Hog Heaven™ Washing Instructions

Hog Heaven Linkable Mats™. Recommendations. 1. NOT LAUNDERABLE in commercial washers. 2. Rinse with a hose or pressure washer. 3. Hang or lay out ...

Hog Heaven™ Washing Instructions

Recommended for Hog Heaven™ Hog Heaven Tiles™ Hog Heaven Linkable Mats™

Recommendations 1.

NOT LAUNDERABLE in commercial washers


Rinse with a hose or pressure washer


Hang or lay out the mat to dry


The mat should be laid flat during storage to prevent curling of the edges

Recommend Documents
Hog Heaven Prime Decor. Product Number 4222. Overall Mat Thickness: 3/4”. Surface. Type: Woven Vinyl. Cushion. Type: Nitrile Closed Cell Cushion. Density: ...

(in.) 1-16 17-36 36+. (lbs). 2 x 3. 22.75 x 31.25 83.27 79.12 76.75. 6. 3 x 5. 35.25 x 58.50 208.17 197.76 191.85. 12. 3 x 10. 35.25 x 117. 416.35 395.53 383.02. 23. Color: black. Product No. 4220 w/yellow striped border Product No. 4221. HOG HEAVEN

17-36. 36+. (lbs). Middle-01. 36” x 36” x 3/4”. 354.32 336.60 325.97. 36. Side Black-02. 36”x 39.875”x 3/4” 444.11 421.90 408.58. 44. Corner Black-03 39.875”x 39.875”x 3/4” 444.11 421.90 408.58. 48. HOG HEAVEN II™ MODULAR TILE TRA

Hog Heaven Impressions™ mats are produced by molding a digitally printed thermo-plastic material into durable Nitrile rubber. • Hog Heaven Impression™ ...

Gorgeous views of Mount Shasta and Lassen as well as valley views. This is truly a hunters paradise! The Hog Heaven Ranch is offered for sale at the price of ...

or create a message to: [email protected] Be certain to attach the ... There are three components in the Hog Heaven Modular Tile III. System, the corner ...

Grease Stopper™ Washing Instructions. Recommended for. Grease Stopper™. No. Process. Comments. Time. Water Level Temperature. 1. Flush. 2-3 Min. High. Cold. 2. Break. 5 Min. High. 49°C. 3. Rinse. 2 Min. High. Cold. 4. Rinse. 2 Min. High. Cold. 5

On a weekly basis please check the vestment closet on the north wall of the Sacristy. The albs should be checked each week to see if the collars, wrist or ...

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