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d. She will need a CA because all engineers in private practice are required to obtain a CA. 5. William Halstead, P.E. has a contract to design fire suppression systems and produce shop drawing for a fire sprinkler contractor. When the water utility company representative insisted that William sign and seal the shop. 1 of 5 ...

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Continuing Education Course #125 Laws & Rules Online This course will help you know and understand the laws and rules that affect you as a licensed professional engineer. You are already licensed so we will NOT cover any of the rules on qualifying for, applying for or taking the PE exam. Nor will we test you on the organization and administrative functioning of the Florida Board of Professional Engineers or the Florida Engineering Management Corporation. Instead, we will concentrate on the topics that are relevant to the everyday practice of engineering. If the topics not covered by this course are of interest to you, we encourage you to read about those subjects on the link listed below. We will supply you with the two resource documents that you will need for this course: 1. Florida Statutes Chapter 471 2. Chapter 61G15 Florida Administrative Code. The cases and questions used in this course will be updated periodically to reflect changes in Florida Law, changes in the rules of the board and changes brought about by case law from the courts. All of the cases used in this course are fictitious but the questions are taken directly from the Laws and Rules that govern our profession. 1. James Cobb, P.E., a full time engineering consultant, authors a 4-hour (4-PDH) continuing education course and offers the course to licensed engineers. In the first licensing period that he offers the course he earns continuing education for teaching in the following amount: (keyword: teaching) a. 0-PDHs (no credit for teaching) b. 2-PDHs (half credit for teaching) c. 4-PDHs (full credit for teaching) d. 8-PDHs (double credit for teaching) 2. Anne Parr is employed as the only engineer for a Florida Public Service Commission regulated electric utility cooperative. She is neither an engineering graduate nor a licensed professional but her duties include the design of distribution systems to serve new customers. Is this a violation of the rules of the Florida Board of Professional Engineers? (keyword: public utility) a. Yes b. No 3. Enoch Patterson, a structural engineer licensed in Florida and Maryland. The Maryland State Board for Professional Engineers suspended his license for negligence when he issued an engineering drawing that did not include the name and address of his firm. Could he also be disciplined in Florida even though the offense occurred in another state?(keyword: another state) a. Yes b. No 4. Sarah Green, P.E. decides to open her own engineering office as a sole proprietor under the name "Sarah Green Engineering". Will she need a certificate of authorization (CA) or is she exempt from that requirement? (keyword: sole proprietor) a. As long as she uses her own name she is exempt and does not require a CA. b. She is required to obtain a CA because she added the word "Engineering" to her own name. c. Only corporations and partnerships are required to obtain a CA so she is exempt and does not require a CA. d. She will need a CA because all engineers in private practice are required to obtain a CA. 5. William Halstead, P.E. has a contract to design fire suppression systems and produce shop drawing for a fire sprinkler contractor. When the water utility company representative insisted that William sign and seal the shop

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drawings for one project he refused and the utility employee filed a complaint with the Florida Board of Professional Engineers. What is the maximum penalty that the FBPE could impose on William for failing to sign and seal shop drawings? (Keyword: shop drawings) a. None. Shop drawings are not required to be signed and sealed. b. A $1000 fine and license suspension. c. A $5000 fine and license suspension. d. License revocation 6. Elizabeth Ellis, P.E. was licensed by examination in the current licensing period. What continuing education requirement will she be required to meet for her first engineering license renewal? (Keyword: first renewal) a. 4-PDHs in Laws & Rules and 4-PDHs in her area of practice. b. 4-PDHs in Laws & Rules only c. None 7. Henry Bane, P.E. is a board member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, an electrical workers union and trade organization. He attends all-day meetings of the board each month. How many PDHs of continuing education can he claim for this activity when he renews his engineer's license? (Keyword: trade) a. 0-PDHs b. 2-PDHs c. 4-PDHs d. 8-PDHs 8. Which of the following are required to be licensed as an engineer in Florida? (Keyword: defense) a. Aircraft design engineer b. Space satellite design engineer c. Nuclear warhead design engineer d. All of the above e. None of the above 9. Josephine Thomley is the 5th generation owner of 5000 acres of timberland in the Florida panhandle. She and her six sons manage the property without any employees or outside help. When she applies for a permit to build a fire tower on her property, the building official rejects the permit because the plans were not prepared by a licensed professional engineer. She argues that she owns the land that has been in her family since 1850 and she does not need an engineer to do the design. Based solely on Chapter 471 and the rules of the board, who was right? (Keyword: property) a. The Building Official b. Josephine Thomley 10. William Parker is an air conditioning contractor and owner of "Cool-Air Engineering". All of his service personnel wear name patches with the title "Air-Conditioning Engineer". Neither Parker nor any of his employees is a licensed engineer. Is his use of the title "Air-Conditioning Engineer" allowed under Florida law? (Keyword: Air-Conditioning Engineer) a. Yes b. No 11. Elizabeth Hobbs and her husband's favorite uncle Louis Cooper are both licensed professional engineers. Elizabeth lives by the book and takes professional ethics very seriously but Louis pays little attention to the rules and routinely violates them. Elizabeth has learned to ignore Louis' violations and mind her own business for the sake of family harmony. Could Elizabeth be disciplined by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers? (Keyword: conceal) a. Yes b. No 12. Well known billionaire real estate developer Donald Triump purchases a Florida engineering firm and renames it Donald Triump Engineering. He is not licensed in any profession but he is an egotist and likes to put his name on everything that he owns. Is this company name allowed? (Keyword: not licensed) a. Yes, as long as there is not another engineering firm with the same name b. Yes but only if the firm is a corporation

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c. Yes, as long as at least one of the officers or partners is a professional engineer d. No 13. Mary Sharp, has a degree in engineering but she is not licensed. She is employed as the head of the public works and engineering department for the small village of Skeeter, Florida. Her title is "Public Works Director and City Engineer". She reports to the village manager who previously held her job and is a licensed engineer. Do the board rules allow her to use this title? (Keyword: city) a. Yes b. No 14. John Ensley, P.E., a mechanical engineering consultant is preparing a fee proposal for the town of Anderson Corners, Florida to retrofit the old courthouse with central air-conditioning. In researching the project John found that a new system had been previously designed, signed and sealed but not built 8-years earlier by a firm that was no longer in business. John submits his proposal based on reusing and updating the old plans and specifications. Based on board rules, what steps must John take to reuse these plans and specifications? (Keyword: adoption) a. None, this is the work product of another and cannot be reused by a third party. b. He would have to redraw the plans and specifications in their entirety. c. He would not be required to redraw the plans and specifications but he would be required to replace the title block with his own. d. He would be required to recreate the calculations, site visits, and research. e. He must send a certified letter to the original engineer, successors or assigns of his intention to reuse the documents. f. "c", "d", and "e" above. 15. Jane Cumba, P.E. is hired to head the Civil Engineering Department of a large consulting firm. One of the projects that she inherits is an apron expansion project at a major international airport. The project includes numerous utility installations in addition to surface paving and drainage. Jane is technically competent in all aspects of the project except for the jet fuel pipelines. She has one person on her staff, an unlicensed design engineer with 30-years of experience designing jet fuel storage and transmission facilities. She relies on him to complete all of the design calculations and drawings but when the time comes to sign and seal a certification that the system was designed to meet Federal specifications she has second thoughts. What are Jane's options? (Keyword: expertise) a. She was the designer's supervisor and the head of the department so she should sign the certification. b. She cannot sign the certification because she is not technically competent to design jet fuel pipelines. c. Only a partner or officer in the firm can sign the certification when the work was done by an unlicensed employee because only a partner or officer can accept the liability for the firm. d. The rules are silent on the subject of signing certifications. 16. Walter Nicholson, P.E prepared record documents (as-builts) for the Happy Acres subdivision. Walter designed the subdivision including the underground utilities but his contract did not include any duties during the construction phase except for the preparation of record documents. His record documents included his own field measurements for elements that were visible to him. For elements that were no longer visible, the as-built information was supplied by the contractor. Which of the following is NOT required on the record documents? (Keyword: record documents) a. His signature and seal. b. Statement that the documents are a compiled representation of the constructed project. c. Listing of the sources and basis of information used in the preparation of the Documents. d. Statement that the Documents are believed to be correct to the best of the engineer’s knowledge, and that the accuracy of the information cannot be guaranteed. 17. Lucinda Galloway is a skilled college recruiter for a major Florida engineering firm. She always targets the top of the graduating class of each of the state engineering schools. She attends the commencement service for any graduate that accepts an offer from the firm so she can present them with business cards with their name and the title "Engineer" imprinted. This is a very successful recruiting strategy but is the title "Engineer" allowed under board rules for an engineering school graduate working under the supervision of a P.E.?(Keyword: exempt from licensure) a. Yes b. No 18. Walter Hogsed, P.E. is a civil/structural engineer who specializes in designing small office buildings. He used

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subconsultants for the mechanical and electrical design but he does all of the civil/structural engineering and the architecture. He considers the architecture to be incidental to his engineering practice and he does not use the term "architect" on any letterhead, business card or advertisement. Is he violating the law by performing architectural services? (Keyword: incidental) a. Yes b. No 19. Nancy Freeman, P.E. is the engineer of record for a regional wastewater treatment plant. Her portion of the plans contains 327 pages and the client requires 25 sets of signed sealed and dated drawings (8175 sheets total). To make the job more manageable, Nancy orders a one-of-a-kind, large rubber stamp that combines her engineer's seal, signature and adjustable date. While she is away on a business trip she has someone from the company's outside commercial print shop stamp the drawings as the prints are being made and deliver the assembled sets of prints directly to the client. What, if anything did Nancy do wrong? (Keyword: Seal Signature) a. Nothing, everything that she did is allowable. b. Rubber stamp (facsimile) signatures are not allowed. c. Rubber Stamp seals are not allowed. d. Both "b" & "c" above 20. Thomas Heatherton, P.E. is the owner of a specialty engineering firm that designs draped fabric roof systems. He makes extensive use of computer software called "Fab-Roof" that is distributed by the fabric manufacturer. Thomas is always a delegated engineer on his projects and he reports directly to the Engineer of Record. When he submits his engineering calculations to the Engineer of Record he always includes a copy of the computer printout. Are these computer printouts an acceptable substitute for manual calculations? (Keyword: computer) a. No b. Yes, but they must be signed and sealed. c. Yes, but they must be accompanied by design assumptions d. Yes, but input and output information must be identified. e. "b", "c" and "d" above are all true 21. Johanna Kelly is a licensed professional engineer in Florida although her employment is outside the profession of engineering. In her role as Chief of Staff for the Governor she is active in the oversight of many departments including the Florida Department of Law Enforcement FDLE. When the FDLE completed a long awaited report on the sudden death of a juvenile inmate a week before Election Day, the Governor sent Johanna to make sure that the report release was delayed until after the election. Was this act of obstruction a violation of Chapter 471 Florida Statutes? (Keyword: impeding) a. Yes b. No 22. The Town Council of Snake Bite, Florida hired a mechanical contractor to retrofit a small warehouse with central air-conditioning in order to create additional office space for employees. The job was small enough to allow the contractor to design the system without the assistance of an engineer. (i.e., Chapter 471.003FS, not to exceed $125,000 in cost, 15-tons of capacity and for 100 or fewer occupants.) The new system performed so badly that the Council, in its frustration, passed a local ordinance requiring ALL permit applications for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems, regardless of size, be certified by a licensed engineer. Is the Town of Snake Bite allowed to pass a local ordinance that is more restrictive than state law? (Keyword: ordinance) a. Yes b. No 23. Margaret Calder, P.E. lives in Orlando, Florida and is the "Engineer in Responsible Charge" of design work on an Orlando project that is being completed in India. What degree of control must she maintain in order satisfy the board rules? (Keyword: physically present) a. She must be physically present where the work is being performed. b. If not physically present, she must be available in a reasonable period of time via electronic communication. c. She is not required to be physically present or in communication with the India office. She is required to review the work.

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24. Thomas Bowles, P.E. renewed his license by attesting that he had completed his continuing education requirements when he had not. His deception was discovered during an audit conducted by the board. Under the board's disciplinary guidelines, what is the penalty range for a first such violation? (Keyword: Disciplinary Guidelines) a. Reprimand b. $1,000 fine c. License suspension until licensee demonstrates compliance d. All of the above 25. On June 13, 2014 Governor Scott signed House Bill 713 into law. The FBPE web site indicates that the board will begin imposing this new requirement beginning March 1, 2015. This bill changed the continuing education requirement for biannual license renewal to: [Keyword: continuing education hours] a. 18 continuing education hours total, including 1-hour for "Laws & Rules" and 1-hour for "Ethics". b. 8 continuing education hours total, including 4-hours for "Laws & Rules". c. 30 continuing education hours total.

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