Detroit Youth Sports Association Scholarship DUE DATE

Detroit Youth Sports Association. Scholarship. • Requirements- o MUST have at least 10 hours of volunteer time with DYSA for the applicant's Senior year.

Detroit Youth Sports Association Scholarship

• Requirements- o MUST have at least 10 hours of volunteer time with DYSA for the applicant’s Senior year. o MUST have played at least one season of any sport DYSA offers throughout their life. • Cover sheet- Name (First Middle, Last), list any sports that you have been involved in during your DYSA years. • Essay- Must be in a typed format, Consisting of 200 words or more. • Topic- How has playing sports helped you develop the needed skills and character to be successful as an adult?

• Amount- $250 awarded to 1 Male recipient, 1 Female recipient • Results- will be announced during the 2019 Senior Awards Banquet. • Each winner must present a college semester registration receipt to Ashley VanDeaver, President of DYSA. The check will be issued to the scholarship recipient at the time. *This Scholarship is only valid for the Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 Semester*

DUE DATE: APRIL 26th 2019

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