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Feb 18, 2018 - Scholarships are available. Contact Blake (924-8294) or Vicki in the church office for information. ... to the glory of God and in loving memory of Mary Dickert ... outside the Henry Hall entrance on COLLEGE ST. Wednesday .... Moseley, Avery Newton, Nellie Richardson, Jackson Senn, Elizabeth Shannon,.

Central United Methodist Church Corner of Johnstone and Caldwell Streets

Newberry, South Carolina Phone: 803-276-3903; Fax 803-276-3905 E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected] Volume 63

February 18 , 2018

Issue 07

In Memoriam

Christine M. Wicker

Resident Bishop: Rev. Jonathan Holston District Superintendent: Rev. Stephen Love Pastor: Rev. David C. Surrett Pastor of Nurture: Rev. Jim Williams Office Administrator: Karen Derrick Director of Programs: Vicki Hamm Director of Music: Merritt Moseley Praise Band/Children’s Music Director: Chris Wofford Organist: Becky Smith Director of Youth: Blake Hamm Nursery Attendant: Kimberly Bonds

Church Staff

March 19, 1927—February 10, 2018

Please feel free to bring a friend! Feb. 18 - 6pm meeting in Henry Hall/Pack Meals on Wheels bags Feb. 25 - 6pm meeting in Henry Hall Blessings, Blake NEVER let lack of funds keep you from participating in Youth activities. Scholarships are available. Contact Blake (924-8294) or Vicki in the church office for information.

NOT WHAT ARE YOU GIVING UP??? BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING? The popular “Lenten thing” to do these days, it seems, is to “give up something”...chocolate, coffee, soft drinks, smoking, something for Lent. In one congregation, the secretary told me I had a call from someone she did not know. The person, who at first I believed to be one of my clergy friends calling as a joke, then asked me what I thought about giving up kissing his girl friend for Lent. Evidently, she was not too keen on the idea. Any way. My daughter attempted to give up romance novels for Lent but succumbed to temptation when the classic Jane Eyre was assigned at school to be read. Ah, the life of a dutiful Christian. And I am really not trying at all to make fun or ridicule our very sincere and honest attempts at faithful disciple living. Heavenly days, we need devoted persons in the church and the community now more than ever. I was appalled to hear on the news once of a kindergarten student who brought what was first thought to be flour to school, but instead turned out to be crack cocaine in a plastic bag. The authorities had to find the child’s parents. He and his sister were both placed with Child Protective Services. What a wacky world! What are our values, our priorities, what do we call precious...not even our children??? Well, enough of that...back to the topic at hand. After Lydia, my daughter, decided that she simply could not give up romance novels, I suggested something novel...why not trying to DO SOMETHING for Lent instead of giving up something? Visit a shut in person, write a note to a college student away from home, volunteer at a community agency, call your mother, even. In Julius Segal’s book, Winning Life’s Toughest Battles, he tells about the importance of taking action, now matter how small, in times of great stress and difficulty. Lent is a time to take such actions, even small ones. Certainly Christ gave up greatly for us but as well we are called to take a step, make a move, conquer a challenge for our Savior and for our society!!! Moving Forward in Lent,

Contemporary Service First Sunday in Lent

Feb. 18, 2018

9:00 am

*Gathering/Passing of the Peace *Praise and Worship in Music

“Holy Moment” “Holy Spirit Rain Down”

Children’s Moments

Bonnie Lyon

*A Lenten Creed (see screen) *Scripture Lesson Mark 1:9-15 Welcome, Announcements, Concerns, and Prayer Offertory “Holy, Holy, Holy” *Song of Preparation Sermon

“Holy Spirit”


Song of Sending Forth *Dismissal with Blessing

“I Love You, Lord”

*Response of the People

“Lord of the Dance”

Dance, then, wherever you may be I am the Lord of the Dance, said he, And I’ll lead you all, Wherever you may be, And I’ll lead you all In the Dance, said he. *Please stand as you are able.

The flowers in the chancel this Sunday have been given to the glory of God and in loving memory of Mary Dickert by generations of Central’s children whose faith was nurtured by her light.

Wednesday Night Fellowship February 21 *5:30 – 6:00 Children’s Choir *6:00 – 6:45 Fellowship Supper *6:45 – 7:30 Bible Studies (adults, youth, children) Nursery provided Adult Bible Study - Fellowship Class Wednesday Night Lenten Study...EASTER EARTHQUAKE...How Resurrection Shakes Our World. Led by Rev. Surrett-the study will explore how Christ’s resurrection shakes some of our most basic assumptions about ourselves and God *7:30 -- Choir practice (adults) Menu: Fried Chicken/Rice & Gravy/Green Beans

COST— $ 7.00 High school grades—adults $ 5.00 Middle school grades (6th-8th) $ 3.00 Elementary grades (1st - 5th) FREE - Children Kindergarten and younger $20 cap per household

SUNDAY, MARCH 4-MEET A MEMBER SUNDAY AT BOTH WORSHIP SERVICES. Pick up a Lenten flyer and take to a friend, relative, neighbor or acquaintance to invite them to Central in this special time of year!

PROPOSED DATES FOR EARLY 2018 CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES (Subject to change) It is very hard to make plans a year in advance. We will let you know ASAP if anything needs to be changed. February 23—Indoor movie night Henry Hall (hotdogs, chips, popcorn) March 25—Easter Egg Hunt April/May—(combined activity) May 5—SC Railroad Museum (Winnsboro) $20 per person (3 and up) In order to get a group rate and make the reservation, we need to know if you will attend this event by February 18. Please contact Carla Cruickshanks to add your family to the list. June 25-28—VBS at The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer REMEMBER : ALL children must be accompanied by an adult for each activity. REMINDER: Weekly BULLETINS are placed in the MAILBOX each Wednesday outside the Henry Hall entrance on COLLEGE ST.


Sun., Feb. 18

9:00 am

Contemporary Service

10:00 am

Sunday School

11:00 am

Traditional Worship

6:00 pm

Youth (Henry Hall)

Mon., Feb. 19

Tue., Feb. 20

Wed., Feb. 21


Circle 8

1:30 pm

Springfield Friends

6:30 pm

Stephen Ministries

7:00 pm

Spirit Seekers’ Circle

10:30 am

Wednesday Morning Bible Study

12:00 pm

Lenten Lunch (Henry Hall)

5:30 pm

Children’s Choir

6:00 pm

Wednesday Night Fellowship/Praise Team

6:45 pm

Bible Study (Fellowship Classroom)

7:30 pm

Chancel Choir Practice

WEDNESDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY. Everyone is invited to join the group which meets each Wednesday at 10:30 am in the library. We are continuing our Lenten study of WHO IS THIS MAN? by John Ortberg. Leader: Audrey Henry. Lenten Lunches (soup and sandwiches) every Wednesday from February 21 through March 28 at 12 noon in Henry Hall with devotion to follow. We will end at 12:45 pm to allow time for you to return to work. Cost of meal is $4. Proceeds to Manna House. Speaker for Wednesday, February 21 is Rev. Matthew Titus of Lutheran Church of the Redeemer.

Spaghetti Sauce Fundraiser. The Journey Class will be selling quarts of Spaghetti Sauce to be picked up on Sunday, March 18, 10 am-1 pm, in Henry Hall. Proceeds will go to playground maintenance and the mini-bus fund.

Blood pressure checks will be done following the 9am service on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Please drop by Level 3 in the education building before going to Sunday School on Feb 18.

Welcome to Central United Methodist Church Newberry, SC First Sunday in Lent Feb. 18, 2018

Traditional Service-11 am


The Prelude The Lighting of the Altar Candles The Choral Call to Worship Chancel Choir *The Hymn “Come, Thou Almighty King“ No. 61 The Opening Prayer (In Unison) God, we have to admit that we don’t like Ash Wednesday. We would rather skip the penitence and soul-searching of Lent and skip right to the joy of Easter morning. The world teaches us that mistakes are awful and should be covered up at all costs. We learn to blame others instead of owning up to what we do and the pain we inflict. Lord God, give us the strength in this time of Lent to ask for forgiveness for the hurt we cause and the mistakes we make. Remind us that the difficulties of life form and shape us. Teach us how to turn back to you, to love our neighbor, and to reach out to those who suffer. Loving God, we know Jesus spent forty days in the desert preparing for his ministry to the world. We ask that you use these forty days of Lent to prepare us for our mission to the world. In Jesus’ name. Amen. The Anthem Chancel Choir *The Psalter Psalm 25, 1-10 (Response 2) No. 756 *A Lenten Creed (see insert) *The Gloria Patri No. 70 *The Scripture Lesson Mark 1:9-15 The Announcements and Welcome The Congregational Concerns Pastoral Prayer The Offering *Presentation of Tithes and Offerings Doxology No. 95 *The Hymn “Holy Ground” TFWS No. 2272 The Sermon “BEING A ’CALLED OUT’ PEOPLE” *The Hymn “Spirit Song“ *The Extinguishing of the Altar Candles *The Benediction *The Choral Response The Postlude *Please stand as you are able.

Rev. Jim Williams No. 347

SYMPATHY: The pastor and congregation express deepest Christian sympathy to Jeff Hoyle on the death of his brother, Gary Hoyle, of Concord NC and to Jean Simmons on the death of her sister-in-law, Chris Wicker, on February 10, 2018. MEMBERS: Rick & Chris Abbott, Cile Barber, Rosemary Berry, Donnie Brown, Harriet Bruner, Bo Chrisley, Ron Chrisley, Carolyn & Jim Clamp, Gay Davenport, Fran Eason, Becky Everett, Alma Force, Lila Lake, Mary Lipscomb, Ethel Mayer, Liz MacDonald, Patsy Miller, Marjorie Morison, Bette Moseley, Avery Newton, Nellie Richardson, Jackson Senn, Elizabeth Shannon, Becky Smith, Harold Smith, Duffy Stout, Hugh Turner, Linda Turner, Charles and Dean Young FRIENDS OF CENTRAL: Kim Berley (daughter-in-law of Billy & Peggy Berley), Cody Carlton (son of Mary Ann Davis), Laurie Copps (niece of Trish MacDonald), Karen Derrick, Frank Downs, J. C. Eleazer (brother of Carolyn Clamp), Dot Forbis (Joyce Barrow’s mother), Jennylee Foster (Lee Foster’s mother), Madison Gandy (Michelle Williams’ great-niece), Dan Kingston, Suzanne Mayer, Jennifer McCullough, Catherine McIntyre (Julia Cotney’s cousin), June Morris (Karen Lever’s Mother), Fred Buck Terry (Lillian Hoeschen’s cousin), Amber Turner, Mike Whitesides (son of Paulette Whitesides), John & Hattie Wilson (John Wilson’s parents)

Stations of the Cross presented by The Chancel Choir Stations of the Cross, a Cantata for Holy Week by Lani Smith is a musical remembrance of the ancient custom in which pilgrims, on their way to Jerusalem, would stop at a series of “stations” associated with the passion and death of Jesus. This cantata blends the fourteen recognized stations into seven pairings of narration and music, linking scripture and legend when appropriate. Please join us on March 11 at 11:00 am for this pensive Holy Week experience.




FRED COMSTOCK 11:00 Service

John Paul Whitaker-captain Kevin Whitesides James Williams Henry Shannon

Al Harvey Jimmy Lever Randy Senn

Sandy & Frank Senn

Kathy & John Talbot


N/A N/A Fran Senn Lyn Bethea

Matthew Moyd N/A John Rucker Kimberly Bonds


John Glover Fran Senn

Eugene Griffith Harold Folk

Earle Bethea Jackie Lawrence Lynn McDonald

Phil Epps



February 20-Carol Dukes


Sarah McMasters


FINANCIAL REPORT Weekly Budget Needs 2018





Welcome to Central Church!! We are pleased that you are present for worship. May your faith be strengthened and your love renewed. All are asked to sign the Friendship Pad so our church ministry will be up-to-date on your presence. Child care is available in the Education Building. Assistive listening devices are available in the vestibules. New members are received by affirmation of their faith or by transfer from other Christian churches. If you are interested in becoming a member of Central UMC, please contact the pastor (803-276-3903; [email protected]) or indicate your interest on the Friendship Pad. Guest bags with Central information and small gifts have been placed in the narthexes (entrances) for all first time local guests.


Received 02/11/18 Budget Needs to Date 02/11/18

9,546.00 56,433.00

Received to Date 02/11/18




OTHER FUNDS RECEIVED Bus Fund New Gathering Room

210.00 25.00

Playground Souper Bowl of Caring

4.75 434.43

Meals on Wheels


Manna House


ATTENDANCE 02/11//18 9 am


11 am


Sunday School


Food Preparers are needed for soup and sandwiches for Lenten Lunches. A sign-up sheet is in the Narthex or contact Lynn Cromer at 924-4400. if you can help. Thank you!

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