Faild back surgery sindrome

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Failed-back surgery syndrome (FBSS) remains a challenge for spinal surgeons. ... including poor surgical indication, misdiagnosis, surgical technique failure, ...

Faild back surgery sindrome Radisavljevic M, Stefanovic I, Stojanovic N, Novak V, Igic A, Jelenkovic B, Cvetkovic I Neurosurgical Department, Clinical Center of Nis, Serbia Backround Failed-back surgery syndrome (FBSS) remains a challenge for spinal surgeons. It can be related to several causes, including poor surgical indication, misdiagnosis, surgical technique failure, spondilodiscitis and fibrosis. The aim of this study was to analyse couses of FBSS among patient operated in Department of Neurosurgery of Nis in 1 year period. Methods 272 patient were enroled in this study. All of them had operations of lumbar disc herniation et the single level (L4/L5 or L5/S1) for the first time. One year after the operation we evalueted ther clinical outcome according to Macnab classification. Results Among the patient with poor outcome we found: 8 (2,94%) patient with recurent disc herniation et the same level, 6 (2,2%) patient had disc herniation on different level. While 17 (6,25%) patient had extensive epidural fibrosis (EF), 12 (70,59%)of them were reoperated during first year after initial operation. Conclusion Epidural fibrosis was most freequent couse of FBSS in our study, while other factors were less present. Prevention of EF remains a chalenge in future development of spinal surgery.

Number of patients

Couses of FBSS 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0

Epidural Fibrosis Recurent herniation Discus Hernia different level Couses of FBSS

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