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Jul 24, 2018 - The Divisional Railway Manager (Signal & Telecom)/East Central ... tools & plants , technical personal/man power and association of Railway.

EAST CENTRAL RAILWAY TENDER NOTICE No.ECR_SPJ_ST_T_18_127LCGM. The Divisional Railway Manager (Signal & Telecom)/East Central Railway/Samastipur for and on behalf of the President of India invites e-tenders from experienced and financially capable tenderers including those registered with Government Department like Irrigation/CPWD/MES or any Public Sector Undertaking for the following works which will be received up to 15.00 hours on 24.07.2018 in e-tendering mode on IREPS web portal of Indian Railway and will be opened at 15.30 hours on 24.07.2018 in the office of DRM/S&T /Samastipur. SN

Name of work


Samastipur Division:-Manning of unmanned level crossing (127 Nos).

Tender Value (In Rs.)

Earnest Money (In Rs.)

Cost of Tender document (In Rs.)

Completion period of the work.




90 Days


Eligibility Criteria: - Following Eligibility Criteria will be applicable:(a) (i) The tenderer(s) shall be eligible only if he / they fulfill Eligibility Criteria of having received total contract amount during the last three financial years and in the current financial year with a minimum of 150% of the advertised tender value.Authentic Certificates shall be produced by the tenderer(s) to this effect which may be an attested Certificate from the employer / client, Audited Balance Sheet duly certified by the Chartered Accountant etc. (ii) Authentic certificates shall be uploaded by the tenderers to this effect which may be an attested certificate from the employer/client, Audited balance sheet duly certified by the chartered accountant etc. (iii) Certificates/Documents from private individual for whom such works are executed/being executed shall not be accepted. (iv) The tenderer are required to upload the documents in support of their eligibility along with the tender. However Railway reserves the right to ask for the hard copy of documents uploaded by the tenderer at any stage if required. (v) All documents in support of fulfillment of eligibility criteria with respect to completion of similar nature of work and total contract value should be uploaded along with the tender and should be available at the time of tender opening. Offer not accompanied with documentary evidence in support of eligibility criteria will be summarily rejected. No post tender communication, in any form will be made or entertained with the tenderer in this regard. (vi) Tenderer shall note that uploading of other supporting document namely constitution of firm/JV, work in hand, arbitration/court cases, tools & plants , technical personal/man power and association of Railway officers at the time of tender opening is important and they shall ensure the same. However Railways may seek clarifications/details/ documents in this regard. (b) The intending tenderer should have completed at least one single similar nature work for a minimum value of 35% of advertised tender value of the work in the current financial year and last three financial year{Authority: Railway Board’s letter no.94/CE-I/CT/4(Pt.II),dated:07/14.11.2013}. Definition of similar nature of work:-Any work of Signal & Telecom involving trenching, laying, testing of signaling & Telecom cables. 2 No tender will be considered without deposit of full Earnest money. Payment of Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) should be accepted through Net Banking or Payment Gateway only. 3 Payment other than of earnest money for an amount prescribed at Para-1 of the tender document towards the cost of the tender document should be accepted through net banking or payment gateway only. 4 The successful tenderer will have to submit a Performance Guarantee (PG) in acceptable form amounting to 5% of the contract value within thirty days after issue of acceptance letter in token of commitment to complete the work successfully. The Performance Guarantee will have to be deposited after the letter of acceptance has been issued but before signing the agreement and should be valid up to completion date plus 60 days. Details in this regard are available in the tender documents. 5 The Railway administration reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenderers without reasons thereto.

Signature Not Verified Digitally signed by Ran Vijay Kumar Date: 2018.06.26 13:26:40 IST Reason: IREPS-CRIS Location: New Delhi


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