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(You may vote for ONE). Ellis Hankins. Jay Chaudhuri. NC House of Representatives. District 36. (You may vote for ONE). Woodie Cleary. Jennifer Ferrell.


Ballot Style D0042



Sample Democratic Primary Ballot Wake County, North Carolina March 15, 2016

D 0042


A. With the marking device provided or a black ball point pen, completely fill in the oval to the left of each candidate or selection of your choice as shown. B. If you tear, deface or wrongly mark this ballot, return it to request a replacement. PARTISAN OFFICES

NC House of Representatives District 36

NC Attorney General (You may vote for ONE)

Presidential Preference (You may vote for ONE)

(You may vote for ONE)

Josh Stein

Woodie Cleary

Marcus W. Williams

Jennifer Ferrell

Martin J. O'Malley Bernie Sanders

NC Commissioner of Labor (You may vote for ONE)

Hillary Clinton Roque Rocky De La Fuente

Charles Meeker

No Preference

Mazie Ferguson

(You may vote for ONE)

NC Superintendent of Public Instruction

Ernest T. Reeves

Henry J. Pankey

Chris Rey

June Atkinson

US Senate

End of Ballot

(You may vote for ONE)

Deborah K. Ross Kevin D. Griffin

NC Treasurer (You may vote for ONE)

Dan Blue III

NC Governor (You may vote for ONE)

Ron Elmer

Ken Spaulding NC State Senate District 16

Roy Cooper

(You may vote for ONE)

Ellis Hankins

NC Lieutenant Governor (You may vote for ONE)

Jay Chaudhuri

Holly Jones Ronald L. Newton Robert Earl Wilson Linda Coleman



North Carolina


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