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Mar 4, 2016 - Year 10 Geography GCSE Swanage Fieldtrip – Monday 9th May to Wednesday 11th May 2016 .... Outline of Payment Plan: Deposit: £72 by ...

4th March 2016 Dear Parent / Guardian Year 10 Geography GCSE Swanage Fieldtrip – Monday 9th May to Wednesday 11th May 2016 The Geography Department has organised a 3 day residential GCSE field trip for all the Year 10 Geographers to Allnatts Residential Centre, Chatsworth Centre, 35 Ulwell Road, Swanage, BH19 1LG. Students will come into school in their home clothes and go to their Monday lesson period 1 as normal. This trip will leave at 10am on Monday 9th May and return to Langtree approximately at 6.30pm on Wednesday 11th May. Students will need to bring a packed lunch which we will eat on arrival at the centre. The Geography GCSE is based on a fieldtrip controlled assessment which contributes to 25% of your child’s final overall grade. A large proportion of the time on this trip will be dedicated to doing this controlled assessment:  Introduction and setting the scene  Collection of data from the field  Methodology write up. But also the students will be collecting data and investigating other GCSE Geography topics during the week. The students will have the opportunity to practice fieldwork skills and analyse data to reach valid conclusions which will help them in their GCSE examination. They will see ‘real life’ geographical examples to support their classroom learning. EQUIPMENT LIST: The following should be regarded as a minimum and the items need to be named: This course requires a lot of time outdoors, whatever the weather so a good supply of clothing will be needed. Lots of thin layers help to keep you warmer than a few thicker layers. There are drying facilities available.                       

3 – 4 pairs of warm trousers such as tracksuit bottoms (Jeans are not suitable) 3 - 4 Long sleeved fleece / woollen sweaters Clothing for wearing around the Centre 4 pairs of thick socks and 4 pairs of thin socks (not trainer socks) Wellingtons Boots (if possible) as we will be collecting data from a river. Sturdy shoes / boots for walking 2 pairs of trainers – 1 for normal use and 1 old pair which can get wet & muddy Thick waterproof jacket with hood and if possible, waterproof trousers 4 thermal tops and 4 T-shirts Hat, gloves, scarf Clothes for surfing (please can you bring a wetsuit if you have one) Clothing for wearing around the centre Pyjamas Slippers or shoes for use solely within the centre (please avoid slipper socks if possible) Sufficient changes of underwear 1 good sized towel and swimming costume / trunks Toilet bag (with necessary toiletries, roll-on deodorant etc. You MUST have sunblock and lip balm) Personal medication (this needs to be given to a teacher) and plasters for blisters etc. Rucksack to take on trips during the day & plastic bag to go inside to keep clothes dry 2 Large plastic bags / bin liners for laundry Torch and spare batteries Packed lunch container and 1 litre watertight bottle Notebook and fully stocked pencil case (pen, pencil, ruler, calculator, coloured pencils).

    

Pocket money Clipboard (if you have one), A4 folder, A4 plastic wallets & paper Digital camera to take photos (Only if you have one and not mobile phones) If your child has a gluten allergy, please can you bring any bread / biscuits for them to eat NO ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT (Hair tongs & dryers, battery chargers etc) IS ALLOWED IN THE CENTRE UNLESS IT HAS A VALID PAT TEST STICKER.

Please note: AEROSOLS, CHEWING GUM, UNTESTED ELECTRICAL GOODS, ALCOHOL AND CIGARETTES ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES. Students may, if they wish, bring a mobile phone for the return journey to phone home. However as the centre believes that your child’s stay is an opportunity to experience time away from mobile and electronic devices, they will be collected on arrival at Swanage, labelled and locked away for safe-keeping. Ideally they should not be brought on the trip as the centre nor the school cannot accept responsibility for any valuables and is not covered by the insurance policy. You will still be able to contact your child by phoning Allnatt Centre (01929 421075 – This automatically transfers to their emergency line out of hours) and there is a pay phone on site for students to use if required. Your child will be part of a duty team with responsibilities for setting up the dining room, serving and clearing away meals, cleaning a designated area of the centre and also for keeping their rooms tidy. Your child will be expected to follow the usual school rules and any student who breaches this will be disciplined. There will be a parents’ meeting on Wednesday 16th March at 6.15pm – 7.00pm in the main hall to discuss the trip and also to learn more about the controlled assessment your child will be studying at Swanage. There is no obligation to attend this meeting but it will provide an opportunity for you to meet with myself and Mrs Brockwell and ask any final questions. The total cost of the trip is £172. This amount will include staffing costs, accommodation, food at Swanage, transport, insurance and lessons. Please can you kindly complete the attached medical and consent form and provide a non-refundable deposit of £72 by no later than Friday 11th March 2016. There is a small outdoor swimming pool at the centre which the students may be able to use so it is important that the swimming ability section is completed for your child to be allowed to swim.

Outline of Payment Plan:

Deposit: £72 by Friday 11th March Instalment 1: £50 by Tuesday 12th April Instalment 2: £50 by Tuesday 3rd May

Methods of payment and return of consent/permission are as follows:

It is possible to give permission for this trip and to pay by credit or debit card via the school website. To do this you should go to and click on the ‘pay here today’ icon on the front page. If you don’t have your pupil link code contact finance who can give you the code.  Alternatively you can complete the reply slip and enclose a cheque in an envelope clearly labelled with the student’s name and tutor group made payable to Langtree School. All cheques should be put in the red box situated in the reception area.  A cash payment should be handed into a receptionist and a receipt obtained.  If you have any query or difficulty with payment please contact the finance office. If at this stage you need more time to assess the cost of the trip but would still like your child to be considered for a place, or if your child is eligible for pupil premium, then please contact the finance team by phoning the school or email [email protected]

Registering your son/daughter on this trip represents a commitment that that they will take part in this trip. Trips require extensive planning, organisation and careful costing based on the number of students participating. It is not therefore possible for students to withdraw from a trip having previously made a commitment to take part. The school reserves the right to withdraw students from a trip when there are concerns about behaviour, attendance or attitude. The full balance of the trip must be paid prior to the trip taking place.

Students will travel to and from Swanage by Linkrider coaches. Students will need to bring a packed lunch with them to eat on their arrival at the centre. When? Where? Leaving school at: To be collected from school at: School uniform: Cost: Parent Meeting

Monday 9th May – Wednesday 11th May 2016 Allnatts Residential Centre, Chatsworth Centre, 35 Ulwell Road, Swanage, BH19 1LG. 10:00 Monday 9th May. Students will come to school in their home clothes & attend their usual period 1 lesson. Approximately 18:30 on Wednesday 11th May No £172.00 6.15 - 7pm Wednesday 16th May in the main hall

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me by email: [email protected] Yours sincerely

Mrs Lucy Phipps and Mrs Hannah Brockwell Geography Department

CONSENT FORM FOR Year 10 GEOGRAPHY SWANAGE FIELDTRIP 2016 To: Geography Department Student’s Name: ________________________________ Form:______________ I give permission for my child to attend the Year 10 Geography Swanage fieldtrip from Monday 9 th – Wednesday 11th May.  I have paid using credit or debit card via the school website (Please delete as applicable)  I enclose cash or a cheque for £ (Please complete the necessary amount) Signed:___________________________ Relationship to student:__________________________ Emergency Contact no:___________________________ PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ALSO HAND IN THE PARENTAL CONSENT/MEDICAL FORMS

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