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up on the myIDDBA App. NOTE. This should be done before editing your Exhibitor Profile. *Note: you can only edit your company profile on the website or ...


Activate your account by clicking the link in the myIDDBA App invitation email you received from IDDBA. In order to access your account, you must first click the activation link in the invitation email. If you did not receive the invitation email or have forgotten your password, please click Need help logging in? on the mobile app or website’s login page and enter your email address so that you can (re)set your password.


Go to: myIDDBA.com Log in using the email address associated with your Dairy-Deli-Bake registration and your password you created when you activated your account.

EDIT YOUR PERSONAL PROFILE This should be done before editing your Exhibitor Profile. *Note: you can only edit your company profile on the website or mobile website at myIDDBA.com. If you do not see a Company Profile when logging in, please contact IDDBA for help at [email protected] or 608-310-5000. Please see the Personal Profile Help Guide for additional assistance.

EDIT YOUR EXHIBITOR PROFILE Click Company Profile when logging in Click Edit Profile located next to your company’s name.

THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN EDITING YOUR EXHIBITOR PROFILE + Think of your company profile as a digital business card. Note: Company listing, address, phone, contact assignment changes must be directed through IDDBA’s Exhibit Team. + Upload your company logo to take advantage of the opportunity to increase brand recognition + Tell others more about your company by adding links to your social media profiles. + Any edits you make to the profile, or actions on the website, will also show up on the App & vice-versa.


You can also add digital materials to your company profile such as PowerPoints, PDFs, Word documents, YouTube videos and more. Doing this puts this information at the fingertips of attendees. You can add these files to your company profile by clicking Collateral in the menu. To remove collateral, simply click the X in the top corner of the collateral’s icon.


Any edits you make to your Exhibitor Profile or actions on myIDDBA.com will also show up on the myIDDBA App.

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Any edits you make to your Personal Profile, or actions on myIDDBA.com will also show up ... + Upload a picture – nothing is more recognizable than your face!

PERSONAL PROFILE HELP GUIDE. GETTING STARTED. If never logged into myIDDBA before: Access your myIDDBA account by accepting the email invite from IDDBA. You'll be prompted to change your password upon logging in. If you can't find your email, log in

Sep 22, 2017 - EXHIBITOR GUIDE. MAKE THE MOST OUT OF PHARMAPACK 2018! Stay tuned as we also share a lot via our social platforms! Dear Exhibitor,.

Aug 24, 2016 - Fi India Show App- the new Fi India mobile app is available to download for android and i-phone ..... Email [email protected] IPPStar. Services ...

To login to your Exhibitor Zone without your link: 1. Hover your cursor over the Exhibit tab to reveal the sub menu options. 2. Select the Exhibitor Area tab from ...

the exhibitor area and make amendments to company: ... Your Company Logo (max dimensions 340 x 340 pixels, jpg, png or gif images ... or Apple keyboard. 5.