GV-IP Camera Version History

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Version History. 1. 6/4/2019. GV-IP Camera Version History. Firmware V1.02 2019-05-17. Firmware V1.02 applies to the following GV-IP Camera models.

GV-IP Camera Version History Firmware V1.02 2019-05-17 Firmware V1.02 applies to the following GV-IP Camera models 



New: 

Recordings stored as encrypted files to be played back by GV-Remote ViewLog only

Security patches of TAICS cybersecurity certification

Improved: 

Able to detect for the WiFi used via its SSID even when it’s configured as hidden

Fixed: 

RTSP connection failure when the camera’s login credentials are configured using GV-IP Device Utility

Inability to utilize GV-WiFi Adaptor V2 to connect GV-BX8700-FD to a wireless network

Version History



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Version History. 1. 6/19/2019. GV-IP Camera Version History. Firmware V1.01 2019-05-16. Firmware V1.01 applies to the following GV-IP Camera models:.

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