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Mar 12, 2014 - Coach McCarty also has received his NSCAA Premier National. Coaching License. An Indiana University of PA graduate, McCarty obtained his Master's degree in Business Administration from Seton. Hill in December 2003. Dan and his wife Kim reside in Greensburg. Dan McCarty. SHU Men's Soccer.



First  Name:  _____________________________________________   Last  Name:  ______________________________________________   Date  of  Birth:  ___________________________________________   Male/Female:  ___________________   Position:  ________________________________________________   Address:  ________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________   City:  _____________________________________________________   State:  __________________  Zip  Code:  ______________________   Phone:  ___________________________________________________   Email:  ___________________________________________________     Emergency  Contact  Information   Name:  ___________________________________________________   Relationship:  ___________________________________________   Phone:  __________________________________________________     AVAILABLE  FOR  PURCHASE       (If  interested  in  purchasing,  please  indicate  how   many  of  each  item  and  include  in  overall  payment)   _____  $20  Team  Scarf   _____  $30  Team  Ball      



$150  per  camper  (includes  lunch)    

Make  Check  Payable  To:   Side  Panel  Soccer    

Send  Application  and  Payment  to:   Dan  McCarty   1  College  Avenue   Greensburg,  PA  15601    


Team  Rates  available,  please  call  for  details   Registration  due  by  May  20th  

 Coaching  Staff  

Dan  McCarty  

SHU  Men’s  Soccer   Head  Coach  

Head  Soccer  Coach  Dan  McCarty  assumed  the  reigns  of  the  brand   new  Men's  Soccer  program  at  Seton  Hill  in  August  of  2002.  McCarty   will  be  entering  his  eleventh  season  as  the  head  coach  at  Seton  Hill.   At  Seton  Hill,  McCarty  has  amassed  a  80-­‐96-­‐18  overall  record.   McCarty  also  boasts  a  10-­‐2-­‐1  international  record  with  tours  in   Canada  and  Italy.  McCarty  has  coached  one  All-­‐AMC  North  First   Team  member,  seven  Second  Team  members  and  had  10  players   named  Honorable  Mention.  Six  of  McCarty’s  players  have  also  been   named  NAIA  Scholar  Athletes.  In  their  four  years  of  play  in  the   WVIAC,  he  has  coached  twenty-­‐four  players  who  have  achieved  all   WVIAC  status.  Coach  McCarty  has  also  had  two  of  his  players  sign   contracts  with  teams  in  the  USL  and  one  player  sign  with  the  CSL.   Coach  McCarty  also  has  received  his  NSCAA  Premier  National   Coaching  License.  An  Indiana  University  of  PA  graduate,  McCarty   obtained  his  Master's  degree  in  Business  Administration  from  Seton   Hill  in  December  2003.  Dan  and  his  wife  Kim  reside  in  Greensburg.  

Andy  McNab  joins  the  Griffin  coaching  staff  as  an  assistant   coach  this  season.    Originally  from  Glasgow,  Scotland,  McNab   played  at  Salem  International  University  from  2004-­‐08  where   he  won  one  WVIAC  regular  season  and  two  WVIAC   Championships.    McNab  was  also  named  to  the  WVIAC  All   conference  team  as  a  senior.  McNab  also  played  against   USA/Canada  national  teams  in  05.  McNab  started  his  coaching   career  as  a  men's  assistant  coach  in  2008  at  Salem   International.    He  was  then  an  assistant  coach  at  Greenville   College  in  IL  in  2009,  and  then  became  the  head  women's   coach  at  Salem  International  from  2010-­‐2012.  While  at  Seton   Hill  he  will  be  working  on  his  MBA  in  Sports  Management  

Andy  McNab  

SHU  Women’s  Soccer   Assistant  Coach  


This  one  day  ID  camp  is   designed  to  assess  each   individual’s  player’s  ability  to   compete  at  the  collegiate  level.   The  goal  for  the  coaching  staff   is  to  identify  players  who  can   become  valued  members  of   both  the  Seton  Hill  University   men  and  women’s  programs.     Invitations  will  also  be  sent  to   a  variety  of  local  college  and   university  programs  to   increase  the  player’s  exposure   to  college  coaches.  

Seton  Hill  


Soccer  ID  Camps  

Schedule   8:00am  Registration   9:00  -­‐  11:00am  Training  Sessions   11:30am  -­‐  12:30pm  Lunch  (included)   1:00pm  -­‐  4:00pm  Games   5:00pm  -­‐  8:00pm  Championship  Games  

CAMPERS  PLEASE  BRING:   Soccer  gear,  shin  pads,  water  bottle,   towel,  snacks,  sunscreen.  

Seton  Hill  is  a  Catholic  university   rooted  in  Judeo-­‐Christian  values.    In  the   tradition  of  Elizabeth  Ann  Seton,  we   educate  students  to  think  and  act   critically,  creatively,  and  ethically  as   productive  members  of  society   committed  to  transforming  the  world.  

Women’s  –  June  7th   Men’s  –  June  8th   All  high  school  aged  players   are  welcome!  

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