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5 days ago - Twitter: @CourtFieldsSch Court Fields School. What's Happening: Information for Parents, Carers & Families.

Court Fields School What’s Happening: Information for Parents, Carers & Families 1st July – 5th July 2019

A Message from Mrs Matthews The weeks are just flying by as we near the end of term. It seems incredible that this week we say hello to another cohort of Year 6 students, and next week celebrate and say goodbye to our Year 11s. The hard work that goes into these busy weeks cannot be underestimated, and I thank Mrs Westwood and the Transition Team, Mr Williams and the Prom Team, the Finance Office, the Front Office and the wider staff and students for all their hard work. Next week we also have Sports Day (fingers crossed the weather stays dry!) and Activity Days the week after. These events take a huge amount of organisation and I would like to thank all the staff involved in leading or supporting activities, especially Mrs Robertson and the PE Department for all their hard work. Last week we had a fantastic example of the caring and thoughtful nature of our students. Well done to India D, Ashton C, Bailey M and Jack J who recently went to the aid of a person who collapsed on the footpath near school. They were responsible and showed excellent common sense, quickly going to alert a member of staff and helping to support the person in distress. Thank you to all four of these young people, who will be recognised for their actions this week at the Year 7 & 8 Celebration Evening. I hope that the parents and carers of all our nominated students will be able to join us at our awards evenings. This week we have Year 7 & 8 on Thursday 4 th July. Next week we have our Key Stage 3 Graduation for Year 9 on Wednesday 10th and our Year 10 Graduation on Thursday 11th July. It is so important that we celebrate together the achievements of our fantastic students and I very much look forward to seeing you there. Community Forum The existing Parent Forum has been developed into the Community Forum to recognise the support that the school receives from parents, carers and the wider community. This week’s Parent Forum has been postponed and relaunched as the first Community Forum next Tuesday from 5-6pm in the Conference Room. We welcome parents/carers and guests to discuss the developments in progress and planned at Court Fields and the role of the school in the community. We will also discuss an exciting project regarding the Youth Endowment Fund in which the school and partner agencies in Wellington (Churches Together, Avon & Somerset Police and the Town Council to name a few) will be involved. Please do come to hear our updates, to offer your support or to get more involved. Learning Support Awards On Thursday 20th June, Court Fields School was delighted to host the Learning Support Awards, which is an annual event that recognises the outstanding achievements and endeavours of our students. 31 students and their guests attended and received medals and certificates in recognition of their efforts. Mr Woodward presented the medals and gave a short speech, sharing some insights that he learnt during his 43 years of public service. Amongst the award winners were Tegan H for Musical Performance, Paul S for Robotics, and Beau B for the Prefect Award. Achieve │ Belong │ Participate Twitter: @CourtFieldsSch

Year 8 Rounders Team The Year 8 rounders team competed in the central venue league tournament on Wednesday 26th June. They were unbeaten apart from the first match vs Castle which ended in Castle winning 3 rounders vs 2.5 rounders. Such a close game but the girls fielding skills were outstanding! In the other games there was some fantastic catches and batting skills throughout and a special mention to captain Tenika who bowled consistently well under pressure. Runners up at the CVL! The girls should be very proud of such a good team performance upholding a great attitude throughout! Well done!

Events This Week & Coming Soon 2nd July Parent Forum: 6.00pm – 7.00pm 2nd & 3rd July Year 6 Welcome Days rd 3 July Year 6 Parents Evening: 6.00pm – 7.00pm 4th July Year 7 & 8 Celebration & Sports Award Evening: 6.00pm - 8.15pm th 5 July Non Uniform Day – CFS chosen charities selected by students 10th July Year 9 End of Key Stage 3 Graduation th 11 July Year 10 Presentation & Sports Award Evening: 6.00pm – 7.00pm 12th July Year 11 Prom

Helping Protect our Environment Mrs Brown's Year 7 & 8 Science classes have been exploring the problems with single use plastics and the alternative options available. Over the next week they will be creating persuasive posters to educate others about reducing our plastic usage. The posters will be judged by The Blue Pantry, a zero-waste shop in Wellington, and the winners placed on display in the shop. Homework this week is to collect any research, materials or images that students may want to use in their posters. Students may also like to watch "War on plastic with Hugh and Anita", which can be found on iplayer, as further research.

Sickness Parents have asked that we clarify the information from last week’s bulletin. If your child feels sick or unwell, please encourage them to come to school if you feel that they are well enough to attend. We can always contact you should they feel worse at school. If they have a fever please keep them off until the fever goes. If your child has a sore throat, cough or cold, they can still attend school, but should ensure they dispose of tissues etc so as not to spread germs. Children with diarrhoea or vomiting should stay away from school for 2 days after their symptoms have gone. The NHS has updated their website and has some very useful information regarding illness and fitness for school. Find out more on their website here:

Attendance & Uniform Update Thank you for ensuring that we maintain high standards of attendance and uniform as we go through the next three weeks to the end of term. It is important that we end the term as we mean to start the new one in September. Thank you for your support in reminding your child of the importance of adhering to our expectations. This means, for example, wearing blazers, keeping jewellery within the uniform guidelines and attending school on time by 8:40am each day. If the weather becomes very hot we will, of course, advise parents and students of any adaptations to the uniform guidance. Achieve │ Belong │ Participate Twitter: @CourtFieldsSch

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