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framework for helping children see their strengths and work on their weaknesses. ... The 2-3 year old class at St. Paul's Christian Preschool is a shortened class ... have the opportunity to check out resources from the school library. Stretch and ...

What can we expect in the classes at St. Paul’s Christian Preschool? Service Oriented Learning: All classes will experience the joys of giving back to others in the form of projects performed in the classroom and outside in the community. Preschoolers can have a large impact on the world through their caring for others.

Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Approach to learning: We will use multiple intelligence activities as a framework for helping children see their strengths and work on their weaknesses. Progress reports will show where children’s God given talents lie and also where we can help strengthen all eight intelligences. Academic progress is very important as we lay a foundation for a life long love of learning.

Christian Values: We will use a Christian framework in our staffing and in dealings with parents and children. We want all people to be respected and shown love and acceptance through our actions. A positive relationship with a living God is a continuous goal for everyone. Prayer will be used to interact with God.

Classes: 2-3 year old classes: The 2-3 year old class at St. Paul’s Christian Preschool is a shortened class that emphasizes preacademic and socialization practices. The children will have opportunities to use multiple art mediums, manipulatives, large motor equipment, music and reading activities and dramatic play. The class will also experience group snacks and times to enhance their verbal abilities, manners as well as their emerging sharing abilities. Christian concepts will be added so the children know that God loves them and created them. Being potty trained is not required.

3-4 year old classes: The 3-4 year old classes at St Paul’s Christian Preschool meet either 2 or 3 days a week for two and a half hours. They emphasize the exposure to all the things that a prekindergarten class will expect. They will work on shape and name recognition, more advanced art mediums, dramatic play, computer time, circle times that include the calendar, weather and the pledge of allegiance. Science activities and experiments will be introduced as well as language development and journaling activities. Outdoor play will enhance inside classroom learning. Their spiritual side will be deepened as they explore ways they can interact with God.

4/5 year old PreK classes: The 3 day a week 4-5 year old class at St. Paul’s Christian Preschool has a prekindergarten structure that stretches beyond what the younger children can do. Emphasis is made on letter and shape recognition, premath skills, handwriting, verbal vocabulary enhancement, journaling, art projects, dramatic play, large motor equipment, 2 circle times for large group interaction, science, snack times and a chance to use manipulatives. Some of the classes also include a Spanish exposure for enhanced learning. The spiritual side is also strengthened for the children’s growing understanding that they are created to do good things in the world. The 5 day a week class will encompass all of the above mentioned activites along with extra time for enrichment. Additional field trips may occur. A more intentional focus on prereading, math and science skills will also be evident. Children enrolled in the 5 day a week class should demonstrate an ability to enjoy challenging tasks.

Enrichment activities: Worship time: All children will have the opportunity to meet in St. Paul’s Church sanctuary once a month to learn a new concept from the Bible and praise God through worship.

Field trips and speakers will be a part of the curriculum. Library time will be offered once a month. The Crystal Lake Public Library will send a storyteller to share materials with us. We will also have the opportunity to check out resources from the school library.

Stretch and Grow: We offer weekly optional classes to develop muscle coordination, listening skills and nutritional supplementation through a weekly option of a Stretch and Grow Class.

Optional mini classes will also be offered to fit the needs of the children. These classes will be offered after or before their regularly scheduled classes. Classes my include:        

Ballet Gymnastics Cooking and healthy eating Spanish Phonics approach to reading Math Their Way Lucky Charmers (Preschool etiquette) Science and the world of experiments

Summer Camp Options: We offer summer camps for various weeks during the summer. Call the school for the current status on summer camps and the themes that may be utilized. We are always in a stage of continuous evaluation. We make changes and improvements that best suit the needs of the children enrolled. We welcome parent’s input on what we may do to best serve your family.

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