Direct Giving

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Sugar Land TX 77478 ... at Sugar Land First United Methodist ... This authority will remain in effect until SLFUMC has received written notice from me [us] of it's.

at Sugar Land First United Methodist

D i r e c t Giving Sugar Land FUMC 431 Eldridge Road Sugar Land TX 77478 281.491.6041

Simplify !

D i r e c t Giving at Sugar Land First United Methodist

In the busy times that we live, many people take advantage of direct or electronic bill payment (also known as electronic funds transfer or EFT). Now you can remain faithful in your giving to the church without having to remember to write a check every month. Sugar Land First United Methodist now offers Direct Giving. Direct Giving provides you with the option of giving by automatic debit of your checking or savings account. You may choose to give once or twice a month. If you would like to participate in the Direct Giving program, please complete the authorization form and return It to the church office with a voided check. It’s that simple!

Authorization Agreement for Direct Giving ______________________________________________________________________ NAME(S)

______________________________________________________________________ HOME ADDRESS

______________________________________________________________________ CITY, STATE, AND ZIP

______________________________________________________________________ DAYTIME TELEPHONE NUMBER

I [we] authorize Sugar Land First United Methodist Church (SLFUMC) to debit my [our] bank account for the purpose of contributions to SLFUMC. I [we] authorize SLFUMC to debit my [our] account (please choose one option):


$_______________ Once per month, on the 5th of the month


$_______________ Twice per month, on the 5th and 20th of the month

This authority will remain in effect until SLFUMC has received written notice from me [us] of it’s termination in such time and manner as to afford SLFUMC a reasonable opportunity to act on the request (one month). Signature: ___________________________________ Signature: ___________________________________ Date: ___________________________________

Complete the form, attach a voided check, and return it to the SLFUMC office by mail, hand delivery or placing in the collection plate on Sunday. Please allow two weeks for Direct Giving set up. If you have any questions, call Kathy Thomas, 281.634.8952.

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