Festive Fillet

Ingredients 1 large beef filletOlive oilSalt and freshly ground black pepper500ml (2 cups) quality mayonnaise4 cloves garlic, crushed60ml (¼ cup) fresh...

Best Street Food in Chennai

What is Street Food? All human beings dine, meaning that their food is prepared or processed in various ways, and there are rules of conduct...

Jerk Chicken

You will need 3 onions, roughly chopped 8 cloves garlic, chopped 6 habanero or jalapeño chilies, chopped ...

Strawberry Yoghurt Cups

These tasty fruit and yogurt cups make a filling breakfast.Serves: 4Preparation time: 15 minutesCooking time: 8 minutes Ingredients

Brandyfruity Kebabs

Ingredients 500g mixed dried fruit 375ml (11⁄2 cups) rooibos tea (made with boiling water and 3 tea bags) 125ml (1⁄2 cup)...

Ploughman’s Burgers With Blueberry Red Wine Sauce

Ingredients 1kg beef or ostrich mince6 rashers streaky bacon, finely chopped (optional but adds good flavor)60g (1 cup) fresh white breadcrumbs1...

Mexican Carne Asada

Ingredients 125ml (½ cup) tequila 60ml (4 tbsp) lemon juice 60ml (4 tbsp) orange juice4 cloves garlic, crushed1 onion, choppedSalt and...

Fast Guide to Sushi

Do flip chopsticks over If the sushi bar or dinner host doesn’t provide serving utensils, go ahead and flip your chopsticks over...

Whiskysticky Ribs

Ingredients 2kg pork or lamb ribs, parboiled Marinade Finely grated rind and juice...

Oven Roasted Mushrooms on Toast

This delicious roasted mushroom breakfast is a great way to start your day with a serve of vegetables.Serves: 2Preparation time: 10 minutesCooking time: 15 minutes


13 Best Healthy Food Tips

Ostrich Neck Potjie

Jerk Chicken

Chicken Peri-Peri Flattie

What Is A Calorie? The Info You Need To Know

"What is a calorie?" Knowing the answer to this question will make the difference between success and failure in managing your diet....

13 Best Healthy Food Tips

Ostrich Neck Potjie

Jerk Chicken

Chicken Peri-Peri Flattie