City Council Agenda

Chambers at 525 Henrietta Street, Martinez, California. I hereby certify the City Council agenda was posted on May 10, 2019. Melissa Espinoza, Deputy City ...


CALL TO ORDER - PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - ROLL CALL PUBLIC COMMENT PRESENTATIONS Presentation - Bay Church, Clean Start Program Proclamation - Public Service Week Proclamation - Recognizing June 2019 as LGBTQ+ Pride Month Presentation - College Park, Grad Night Citizen's Bond (Measure H) Oversight Committee Report Receive and File the Citizens’ Bond (Measure H) Oversight Committee Annual Report for June 30, 2018. Measure_H_Annual_Report_to_Council_5-15-19.doc Attachment A - CIP-MEASURE H Expenses 06-30-18 audited.pdf Attachment B - CIP-MEASURE H Expenses 5-3-19 unaudited.pdf Attachment C - Update on General Obligation Bond Financing May 2019.pdf CONSENT CALENDAR 1.

Motion Waiving Reading of Text of All Resolutions and Ordinances.


Motion Approving Check Reconciliation Register Dated May 2, 2019. 050219 CK REG.pdf


Adopt a Resolution Authorizing the Destruction of City Records Pertaining to the City Clerk’s Office. Destruction of Clerk Files_claims.doc


Motion Approving City Council Minutes Dated November 14, 2018. CCMIN111418.docx


Receive and File an Update on the Water System Priority Projects. Water_Plant_Priority_Projects_Update_5-15-19.docx


Motion to Approve the Following Resolutions for the 2019-2020 Measure D Pavement Rehabilitation Project (C1065): 1. Adopt a Resolution Accepting Bids for the 2019-2020 Measure D Pavement Rehabilitation Project (C1065), Awarding the Construction Contract to American Pavement Systems, Inc. in the amount of $2,096,512.45, and allocating $2,435,500.00 from Measure D un-allocated reserves to account C1065; and 2. Adopt a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to Execute an Agreement for Consultant Services in an Amount of $58,000 with Jacobs Engineers to provide Construction Support Services for the 2019-2020 Measure D Pavement Rehabilitation Project (C1065). Award_C1065_Staff ReportReso_5-15-2019.doc Cape Seal Area Map, Street List, and General Plans.pdf JACOBS Proposal.pdf


Motion to Approve the Following Resolutions for the Campbell Theater, 636 Ward Street: 1. Approving a Fourth Amendment to the Commercial Lease Agreement with JaBa, LLC for use of the Premises located at 636 Ward Street and authorizing the City Manager to execute same; and 2. Approving a Fourth Amendment to the Commercial Sublease Agreement with Onstage Repertory Theater (“Onstage”) for use of the Premises located at 636 Ward Street and authorizing the City Manager to execute same. Staff_Report_636_Ward_Street_Lease-Sublease_5-15-19.docx Reso_A_-_Bisio_Lease_4th_Amendment.docx Attachment_A_-_Bisio_Fourth_Amendment_to_Commercial_Lease_-_636_Ward_Street_final.docx Reso_B_-_Onstage_Sublease_4th_Amendment.docx Attachment_B_-_Onstage_Fourth_Amendment_to_Commercial_Sublease_636_Ward_Street_final.docx


Chief of Police Comments/Updates


Motion to Adopt Ordinance No.1424 Amending the Contract between the City of Martinez and the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) Board of Administration to Provide for the Merger of the Pleasant Hill – Martinez Joint Facilities Agency. CalPERSStaffReport 5-15-19.doc CalPERSOrdinance 1424 with Exhibit.pdf Reso of Intent 78-19.pdf


Receive a Report on Advisory from Foundation for Fair Contracting (FFC) regarding Award of Contract for 2018 Measure H Park Improvement Project (C5036). SR 5-15-19_FFC_Advisory_re Award of Contract C5036 to Star Construction_Final.docx

Advisory letter from FFC 04.22.2019.pdf Response from City of MTZ to FFC 04.29.2019.pdf 11.

City Manager Comments/Updates


Adopt a Resolution Ratifying the Mayor’s Nomination of Julia Dozier to the Contra Costa County Library Commission and Reappointments to the City Veterans Commission. Staff_Report_Appointment and Reappointments.docx Julia Dozier (redacted).pdf


City Council Subcommittee Reports


City Council Comments

ADJOURNMENT The next regular City Council Meeting will be held on June 5, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at 525 Henrietta Street, Martinez, California. I hereby certify the City Council agenda was posted on May 10, 2019. Melissa Espinoza, Deputy City Clerk Information for the Public Any public record concerning an agenda item that is distributed to all or a majority of the City Council less than 72 hours before the meeting at which the item will be discussed or considered shall be available for inspection during normal business hours at the City Clerk’s desk on the second floor of City Hall, 525 Henrietta Street, Martinez, California 94553, and in the public binder at the meeting. All meetings are held in the Council Chambers, unless otherwise noted. Staff reports are available for review in the City Clerk’s Office prior to the City Council Meeting and/or at the City Council Meeting; staff reports are available on the City’s website at The Mayor accepts Public Comment on Agenda Items as they are discussed. Public Comment on items not on the Agenda can be addressed during the “Public Comment” portion of the meetings (kindly limit comments to 3 minutes on any one item). If you wish to be identified for the record, please state your name and present a Speaker Card to the Clerk. The public is invited to attend Public Hearings and take the opportunity to speak. In accordance with Section 65009 of the California Government Code, anyone wishing to challenge action taken on any of these items in Court may be limited to raising only those issues he/she or someone else raised at the described Public Hearing or in written correspondence addressed and delivered to the City at or prior to the hearing.

"Motion for Reconsideration: A Councilmember voting with the majority on any item appearing on this agenda may move for reconsideration of that vote provided the motion is in conformance with the rules adopted by the Council governing such motions." In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this meeting, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (925) 372-3512. Notification at least 48 hours prior to the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements. Note: Regular City Council Meetings are held on the first and third Wednesdays of every month at 7:00 pm in the City Hall Council Chambers. City Council normally adjourns for a Summer Recess during the month of August. Meetings are televised at 7:30pm on Friday following the Wednesday's meeting on: Comcast channel 28, U-Verse channel 99, and Wave channel 29.

Recommend Documents
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“Sequoia Park Zoo Redwood Canopy Walk”. Agenda Summary_Outdoor Environmental ... Bid 2018-6 Approval for Vehicle Purchase. Recommendation: Approve Bid 2018-6 for Northwood Chevrolet for purchase of five (5) new trucks. Agenda_Summary_Replacement