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Aug 18, 2016 - Process Outsourcing (RPO). However, these can be unpopular with supplier recruitment agencies and a neutral entity, such as. Engage VMS ...



HOW A VMS WORKS A Vendor Management System provides an end hirer using multiple agencies with visibility of: Volumes of agency staff they have contracted By site locations By hiring managers By agency Applicable commercial terms and Purchase Orders End hirers see a VMS and its associated technological solutions as an opportunity to eliminate errors, cost and fraud.

While not every end hirer uses a VMS at present, all medium to large hirers almost certainly will in the next 12 to 36 months according to the Freelancer and Contractor Service Association (FCSA). The most common type of VMS in temporary recruitment is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). However, these can be unpopular with supplier recruitment agencies and a neutral entity, such as Engage VMS, is the solution. Offering Engage to your end client will also remove the threat of an imposed RPO being put in place between you and your end clients.

WHY ENGAGE WITH IS DIFFERENT Engage allows TEAM member agencies to propose their own VMS solution to clients ahead of any imposed solution, or as part of a joint service pitch. With no charge to end hirers to use Engage. And volume pricing that allows agencies to derive cost benefits by working together. VMS is a key element of the Engage neutral software and service benefiting endhirers, recruitment agencies and payroll companies. However, Engage offers several advantages over conventional industry VMS suppliers:

Low risk, low ongoing fees and no upfront costs; it requires no Capex investment and can be trialled on a pilot basis if required It offers market leading compliance technology and processes Its fresh technology is developed by a skilled team who can provide bespoke integration and development for native client systems As a neutral vendor it can maintain successful working relationships with all participant agencies



The conventional VMS/RPO model presents several issues for participating agencies: Communication and contractual barriers Imposition of aggressive cost cutting Poor supply quality Standardised terms and administration Reduced agency margin Agency pays for wasted resourcing

ENGAGE MODEL With Engage, users enjoy: Universal cost savings Commercially neutral – a collaborative model Quality of supply Direct contractual relationships No duplication of admin Complete transparency of costs and compliance

End hirers, agencies, workers and payrolls all agree to the same overall contract with Engage and they maintain their own direct commercial relationships, without interference. Engage ensures security of participant’s data and is regulated by the Information Commissioners Office. Secure and robust hosting protects against data loss. Engage’s fresh technology allows agencies to demonstrate service leadership to clients: Automated hiring/ worker registration process Automated compliance reporting process (tax status, Right to Work etc)

Cost management: each worker is linked to a purchase order so that costs are closely monitored and time on site can be managed Reporting that visually illustrates on which sites agency staff are located, who ordered it, how much it’s costing and worker’s compliance level Online timesheets with secure authorisation process flowing through to self-bill invoicing Engage provides complete transparency through all layers of the process from payroll through to invoicing. It allows agencies to maintain close ties with site staff and easily demonstrate to the client that they are relevant, suitably experienced and qualified.





PO number can be inserted at this stage or at a later stage

Hiring Manager completes detailed vacancy registration


Some fields such as description, hours, qualifications etc. can be pre-populated for popular / common requests

The system learns position descriptions, rates and key selection criteria making data entry quick for the hiring managers and consistent

The most appropriate agency can be selected – for core business roles, secondary suppliers for specialist IT or finance roles etc

VACANCY APPROVAL After hiring manager has posted the vacancy, the relevant HR/ Director authorisation will be required before posting to agency

Further authorisation or purchase order approval can be added by the commercial team stipulating start, end dates, PO values etc. this will ensure that the assignment goes on no longer than required and costs can be managed. When the final approval is given, the vacancy is sent to the agency.



Agency is invited to view the vacancy and submit candidates to the client via the Engage system

Agency will be able to view the vacancy details, as posted by the client and locate suitable workers on their own system or register suitably qualified new candidates Rates, working hours and employment options are clearly specified on the job description

Comments can be added by either the client or the agency at any time in ‘real time’


Worker submission Vacancy: 1 x Marketing Manager

Client: Dynamic Projects Ltd

Vacancy ID: V000016

Site: Cholsey Meadows

Worker HB Hana Ball

View details

m: 07123345678 [email protected]

Availability Availability: Worker is available for the job (100% ) Start: 28 Jun 2016

Finish: 05 Jul 2016

















Skills, tools, H&S Bcom in Marketing and Management, Diploma in Direct and Interactive Marketing

Tools: Additional H&S: -

Candidate details submitted via Engage including compliance checks, H&S qualifications and basic details relating to their experience

Attachments worker cv pdf - 38kb

Comments (1) JS

John Smith says:

12 minutes ago

Reliable worker & the right experience required for the job. Can lead teams comfortably and has superb client relationships.


You say:


Copies of passports, visa, cards and any other relevant information required by the client can easily be uploaded by the agency or candidate



Agency is notified of the acceptance of their candidate and can confirm or cancel the offer with the candidate


Once a candidate has been accepted and is working, they will have their own portal to keep their certification and ID updated along with notification of assignments, and timesheets and new jobs etc


The agency, worker or client can input the hours securely via a mobile device, laptop or computer. The hours and breaks can be pre-populated for ease of use, if required

Timesheet authorisation request is sent to the line manager who can simply scroll through timesheets, edit, approve or reject the hours and provide comments to the candidate and agency relating to the hours worked if required

Engage will keep a running total of the hours worked and cost of the timesheet to enable to client to closely monitor the cost against the value assigned to the PO number


REPORTING Reports are easily produced outlining spend per agency, per job title, region or site These can be sent through automatically to commercial / finance teams weekly, monthly or quarterly

IMPLEMENTING ENGAGE 1. Agencies propose the Engage platform to their client end hirer, free of charge 2. Engage is configured to fit end hirers recruitment procedures 3. Any temporary roles are placed, managed, monitored and reported on through Engage 4. Agencies and end hirers enjoy complete compliance transparency: worker certification, right to work,

employment/tax status, pay rates and AWR status 5. The online timesheet system is used, feeding directly into self-bill invoicing saving time and money 6. Savings are enjoyed through economies of scale, increased efficiencies and reducing over-spend on surplus temps A pilot trial and phased roll-out ensures a low risk implementation with no disruption to your business

CONTACT ENGAGE FOR A DEMONSTRATION FACE TO FACE, OR VIA WEBINAR Engage Business Exchange Limited Telephone 0203 598 6259 The Podium, 1 Eversholt Street, London, NW1 2DN www.engage.partners “Engage provides the visibility we have been missing in our frenetic agency supply” - Sarah Farley, Buyer, Bilfinger (end-hirer) “Our whole organisation is forward facing now. We’ve significantly reduced our administration across the board…(and) produced higher profits.” - Rick Snarey, Director, PRS (agency) 15

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