EB 18-25 - February 14, 2019

Feb 28, 2019 - Executive Board Meeting 18-25. Thursday, February 14, 2019 @ 11:30am. MSU Boardroom, MUSC room 201. Called to Order 11:33am.

Executive Board Meeting 18-25 Thursday, February 14, 2019 @ 11:30am MSU Boardroom, MUSC room 201 Called to Order 11:33am Present Farah, Florean, Gandzi, Hackett, Warwani Late Epifano Absent Bertolo, Robinson, Roshan Others Present V. Scott (Recording Secretary), M. Wooder (MCD), Hannah Philip (Food Collective Centre Coordinator), Sarah Figueiredo (AVP (Services)) 1.

Adopt Agenda

Moved by Gandzi, seconded by Warwani to adopt the agenda, as presented. Passes Unanimously 2.

Adopt Minutes

Moved by Warwani, seconded by Gandzi to adopt the minutes of Executive Board meetings 18-23 – January 31, 2109, and 18-24 – February 7, 2019, as circulated. Passes Unanimously 3.

FCC Report – Hannah Philip presented 

Philip summarized the report.

Epifano arrived 11:34am Questions  Florean asked about hygiene products and which items they were buying. Philip responded that it depended on what people want, but they buy soaps, deodorant, toothpaste, pads, and tampons. They added that there was a request for diapers at one point.  Florean asked if someone wanted to donate to a specific service was there a list on the website. Philip responded that they have on the website that they’re accepting donations and give a list of the preferred items. 4.

Diversity Services Report – report attached 

Epifano went over the report.

Questions  Warwani asked if Diversity Week has always been during Black History Month. Epifano responded that it was typically held in January. Epifano stated that they haven’t heard anything about having to be during this time, and there was potential to change. Farah added that there have been comments about targeting presidential elections because they have that engagement anyway. 5.

EFRT Report – report attached 

Epifano went over the report.


EB 18-25


February 14, 2019

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Hackett asked who decides if the services is open or not. Epifano responded that they had conversations with the PTMs, and if the University closes then all services are automatically closed, and if the University was open but students can’t make their shift and the service can’t be staffed they could close. PCC Job Description

Moved by Epifano, seconded by Hackett that the Executive Board approve the changes to the following PCC Executive job descriptions, as circulated and attached:  Research and Resources Coordinator 

Epifano stated that they overlooked this one job description, and it was supposed to be brought forward last week.

Vote on Motion Passes Unanimously 7.

Committee of the Whole – Org update

Moved by Farah, seconded by ____ that the Executive Board move into Committee of the Whole to discuss the topic on the agenda, as circulated. Motion Failed due to no Seconder 8.

Committee of the Whole – Services

Moved by Epifano, seconded by ____ that the Executive Board move into Committee of the Whole to discuss Services. Motion Failed due to no Seconder 9.

Information and Questions 

Figueiredo updated the Board about the service reviews. They stated that they had met with the Diversity Services and Maccess PTMs to discuss the findings and directions from the Board. Figueiredo stated that they looked into the race-based peer support, and spoke to Ryerson, and clubs to see what they were utilizing. They stated that there have been a lot of conversations about the Indigenous liaison position and will be following up on that as well. They added that they will also be meeting with EIO next Wednesday about anti-oppression practises training. Wooder asked Figueiredo about the Indigenous liaison and if they would invite a rep from the community instead of recruiting. Figueiredo responded that in the review the idea was to work with the bodies on campus to get a solution, and that there isn’t a specific action plan for the role because they haven’t had the chance to speak with them. Florean stated that they spoke to the Clubs Administrator about making reporting non-compliant clubs easier. They stated that they decided they should look into who can report a club because as of right now it’s only execs and those in the clubs, not someone outside of it. Florean announced that they are currently planning events for SRA Business. Farah stated that since the Student Choice Initiative being announced the MSU has been setting up meetings with MPPs and that they were getting traction given the timelines. Farah explained that the plan is to communicate to the Faculty Societies specifically on how this would affect them. Farah stated that hopefully an FAQ will be sent out to clubs and services soon, and that they are continuously connecting with other schools and coming up with strategies.

EB 18-25

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February 14, 2019

Hackett reported that Municipal Advocacy Week was going great. Hackett stated that they met with Hamilton HIVE this morning, and that they provide resources to young professionals. Gandzi reported that they were excited for policy con. They announced that they booked in four nurses for the nursing career panel MUNS is hosting. Epifano stated that hiring was still happening and asked everyone to send in their short lists. They announced that they will be working on work place policies next week. Wooder announced that MSU Award Nominations are open until the end of Reading Week. SRA General Election nominations are still open. Wooder stated that Sandy Shaw will be dropping by today for a service tour and sit-down. They added that Student Opportunity Positions were now posted on the MSU job portal. Adjournment and Time of Next Meeting

Time of Next Meeting: Thursday, February 28, 2019 11:30am MSU Boardroom, MUSC 201 Moved by Warwani, seconded by Hackett that the Executive Board meeting be adjourned. Passes by General Consent Adjourned at 12:08pm /vs

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