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Oct 2, 2017 - DeHart - Joe is now on Hos- pice. Bob & Rose Lawrence. - Rose was hospitalized re- cently and now back home on Hospice. Norma Wing -.


Church Calendar Children’s Sabbath SUNDAY, October 8

LAITY SUNDAY, October 15 9:00 am Celebration Service 9:00 am Celebration Service 10:00 am Small Group Gatherings 10:00 am Small Group Gatherings 11:00 am Classic Service 11:00 am Classic Service 6:30 pm CLAY (E-202) 2:00 pm Card Shower/ Phyllis Zirkle (Commons) MONDAY, October 16 6:30 pm CLAY (E-202) 9:00 am Exercise/Walk (E.C. gym) MONDAY, October 9 1:00 pm Visitation (Gathering Place) 9:00 am Exercise/Walk (E.C. gym) 6:30 pm Cub Scouts (E.C. gym) 6:30 pm Cub Scouts (E.C. gym) 7:00 pm Beth Moore Study (E-201) 7:00 pm Beth Moore Study (E-201) TUESDAY, October 17 TUESDAY, October 10 9:00 am Walk (E.C. gym) 9:00 am Walk (E.C. gym) 4:00 pm Parkway Tutoring (Commons) 4:00 pm Parkway Tutoring (Commons) 7:00 pm Neighborhood Watch (E-208) 5:30 pm Parkway Celebration (E.C.) 6:30 pm Girl Scouts (E-202) 6:15 pm Daycare Board Mtg. (E-209) 7:00 pm Private Event (E-209) 6:30 pm Girl Scouts (E-202) 7:00 pm Private Event (E-209) 7:00 pm Boy Scout Troop 6 (Daycare area) WEDNESDAY, October 11 WEDNESDAY, October 18 9:00 am Walk (E.C. gym) 9:00 am Walk (E.C. gym) 1:30 pm Mission Sewing (E-109) 1:30 pm Mission Sewing (E-109) 4:00 pm SPCR meeting (Library) 5:45 pm Dinner: Arby’s (Commons Area) 5:45 pm Dinner: beef burgers (Commons) 6:30 pm Huffman Angels (E-108) 6:30 pm Huffman Angels (E-108) 6:30 pm Chapel Service (Chapel) 6:30 pm Chapel Service (Chapel) 6:30 pm Bell Choir practice 6:30 pm Bell Choir practice 7:30 pm Chancel Choir practice ( Rm 104) 7:30 pm Chancel Choir practice ( Rm 104) THURSDAY, October 19 THURSDAY, October 12 9:00 am Walk (E.C. gym) 9:00 am Walk (E.C. gym) 4:00 pm Parkway Partners (Commons) 11:00 am Finance Meeting (Gathering Place) FRIDAY, October 20 12:00 pm UMW Luncheon (Commons Area) 9:00 am Walk (E.C. gym) 3:00 pm Performing Arts (E-202) SATURDAY, October 21 4:00 pm Parkway Partners (Commons Area) 8:30 am Trip to KC (E.C. parking Lot) FRIDAY, October 13 9:00 am Walk (E.C. gym) SATURDAY, October 14 12:00pm Private event/Karns (E.C.) Huffman UMC Day Trip Reservation Form (please turn in to church office) Name(s)_________________________________

# going________

Amount enclosed:_________

Phone #:______________________________________ ____ Oct. 21—Historic City Market in Kansas City with lunch at Taste of Brazil (leave at 8:30 AM, return 3:30 PM—reservation(s) due Oct. 16) ____ Nov. 18—Parkville (leave at 8:30 AM, return 3:30 PM—reservations due Nov. 13) ____ Dec. 9—Jamesport (leave at 8:30 AM, return 4:30 PM—reservations due Dec. 4)


October 2, 2017

2802 Renick Street, St. Joseph, MO 64507 Office: (816) 233-0239 Fax: (816) 233-5427 Email: [email protected] Website: huffman-umc.org Facebook: Huffman Memorial United Methodist Church Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Huffman UM Church

Huffman UMC Day Trips

Join us for our fall get-a-ways where you will travel in a luxurious chauffeur driven limousine (a.k.a. church bus) to exotic destinations where you will mingle with the natives and dine on local cuisine. Saturday, October 21—Historic City Market in Kansas City with lunch at Taste of Brazil. Optional side trip—Steamboat Arabia tickets can be purchased at the door ($15). Located in the Historic City Market area. We will leave the Huffman UMC parking lot at 8:30 AM and return at 3:30 PM. The cost of the trip is $7.00 with lunch on your own. Reservations and $7 (per person) need to be turned in by the Mon. Oct. 9. Additional Trips: Nov. 18: Parkville, MO & Dec. 9: Christmas in Jamesport.

The reservation form for these trips is located on the back cover of this newsletter.

Fall Workday

Saturday, October 28, from 9 - noon Please join us for Huffman’s Fall Work Day! Projects:  trim tree on west side of sanctuary - add dirt to tree area and also area by sanctuary where bushes used to be, mulch area under tree  Cut bush down at bottom of ramp and remove dead tree from garden by main entrance  clean out items from boiler room Items Needed: -trucks or trailers to haul dirt/mulch to church and then brush from church -rakes, chainsaws, hand saws, shovels, clippers, wheelbarrow


It’s that time of year again!!!! The Nut Ladies have returned….The Triple M Sunday School class (which meets weekly in the Commons Area at 9:50) will start the Nut Sales on Sundays, beginning October 29, and will run until all orders are due (Nov. 12). Nuts will be available for pick-up on November 19, from the Historical Room. As always, please plan to pay for your order as you submit it. Order forms will be available at both the Enrichment Center and the church Welcome Centers beginning October 29. Profits from our sale of nuts goes to service projects and church needs throughout the year. Please come and visit the Triple M Sunday School class and see what kind of service projects they do! (A form for your order is included in this newsletter.) MARTHA FELLOWSHIP OF UMW ‫ ٭‬Detergent Request: Martha Fellowship would appreciate donations of “powder” laun‫٭‬

dry detergent to be used at the 8th Street Drop (a place that individuals may wash their clothes). Solar Eclipse Glasses: If you still have your glasses and would like to donate them to a great cause, Ophthalmologists Without Boarders is collecting those glasses to be used in 2018 Asia and South America. Containers for donations in the narthex.


The Soup and Sandwich, luncheon for the UMW Fall unit meeting will be held on Thursday, Oct 12 at 12:00 Noon in the commons area. Mary Ruth Fellowship will be the hostess and will furnish the soup, sandwich, drinks and setup. Members are asked to bring a dessert to share . This will be our W orld Thank Offering meeting so please bring your offerings on that day. RIGHTNOW MEDIA

Featuring a new release: New Book Of The Bible Series 1st, 2nd & 3rd John with Dr. Tony Evans —Comfortable Christianity often means a weak Christianity. In this study on John’s three letters, Dr. Tony Evans challenges Christians who have gown comfortable and complacent in their faith. Not signed up for Rightnow Media? Just send an emailed request to join to: [email protected] TRUNK or TREAT

Frances Street First UMC is holding a fall neighborhood block party and Trunk or Treat on Saturday, October 28, in partnership with the neighborhood group “Reclaiming St. Joseph”. This event will take place from 3 pm - 5 pm. INVITATION TO Community Impact

A fundraiser to benefit Troop 6 will be held at the Pizza Ranch on October 16, 2017. Eat there between 5-8pm and they will donate 10% of your guest check to Troop 6.

PARKWAY PARTNERSHIP 2017-2018 School Year

We are still in need of volunteers on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays from about 4:00– 5:15PM. Sign up for a single day or both days. This year’s program will run through March 29. Volunteer to work through the end of the year, or begin in January. In addition to reading, spelling, addition and subtraction, we also work on telling time, counting money and social skills. To sign up or for more information call Steve Myers at (816) 390-2392, or the church office (233-0239). HUFFMAN VETERANS AND CURRENT MILITARY PERSONNEL

Deadline: October 29!! Veterans, please fill out the Veterans Day form from the narthex and deposit in the Flag box. If you have a photo of yourself in your military uniform, drop it off in the church office. If your family member is no longer with us, we would like to include them in the recognition. Thank you to those who have already turned in their information. Honors / Memorials In Memorial of: Loved Ones Given by Kenneth & Barbara Gabriel Marjorie Wheeler Given by Curtis & Catherine Tucker Louise DeShon Given by: Ronald & Phyllis Zirkle Cliff DeShon Larry & Virginia Lambing In Honor of: Nadine Meyer Given by Frances Seat

For the: Special Projects Undesignated Music Undesignated Pastor’s Discretion For the: Budget

Total collected for UMCOR in support of Hurricane victims (as of Sept. 17) $2528

Alyssa Turner’s new address: 79 Chrysanthemum, Zogrfou, Greece 15772

Hospital: Cody M ayfield is recovering from back surgery he had on September 26. Bill Hill was admitted to Mosaic on Sept. 28, due to severe bleeding of the colon and other health issues. Prayers for: Joe & Jean DeHart - Joe is now on Hospice. Bob & Rose Lawrence - Rose was hospitalized recently and now back home on Hospice. Norma W ing If all goes well, she will return home on Oct. 5. Continued prayers for Nadine Meyer as she recovers.

Continued Prayers: Bill Tatum, Scott & Christi Ellis, Helen Stewart, Norma Invitation: Phyllis Zirkle is turning 80!! Please join her, Ronald and their family in celebrating this milestone. The “Card Wing, Phyllis Zirkle, Gina Fox, Jan Saxton, Marilyn Shower” will be held on Sunday, October 8 from 2-4pm in the Bartels, Doris Arnold, Enrichment Center of Huffman UM Church. Marty Vance, Anna May Beam, Bob & Shirley RanFrom Joe DeHart kin, Janis Weakley, Bonnie I want to thank our church family for prayers for my health. I am still awaiting test results and experiencing a lot of pain, but Wickham it helps to know my church family cares.

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Please Note: While all information is deemed reliable, none is guaranteed. HUFFMAN FARM. Greenbrier County, West Virginia. Google Coordinates.

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