the huge

potential to be had from improving business processes using the framework now commonly known as Lean. Saito has adapted Lean methods in its business and uses the Lean concept to guide its approach with clients. All members of Saito’s senior sales team have the freedom and encouragement to engage clients in business improvement. That means that if they are coming to talk to a customer about a label tag or inkjet system for their business, they will engage in a wider commercial discussion and do so from a position of experience. They know how to analyse the operations of a business and spot potential for improvements. Saito’s mantra is very much walk the walk, talk the talk, keep all promises made.

THE MARKET Throughout the Saito brand’s 30-year history the company has expanded its business model to supply diverse markets and clients in New Zealand, as well as Australia, Oceania and further afield to Asia, and as far as Guyana on the Caribbean coast of South America. For all clients in all industries, Saito supplies labels and tags that support each client’s business strategies. In many cases Saito’s products are critical for achieving secure and efficient internal and external supply chains, enabling product to be delivered to the consumer that is genuine, fit for application and supplied via a secure supply chain, while satisfying legislative requirements such as food safety.

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The markets that Saito operates in demand innovation and invention relevant to both its current challenges and future developing ones. Saito was built on practical advice and a deep understanding of problem solving tools. These are as important today as they were back in 1985 when Saito first opened for business. In fact, they are probably even more important.

printed with sensitive information. This range includes some complex internal controls, finishing and the management of data. In addition to this, the high definition inkjet range enables a system to be implemented on a client’s site to print at manufacturing speed information unique to each product or batch. The development of high definition inkjet technology enables the use of tools such as unique encrypted traceable QR codes to both embed information but also communicate directly with a brand owner’s consumers utilising highly specialised software systems and smartphone apps such as Green Tick. The inkjet system seamlessly integrates with the global leading brands of ERP systems. Saito’s diverse range of products creates the toolkit that it uses to empower clients to be successful in a practical and cost-effective manner.

HISTORY Established in 1985 as a small home-business, Saito is now in New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands and southern Asia, with established global supply chains and partners. Gavin Hodder established Saito, a company that personifies his own deep commitment to ethical business practice and which addresses quantifiable needs of its customers in supporting them in their success. Sarah Hodder has taken the reins and continues to grow the value Saito offers clients while staying true to the foundations of the company. Originally supplying price and date markers (which continues to be part of our portfolio), Saito has diversified into variable image and high definition inkjet printing, food-safe and challenging-environment secondary and tertiary data labels and tags, to products which provide a tamper-evident or security element to brand owners’ packaging.

THE PRODUCTS Price and Date Markers The original flagship product in the Saito range, designed as a highly cost-effective method of applying data to product to satisfy both legislative and consumer requirements. Saito continues to be the market leader in this sector due to service, innovations and the range of product available. Secondary and Tertiary Tags and Labels This range is specifically designed to enable clients to secure their supply chain by ensuring that product can be traced. In many cases, Saito labels and tags follow a client’s product the entire way through their supply chain playing a major role in the integrity of the logistical data. This allows for meaningful control and management of product from manufacture to the end-user or consumer. Variable Image and High Definition Inkjet Operating a fully secure manufacturing facility, Saito is charged with supplying product to clients

RECENT DEVELOPMENTS With the export of high-value branded product internationally New Zealand and Australian manufacturers must increasingly address the security of their supply chains and implement innovative consumer confidence tools on their packaging to retain loyalty and protect either their existing market share, or to be competitive in growing new markets. In 2013, Saito became a significant shareholder in a start-up company that provides a smartphonebased product that enables a brand’s story to be told to the consumer, and product to be traced to the unit level. In addition to this, Saito has developed a range of custom-designed tamper evident packaging solutions and tools to assist with the identification of both counterfeit and grey market products – all the while strengthening its clients’ supply chain security.


Saito staff originate from nine different cultures and its hire policy has always been totally based on merit. Over a third of the staff have 10+ years service. Many of our longstanding client relationships have spanned 25 years. Saito remains a 100% family owned New Zealand business. During 2014, each month Saito supplied 60 million track trace or ID labels. In 2015, Saito will supply 20 million consumer unit product security seals. Saito’s safety record is impressive: in 30 years total days lost due to work incidents is less than 30 days. Saito’s DIFOTIS performance is monitored daily. Year after year Saito’s performance is in the high 90% profile (an annual count of around 10,000 shipments). 11

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