First News April 2019

Apr 11, 2019 - present the Introit for the service. The Chancel Choir will also present a stirring anthem called “Coronation”. It will be an exciting Easter. Sunday ...

First Presbyterian Church 116 N. Third St. Toronto, OH 43964-1416 Change Service Requested

US PSTG PAID Permit # 39 TORONTO , OH 43964

April Happenings: Thursday, April 11th • Yarn Ministry 10am Sunday, April 14th • Palm Sunday ,Easter Cantata & Egg Hunt Monday, April 15th • Session meeting 6pm Maundy Thursday, April 18th • Service 7pm Good Friday, April 19th •

Service Noon

Thursday, April 25th • Yarn Ministry 10am

April Birthdays

Wednesdays Chi-Rho at 4pm Church Staff & Officers: Rev. Tyler J. Bayless, Pastor [email protected]

Bethany Beswick 4/2

Sandra Rollo 4/20

Shirley Clegg 4/2

Jennifer Gooch 4/21

Josh Franke 4/9

Bridget Beswick 4/23

Deborah Close, Admin. Assistant [email protected]

Ryan Franke 4/9

Beth Clark 4/24

Ben Beswick, Clerk of Session

Brent Scott 4/11

Evan Wolter 4/28

Thomas L. Wilson, Treasurer

Joe Shimmel 4/14

Jo-Dell Yarosz 4/30

Craig McCasland, Dir of Music

Carolyn Walker 4/17

Karen Shell, Rehearsal Organist

Grant Scott 4/16

Lisa Grable, Custodian

Carolyn Owen 4/17


Bible Study Tuesdays at 7pm Bell Choir rehearsal Wednesdays at 6:30pm Choir rehearsal Wednesdays at 7:30 Sunday School 10am Sunday Worship 11am

Office Hours: Monday- Thursday 9 - 2pm

First News April 2019

116 N. 3rd. Street, Toronto, OH 43964 740-537-3721 Rev. Tyler J. Bayless, Pastor “An Opportunity to Re-Connect” I want to share with you an opportunity I had recently to reconnect with one of the many ministers that has played an important role in my life and the life of my family. Rev. Oommen Thomas was the minister of Yellow Creek Presbyterian Church, the church I grew up in, from the late 1970’s until 1989. During his time at the church, Rev. Thomas would be the one that officiated at my parents wedding, the minister that baptized me as an infant and perhaps the most lasting memory for me was that he and my grandfather developed a friendship that would last until the time of my grandfather’s passing in 2013. Rev. Thomas had accepted a call at another church some twenty-plus years prior to my grandfather’s passing but they stayed in contact and even in the final days of my grandfather’s earthly life, he took the time to call and express, with love and gratitude, the importance that their friendship had been in those years when he served Yellow Creek Presbyterian Church and beyond. Sadly, though, the opportunity to re-connect came at passing of another member of the Yellow Creek church, Joann Davis, where Rev. Thomas and I were invited to take part in the service since they are currently without a pastor. Prior to the service, and during the luncheon, we were able to spend some time catching up, praying together and sharing memories of the church and my grandfather. I am deeply grateful for this time together as my grandfather was one of the major role models for me throughout my life and hearing these memories from such a close friend was truly special. As I think about this opportunity to re-connect and how it came through an event of great sadness, I am reminded of another opportunity to re-connect with another minister. Through the season of Lent we are offered an opportunity to re-connect with someone who has ministered to each of us. Although this opportunity is not just through His death, but also through His glorious resurrection that we will celebrate come Easter morning. Through the season of lent we are encouraged to prepare our hearts once again for what this event means for each of us who professes the faith. In other words, we are invited to reconnect with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ as we remember the great love that he has shown to us and how he has ministered to each of us. With this in mind, as we continue on with this 40-day journey of Lent, I encourage each of you to reflect, remember and re-connect with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Whether it is through the reading of Scripture, a daily devotional, a time of daily prayer, or a faith filled conversation with a good friend, take an opportunity to re-connect and grow in your faith as we continue on the Lenten journey. Grace and peace, Pastor Tyler

Worship Schedule

Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday, April 14th • Palm Sunday, 11am Thursday, April 18th • Maundy Thursday ,7pm Friday, April 19th • Good Friday, Noon Sunday, April 21st • Easter Sunday, 11am

Join us on Palm Sunday, April 14th, for an Easter egg hunt and fellowship following Worship. See you there!

Easter Cantata

The Urban Mission Ministries Invites you to a 60th Anniversary Celebration April 26th at 5pm 7th St. Plaza 206 7th Street, Steubenville 5pm: Drinks & hearty appetizers 6pm: Program & recognition of guests To RSVP, please contact Vanessa at 740-282-8010

Vacation Bible School VBS this year will be held June 10th -14th please save the date!

This year’s Cantata will be performed on Palm Sunday, April 14th by the Chancel Choir. It is a moving Tenebrae Service which presents the dramatic and historic events of Holy Week. The morning will begin with a powerful Palm Sunday Anthem. Then later, lights will be dimmed as the choir and the narration bring us closer and closer to the Crucifixion. At the end everyone will depart in silence. This should be a meaningful beginning to this year’s Holy Week. The choir is working hard to present this cantata in a manner that will move and inspire the congregation. Easter Sunday will mark the rebirth of the Bell Choir as we present the Introit for the service. The Chancel Choir will also present a stirring anthem called “Coronation”. It will be an exciting Easter Sunday. The sympathy of the congregation is extended to the family on the passing of Daniel Weidger. His funeral service was held on Wednesday, March 27th at Foster Funeral Home. Please keep his family in your prayers. I would like to thank the members of our congregation who said a prayer in my behalf, sent cards and texts, made phone calls and visits during my recuperation from a fall. Your concern meant so much to me. I, too, thank the Chancel Choir for the gorgeous arrangement of flowers you sent. I look forward to returning soon to worship with you again. In Christian Love, Dolores Boggs

Notes from the Session Meeting: • Due to the increase in insurance costs session is researching companies with better rates. • Approved building use on April 9th for Relay for Life meeting. • Heard reports about Bible study & Chi-Rho, both are going well. • Approved schedule of Worship for Holy week. • Scheduled a spring clean up day on March 30th from 9am-noon. • Session is seeking bids to have the parking lots resealed & painted.


Expense report for January Expenses: $13,374.12 Income: $15,212.38 Difference: $1,838.26

$5.00 Challenge Report: Thank you to those who have given $5.00 extra each week. We encourage you to keep giving this little bit extra each week to help financially with the mission of the church. So far we have raised $929.00 in 2019! Thank you for your continued support!

To Roger & Marsha Lewis on the birth of their new granddaughter, Laney Lee Lewis and also to Terry & Rebecca Jones on the arrival of their new grandson, Benjamin Francis Pulpan, Congratulations on your new sweet grandbabies!

Thank You For Your Gift Dear Friends, I want to personally thank you for your recent gift. We are genuinely grateful for your generous support as we celebrate our 75th anniversary! Your thoughtful gift helps provide livestock and training in sustainable farming techniques for families in need. Your support makes a huge difference to so many, and we cannot do this work without your partnership. For over 70 years, Heifer has worked with communities around the world to end hunger and poverty while preserving the environment through sustainable farming techniques. It is because our work Is grounded in communities around the world that we know this work could not be done without the support of communities like yours. You provide the support, the energy and the resources to make all of this possible. Yours for a better world, Marlene Plain (Community Engagement)

Dear Friends, The season of Lent reminds us who were are, who were serve, and how we are called to live lives of faith. One Great Hour of sharing presents us a wonderful opportunity to answer the call to Christian discipleship. When you and your congregation participate in One Great Hour of Sharing, you are changing lives in Christ’s name through the ministries of Presbyterian Disaster assistance, Presbyterian Hunger Program, and Self-Development of people. From initial disaster responses to ongoing community development, your gifts, your provide safety, sustenance, and hope to individuals and communities in need. Please join us in contributing to this important offering. You know that the need is great. Your gift will make a difference. We will take a collection for the One Great Hour of Sharing on Sunday, April 21st. In faith we share, The Reverend Dr. J. Herbert Nelson, II

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