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Long Term Planning –Geography 2016-2017. Year group ... Maps. Where did the wheels on the bus go? Percy the Park keeper. The Great Kapok tree (jungles)- ...

Long Term Planning –Geography 2016-2017 Year group

autumn term 1

autumn term 2


Where do I live? Community My school. Maps

Year 1

local area study- homes in Manston Welcome to Manston- non fiction booklet Rosie’s walk-mapping Local Area- Park visit mapping,Sustainabilty, Enquiry- What is Manston like? British values- being part of a community

Year 2

spring 1

spring 2

Babies/now (grand)parents– Take Barnaby Bear home. Read / write his diary /where he’s been.-

Kenya British values- mutual respect and tolerance

What is a Kenyan village like? Booklet about Kenya- contrast with Manston Continents and oceans- use atlases and globes

summer 1

summer 2

Maps. Where did the wheels on the bus go? Percy the Park keeper The Great Kapok tree (jungles)-globe

Orienteering- looking for Knuffle Bunny,

use compass directions

Name and locate the four countries and capital cities of the UK using atlases and


Locate cold and hot areas of the earth- link

to Lost and Found and Handa’s surprise

Geography (Autumn 2/Spring 1)

Geography (Summer 2)

What would a character find exciting about our town/city?

Caribbean Where would you prefer to live: England or Jamaica? (Geography) Caribbean- Jamaica What does the Caribbean give to us? - music, food Making music

Local Area Walk ICT Skills: Taking photographs, inserting images into documents using mixed software, typing, online mapping-digimap, google maps

BV: Tolerance & respect, Community, Liberty/Rules ICT Skills: Internet Research,online mapping-digimap UK comparison, google maps Year 3

Year 4

Local Study (Geography):

BV: Tolerance/respect, rules/ liberty, democracy

BV: Community

Maps, climate, Europe. Comparisons to the UK.

Geography: Egypt & The River Nile in Egypt Why was/is the River Nile so important to the Egyptians? History: Early Civilizations- Ancient Egyptians Learning about food, customs, culture and languages in modern Egypt. How can we re-discover the wonder of Ancient Egypt?

Year 5


 

The Vikings/Anglo Saxons – What

was life like for a Viking child? Norway – physical features, settlement/land use, mapping, using

Aerial photos of school, plans, maps, photographs, sketch maps, 4 figure grid references.

Human Geography: River Aire Why is the River Aire so important to Leeds? Settlements, land use, economic activity, including natural resources, especially water supplies Physical Geography: Leeds Why is Leeds such a cool place to live? Use maps, atlases, globes and digital computer mapping to locate countries and describe features studied  WW1 – Local Area Study – The Barnbow Lasses – Who were the

Barnbow Lasses? BV – Community (looking at where we

Whitby – contrasting locations

BV – Community (comparing places with our community, locating where we are)

photos and given info, compare to the UK. BV – Community (looking at where we are in the world/time and comparisons with other places/times.)

Year 6

Joint History/Geog Mayan Civilisation linked with Brazil Mapping – see curriculum for y5/6 BV: Tolerance/respect, rules and lawswriting to MPs, community

are in relation to other times and local history)

Geography- Eco warriors Mapping BV: Tolerance/respect, rules and lawsdeveloping democracy

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