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IS 7634 (Part II & Part III) Code of practice for laying of HDPE pipes. ...... VCD = Amount of price variation in Rupees to be allowed for C.I./ D.I. pipe component.

PH No 011--23269053

DELHI JAL BOARD OFFICE OF THE EX.ENGINEER (CENTRAL) I NEAR UGR & BPS RAMLILA GROUND JLN MARG, NEW DELHI-110002. N.I.T No. 04 (2018-19) On behalf of DJB, EE (Central)-I invite online percentage rate/ item rate tenders from the eligible firms who have executed similar nature work. All agencies must comply with the conditions, Rules & Regulations and other Guidelines as issued by Delhi Jal Board from time to time. Last date and time for downloading tenders documentLast date and time for online submission of tender &RTGSDate/Time for opening of Technical Bid - (Part-A) Date/Time for opening of Financial Bid – (Part-B) Detail of the work: S. No. 1.

Name of work

Boring of shallow tube wells in narrow lanes of Matia Mahal Constituency, AC-21 under EE (Central)-I. (Re-invite)

Estimated Cost ` 9,58,964.00

02.06.2018 at 3:00 PM 02.06.2018 at 3:00 PM 02.06.2018 at 3:05 PM After the completion of Technical Bid E/Money (EMD)



` 19,200.00

02 Months

Tender Fee Non refundable

` 500.00

Note:I. Validity of tender shall be 90 days the date of opening of Bid Part-B. NIT along with all the terms & conditions is available on Delhi Govt. Web Site . II. All corrigendum, addenda, amendments, time extension, if any to the above notification/ NIT will be published in eprocurement portal only. Bidders shall regularly visit the above site to keep themselves updated. III. Success full bidders shall comply the EPF & MP act 1952, along with other labour laws. Agency may contact the office of EE (Central)-I for additional information / any clarification. IV. In view of the applicability of GST the PAC for excise duty exemption will not be issued. The agencies

are requested to quote their rates taking into consideration the effect of GST.


NO. DJB/EE (C)-I/NIT-/2018-19/ Copy to:1. P.A. TO CEO (DJB) 2. CE (C/N)/Dir. (F&A)/SE(Central) 3. DOV: along with one spare copy 4. Jt. Dir (F&A)-II/AO(C)/A AO(C)-I 5. ZE/HC(C)-I/DM(C)-I /Cashier(C)-I/Notice Board. 6. Syndicate Bank, Rani Jhansi Road Branch, New Delhi



Additional Information of NIT The tenderer shall submit the offer under two bid system i.e. Bid Part-A(Technical) & Part-B(Financial). 1. Bid Part-A should contain scanned documents giving detail of Eligibility Criteria As Annexure-A. Annexure-A A. Scan copy of latest receipt of GST. B. Scan copy GST Registration Certificate. C. Scan copy of 03 similar nature works. D. Scan copy of Notarized affidavit for undertaking that the applicant firm has not been blacklisted/ debarred from any Govt. Deptt. (Valid for a period upto 1 month from opening of tender) E. Scanned copies of RTGS/NEFT along with Details. F. The bidder/agency shall submit scanned copy of Notarized affidavit for undertaking regarding the employment of any close relatives in DJB which may include the relatives in Blood, Uncles (paternal or maternal), cousins (Paternal or maternal), Father, Mother, son, Daughter, Mother-in-law, Brother-in-law, Sister-in-Law, Nephew and Niece etc.(This list is not exhaustive) (Valid for a period upto 1 month from opening of tender). G. Bidder shall submit Rs. 500/- as tender fees(non refundable) along with the EMD amount electronically on or before the last date & time of bid submission in DJB

EMD A/c.90231010012261 at Syndicate Bank, Rani Jhansi Road Branch, New Delhi(IFSC/RTGS Code No.SYNB0009023) through Bidders bankers. While submitting EMD through RTGS mode(RTGS timing for Saturday are 10.00 to 15.30 hrs all working days except Saturday,( timing for Saturday are 10.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs), Bidder must mention NIT No., Name of Division, Closing date & time of tender and Bidder Name and address in the Applicant details column in the RTGS from as shown in the Example Below:DETAILS OF APPLICANT A Account No. B Name C

Address 2 3

, ,,
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