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HTMLCOIN Frequently Asked Questions What is HTMLCOIN? $html

The new​ ​HTMLcoin​ is not just a cryptocurrency but a new secure sha256d blockchain based on a fully integrated Bitcoin Core and Ethereum cpp client codebase, to deliver Smart Contracts and Distributed Applications (DAPPS). It implements an extendable design which is capable of adding more virtual machines (VM), enabled through an Account Abstraction Layer, which allows an account based VM to function on a Bitcoin UTXO based Blockchain. We have the strength of Bitcoin and features of Ethereum on one platform.

Another way of describing it is that we are moving from an older Blockchain to a new one

which is based on bitcoin core 0.14 (csv/segwit) with the ethereum client c++ codebase integrated on top. We have the best of both worlds on one blockchain.

As well as being a coin,​ H ​ TMLCOIN​ will be the gateway to buying tokens from dapps and smart contracts on the​ ​HTMLCOIN blockchain​ where it will can also be exchanged for the gas required to drive smart contracts.

The HTMLcoin Foundation is developing key use cases to show the capabilities of the platform where decentralized technologies using cryptocurrencies and distributed applications can bring innovation to large economic groups and communities across the globe. We are working with a number of partners and startups across the globe to join our Blockchain, for their crowdfunding and final deployed services.

Any blockchain has two parts. The network and the client. The network includes the blockchain itself and the client is all the clever bits.

Bitcoin has the best and most proven network layer, whereas ether has the best client and features. So, adding the ether client to the bitcoin network and utxo account model gives the most secure and feature rich model.

What we have done is taken a git fork of qtum, and added some of our own security features, extra speed and POW (and other stuff)

But essentially htmlcoin is very similar to qtum in its architecture and function .... in fact we use the qtum account abstraction layer to glue together much of the ether client and EVM onto bitcoin core.

So it's a hybrid because the wallets, security and stability of bitcoincore is better than ethereum whilst the features (smart contracts, tokens, EVM and decentralised compute) of ether client is way beyond that of bitcoin.

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