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Mar 4, 2014 - an ecommerce website, www.living- outfitters.com. It is a family-owned ... a tree well,” Obie said. “I moved my head to create airspace but got ...

Empire Ranch


March 2014

Take an Adventure with the

Millers Cover photo: Melissa Goodland Photography

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Miller Family Living Life

to the Fullest M

odern day adventure seekers is one way to describe the Miller family. Obie and Shelbey Miller currently live in Empire Ranch with their two children, Cooper (nine years old) and Drake (seven), and the family dog Bimini (eleven). Although they were both raised in Boulder, Colorado, Obie and Shelbey did not cross paths until the summer of 2000 when they were both camp counselors at River Way Ranch Camp near Clovis. “We became very close driving ski boats and teaching young kids how to go wakeboarding and water skiing on Wolf Lakes,” Shelbey said. The couple moved to the Folsom area in 2001 after Shelbey completed her master’s degree in physical education teacher education from Chico State. (Obie graduated from University of California Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s degree in film studies). They wanted to be close to Folsom Lake and other family members in the 4

Placerville area (Shelbey’s parents and brother). Folsom proved to be the perfect place for the couple as they each began meaningful careers in the community. Obie specializes in internet marketing as the digital director for an ecommerce website, www.livingoutfitters.com. It is a family-owned company that ships home and garden supplies nationwide…all from a supply warehouse in Placerville. Shelbey put her schooling to excellent use by becoming a teacher. She currently teaches physical education at Sutter Middle School in Folsom. She also oversees the Student Council, Club Live and the Mountain Bike Team. She was awarded teacher of the year

at her school in 2011 and on top of all of that still manages to participate on the Board for her children’s swim team – the Folsom Tigersharks. With careers in tow, it was time for the Miller’s to add two more to the family. With a baby on the way, the two moved to the Empire Ranch community in May 2004. “We were having a baby and wanted to move to a newer community with lots of younger families,” they said. Two children and one canine later, the Millers still enjoy living in the community just as much as before. Each one of them (even Bimini) enjoys the outdoors and anything that keeps them busy and active. Some of March 2014

their favorite family hobbies are camping, dirt bike riding, snow skiing, road cycling, mountain biking, running, cross fit at CrossFit Folsom Lake and swimming. The “adventure bug” runs deep in this family. Obie participated in Race Across America in 2011. This is a bicycle race that starts in San Diego and ends in Annapolis, Maryland…a distance of 3,000 miles. He participated on a four-person team that benefitted Team Donate Life (a local non-profit). He was also the winner of the Downieville Classic – a twoday “all mountain” mountain bike race in Downieville, California – that same year. Shelbey completed Ironman Canada in 2012 with

a time of 11 hours and 47 minutes. The competition is a combination of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and a 26.2-mile run. She is also a seven-time marathon finisher, including the Boston Marathon, setting a personal record time of 3:34 in 2008. Obie and Shelbey even worked their magic on Cooper and Drake, having them skiing by the age of two and riding bikes (without training wheels) by three. The Millers are dedicated to their art of adventure seeking…even after near death experiences. In March of 2011, Obie’s life was put in jeopardy. He was skiing at Sierra at Tahoe with friends when his buddy, Craig, noticed him disappear deep into the snow. “I had made a strong turn, unloaded my weight and tipped head first into a tree well,” Obie said. “I moved my head to create airspace but got Continued on page 6

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Obie’s first concern after the incident? Making sure to get to his son’s ski school to pick him up on time. “I wouldn’t want to not show up for him. Literally.” Many lessons can be learned from such an experience. Obie and his family now keep these life lessons close to heart:

nothing. I suffocated immediately. There was no pain, fear, panic or last thought. Just darkness.” Obie said his friends Craig and Ryan both had shovels so they began to dig. After three minutes of digging they realized they needed to find another way to get Obie out, and fast! They released Obie’s ski bindings and were able to finally pull his body out of the snow, appearing as a “frozen corpse. Blue and not breathing.” Obie’s mouth was full of snow, which his friend Ryan cleared out and immediately began performing CPR. Ryan was able to breathe life back into Obie fairly quickly. “Arriving back amongst the living was literally a dream come true,” he said.

Anything can happen; be ready.

Play with friends; they may save your life.

Put your financial house in order. A living will may be called upon sooner than you expect.

Take rescue training and CPR.

Be a doer; action saves lives.

These modern day adventure seekers have not allowed this experience to limit them. On the contrary, it gives

even more reason to live life to the fullest, which is exactly what Obie, Shelbey, Cooper and Drake plan on doing.



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