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Apr 19, 2018 - David. Guerra. Mr. Guerra is a professional actor working with The Music .... Emerson, 3rd grade students will be provided workshops to teach.

Burbank Unified School District Instructional Services


Members of the Board of Education


Tom Kissinger, Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Services


Tom Kissinger, Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Services


Teri Smith, Administrative Secretary


April 19, 2018


Approval of Instructional Consultant Services

Background: The purpose of the Instructional Consultant Services is to enrich student learning. Consultants are selected based on their qualifications regarding specific subject areas. When a consultant is selected, the consultant, company/organization must complete the required paperwork by the District to ensure that District students receive the services they require. All consultant requests must be approved by the Board of Education prior to services being rendered Discussion/Issues: Sites submit the required paperwork to Instructional Services. Work must not begin until the site receives a confirmation of Board approval from Instructional Services. If the Consultant assignment requires unsupervised contact with student(s) during the contract period, the Consultant will be required to provide Department of Justice fingerprint clearance through the District’s Human Resources Services. Fiscal Impact: There is no fiscal impact. Recommendation: Tom Kissinger, Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Services, recommends that the Board of Education approve the instructional consultant services for the purpose of on-site student learning support and staff development, and that authority to sign the agreements be exercised pursuant to BUSD—AR 3314, as presented.


Site Muir


Magnolia Park







Board Meeting Date: April 19, 2018 Purpose Dates

Mr. Guerra is a professional actor working with The Music Center. At Muir he will continue refining the stills ELD students have developed in English through dramatic activities. Students will continue to perform and write their own material engaging David them in the areas of writing and speaking (Monologues). Guerra Underlying skills used will be listening and reading. Ms. Beltran is a certified yoga instructor. She will be provide Heather instruction to the students in kindergarten at Jefferson. She will Beltran focus on students strengthening core muscles, breathing techniques, mindfulness and relaxation methods. This will help students with focus, stamina, posture, balance and gross motor coordination. Susan Dalian Ms. Dalian earned a degree in Theater Arts from the Baltimore School for the Arts in 1986. She has a vast experience on stage, on screen and in voice over work. At Magnolia Park, she will provide lessons to the students to help them tap into their own lives, dreams, and imaginations to express stories unique to themselves. This class will give the students the tools needed to create and develop their own original stories Mad Science Mad Science of Los Angeles transforms lavatory science into a fun, interactive learning experience for students K-6. At Washington this year Mad Science will present a Fire and Ice assembly and 5 science (hands-on) stations for all Kindergarten students to participate in. This will take place in lieu of students attending a field trip off campus Reptacular Animals brings retiles and animals to school site for Reptacular “hands-on” assemblies. At Roosevelt, this assembly will Animals provide kindergarten students real examples of different animal adaptations. Laura Anderson is a Peaceful Playground consultant. At Laura Providencia, she will provide 25 hours of instruction to both Anderson students and Campus Supervisors. She will also provide a school wide assembly on students following the rules on the playground and staying safe at school Will & Company is a theatre/dance ensemble based in Los Will & Angeles. At Miller they will provide 6-60 minute dance Company Fran de Leon workshops for students in 3rd grade. Students will culminate with a grade level dance performance at the Spring Dance Festival The Music Center has been providing high-quality performing The Music arts assemblies in Los Angeles for over 30 years. A Miller they Center will provide 3-45 minute music assemblies for students in TK-5. A total of 750 students will participate in assemblies. The Brass Pacifica assembly will showcase and introduce brass instruments The Music Center


Appropriation Number & Program Name

10 hours 3/26/18 through 5/4/18

Not to exceed $1848

010-90904.0-11100-10000-5810-3228200 (Muir Gift Funds)

3/29/18 through 5/20/18

Not to exceed $2500

010-90201.0-11100-10000-5850-2068700 (Jefferson Gift Funds)

4/24/18 through 5/23/18

Not to exceed $2060

010-65000.0-57500-11100-5810-5171000 (Mag Park Funding Source)


Not to exceed $470

010-90201.0-11100-10000-5810-2168200 (Washington Gift Funds)


Not to exceed $600

010-90601.0-11100-10000-5850-2148200 (Roosevelt Gift Funds)

8/15/17 through 5/1/18

Not to exceed $1,250

010-90601.0-11100-10000-5850-2138200 (Providencia Gift Funds)

4/20/18 through 5/18/18

Not to exceed $2,800


Not to exceed $1680

010-01501.0-47600-10000-5810-2100000 - $2300 (LCAP EIA Funds) 010-90201.0-11100-10000-5810- 2108700 - $500 (Miller Gift Funds) 010-90201.0-11100-10000-5810-2108200 (Miller Gift Funds)

Amended from$2000

to students. The music assembly will help to increase our students language arts skills in listening and speaking as well as develop their interest in instrumental music. Mad Science Mad Science of Los Angeles transforms lavatory science into a fun, interactive learning experience for students K-6. At Miler, we will provide families with a Science Family Night assembly and workshop for parents and students to teach and reinforce various science concepts. Ms. Chase is a singer, songwriter, and producer. At Miller she Jo’s OneStop-Rock- will provide music and songwriting workshops to students in Kindergarten and 1st grade. A total of 65 students will participate Shop in the workshops. Students will learn about songwriting. These Johanna workshops provide students with the opportunity to develop Chase literacy and communication skills as well as higher-order thinking skills Theatre Play Robin Parrish is an actor and educator classically trained. At Robin Parrish Emerson, 3rd grade students will be provided workshops to teach theatrical skills utilizing a variety of poetry.


Not to exceed $2,000

010-30100.0-00000-24950-5810-7429000 (Miller Title 1 Parent Participation Funds)

4/29/18 through 5/15/18

Not to exceed $950

010-90703.0-11100-10000-5810-2108000 (Miller Arts for All Grant)

4/20/18 Through 5/24/18

Not to exceed $2400

010-90201.0-11100-10000-5810-2038700 (Emerson Gift Funds)


Joe Chaplin Mr. Chaplin is a dancer and choreographer working with a variety of studios in Los Angeles. First grade students at Emerson will attend workshops to learn and experience hip hop dance.

4/21/18 through 5/18/18

Not to exceed $1500

010-90201.0-11100-10000-5810-2038700 (Emerson Gift Funds)


Ms. Jacbos has a variety of experience with teaching, directing, BASPA Claire Jacobs and choreographing students. At Emerson she will be teaching students in fourth grade Shakespeare in a theatrical setting.

4/23/18 Through 5/24/18

Not to exceed $1200

010-90201.0-11100-10000-5810-2038700 (Emerson Gift Funds)

Instructional Services

Vincent Oppido

4/20/18 through 5/11/18

Not to exceed $1200

010-00000.0-11100-10000-5810-7421100 (District Arts for All Funds)




Mr. Vincent holds a BA in music from George Mason University in Fairfax VA. He is a composer, orchestrator, and has participated in music preparations. He will provide additional instruction to the instrumental students of Burbank High School to support their strings program

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