Holy Spirit ~ St. Nicholas Parishes

Jan 13, 2019 - Holy Hour after every First Friday 8 am Mass ... to accomplish the undecorating after the last Mass of. Sunday. .... 13,666. Votive Candles. $ 121.

Holy Spirit ~ St. Nicholas Parishes Part of the Grouping of All Saints Parish (AS), Etna, St. Bonaventure (SB), Glenshaw Holy Spirit (HS), Millvale & St. Nicholas (SN), Millvale January 13, 2019 THE BAPTISM OF THE LORD

St. Nicholas Parish (SN) A Pennsylvania Charitable Trust

24 Maryland Avenue, Millvale, PA 15209 412-821-3438 Email: [email protected] Sunday Mass Schedule: Sunday: 8:30 am Daily Mass: Wednesday & Saturday: 8:00 am

Holy Spirit Parish (HS)

Holy Days: See Bulletin Reconciliation: Saturdays 8:30-9:30 am

A Pennsylvania Charitable Trust

608 Farragut Street, Millvale, PA 15209 412-821-4424, Fax: 412-253-4732 Email: [email protected] Internet: holyspiritmillvale.org Sunday Mass Schedule: Saturday: 6:00 pm; Sunday: 11:00 am Daily Mass: Monday & Friday: 8:00 am Holy Hour after every First Friday 8 am Mass Holy Days: See Bulletin Reconciliation: Saturdays 5:00-5:45 pm



Father James Gretz, Administrator Father James Mazurek, Senior Parochial Vicar Father Miroslaw Stelmaszczyk, Parochial Vicar Deacon Stephen Byers Deacon Stephen Kisak Deacon Charles Rhoads Parish Staff listed inside Sacramental Life listed inside

AS – 8am-4pm Monday thru Friday SB – 8am-3:30pm Monday thru Friday HS – 8am-4pm Monday thru Friday SN – 8am-4pm Monday thru Friday (at HS) All Saints Parish 412-781-0530 St. Bonaventure Parish 412-486-2606

Jesus was anointed by God with the Holy Spirit.

(Acts 10:38)

 MASS SCHEDULE WEEKLY LITURGICAL CELEBRATIONS AS-All Saints SB-St. Bonaventure HS-Holy Spirit SN-St. Nicholas SUNDAY – Jan. 13 – The Baptism of the Lord 4:00 pm - SB (Sat.) Janet Bonant (Eric, Elaine Murphy & Family) 6:00 pm - HS (Sat.) Henry Mordoh (Pelkofer Family) 7:30 am - SB Steve & Mary Vukson (Bob & Rose Peck) 8:30 am - SN Frank & Elizabeth Segina (Veko & Barbara Vukobratic) 9:00 am - AS For the People of the Parishes 10:00 am - SB Vincenzo & M. Rosaria Pietropaolo (Concetta Pietropaolo & Family) 11:00 am - HS Roland Simard (Simard Family) 11:30 am – AS Stephanie Krulia (Mom, Dad & Christy) MONDAY – Jan. 14 – Weekday 6:40 am - SB Esther Audley (Kim & Don Gigler) 8:00 am - HS Richard Butera (Holy Spirit Ushers) TUESDAY – Jan. 15 – Weekday 6:40 am SB Nicola & Rosa Lazzaro (Maria Tolomeo & Family) 8:00 am - AS Ida Fowler (Christian Mothers & Guild) Novena after Mass WEDNESDAY – Jan. 16 – Weekday 8:00 am - SN Dorothy McGinn (Erma Lenz & Mary Lou Kelly) 7:00 pm - AS Regina A (Collins) Owen (Family) 7:00pm SB Our Lady of Perpetual Help Novena THURSDAY – Jan. 17 – St. Anthony, Abbot 6:40 am - SB Helen Barvinchak (Plant Family) 8:00 am - AS Dorothy Theiss (Children) FRIDAY – Jan. 18 – Weekday 6:40 am - SB Helen & Peter Grundhoffer (Rita Foley) 8:00 am - HS Jean Szramowski (Husband, Henry) SATURDAY – Jan. 19 – Weekday 8:00 am - SN Michael & Virginia Funderlich (Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Joos) SUNDAY – Jan. 20 – 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time 4:00 pm - SB (Sat.) Suellen Barna (Maura & Bobbie) 6:00 pm - HS (Sat.) Special Intention (Perlinger Family) 7:30 am - SB Deceased Members of the Gally Family (Family) 8:30 am - SN Anna Smokovich (Family) 9:00 am - AS Fred W. Michaels II (Fay, Andrea & Family) 10:00 am - SB For the People of the Parishes 11:00 am - HS Edith Fleming (Fleming Family) 11:30 am – AS Fran Vose (Camille)

FROM THE DESK OF THE ADMINISTRATOR It’s hard to believe that the Christmas Season comes to a close today. The trees and poinsettias will be coming down. Our churches will look so bare without all that extra stuff to which we have grown accustomed to seeing these past weeks. Volunteers are needed at all sites to accomplish the undecorating after the last Mass of Sunday. I believe that in most cases, there eventually will be poinsettias looking for a new home. You will be welcome to take them when they are available with ONE stipulation: Make sure you don’t leave a trail of leaves behind you! Those plants do like to shed! Please be kind to all our volunteer church cleaners by cleaning up after yourself! On Monday evening I will be meeting with our Advisory Councils to begin plotting our course to the future. While I have used the term previously, it is a generic group reference to the Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils of our four parishes. These women and men represent you to help me and the clergy team in dreaming about and running our parishes. Please keep them in your prayers. The purpose of the meeting is to begin reviewing the surveys and what actions we may be able to undertake as suggested. In case you were wondering, 503 surveys were submitted. I have looked at every single paper survey and electronic response. I appreciate the small team that helped me collate the paper copies. I do hear the cries and needs. At the same time, remember that this On Mission for the Church Alive! Planning Process is about “we” not “me”. This is a new time that calls for new procedures and ways of living. The Church will be looking different in how we work in and with the world. It will take time for this all to unfold. Please be patient and most especially, pray. Perhaps the most overwhelming survey suggestion was that there be more Masses offered at each parish at all hours of the day. Well…I want you to consider our “clergy budget”. Officially we have three Priests assigned to the parish. One day that may be reduced to only two. While we are blest to have two residents, they do not factor into our “budget”. In addition, the three of us are entitled to a day off each week. I am nicely saying that some tweaking of the schedule may be possible as we live within our means. See you in Church!

Fr. Jim Gretz



HSP CONTRIBUTIONS: Sunday/Christmas, Dec 22 —Dec 25

Offertory Parish Share Assumption Christmas Charities Diocesan Collection Christmas Offertory Christmas Flowers Total for the week:

$ 3,472 1,241 1 1,848 7,036 68 $ 13,666

Votive Candles Grand Total for week:

$ 121 $ 13,787

HSP CONTRIBUTIONS: Sunday, December 30, 2018 Offertory $ 3,921 Parish Share 624 Initial Envelope Offering 120 Christmas Charities Diocesan Collection 191 Christmas Offertory 562 Christmas Flowers 20 Immaculate Conception 35 Solemnity of Mary 210 Total for the week: $ 5,683

Votive Candles Sanctuary Candle Rental of School to Adelphoi Rental of Lyceum Rental of Convent to Boys & Girls Club Funerals General Donations “Little Books” Grand Total for week:

$ 250 25 4,210 2,470 3,050 300 5 $ 15,993

HSP CONTRIBUTIONS: Sunday, January 6, 2019 Offertory $ 3,406 Parish Share 1,378 Initial Envelope Offering 351 Christmas Charities Diocesan Collection 20 Christmas Offertory 25 Christmas Flowers 50 Miscellaneous 10 Solemnity of Mary 1,121 Total for the week: $ 6,361

Votive Candles Funerals Grand Total for week:

$ 123 300 $ 6,784

Thank you for your generosity! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO TAKE DOWN DECORATIONS If you can spare some time after the 11:00 AM Mass this Sunday, January 13th, we could use help in taking down the church Christmas decorations at Holy Spirit. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Feb 16 Mar 9 Mar 9 Mar 23

HSP Family Movie Night HSP Pierogi Fundraiser HSP Family Movie Night HSP Family Pasta Dinner

GUIDE BOOK & DIRECTORY ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITY We are in the process of updating our annual Guide Book & Directory for the church. This year, all 4 parishes of our grouping will be included. This book will contain everything pertinent to the churches: the various ministries, organizations, committees, activities, functions and events plus a complete directory of all members. This book is being provided and direct-mailed to each family at no cost to the churches, and it is being subsidized by local businesses that advertise. If you own or manage a business and would like to find out about advertising in our Grouping's Guide Book, please call the Church Office by 1/25/19. Recent survey results by Guide Book Publishing show that 92.1% of families would rather patronize a Guide Book & Directory advertiser over a non-advertiser. It “will pay” to advertise in our new Guide Book & Directory.

UPDATE MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION Does our Church database have YOUR family membership record correct? Here is your chance to update YOUR record for our annual Guide Book & Directory (if you haven’t already done so). It is time for us to update our database with any changes, additions, or deletions that may have occurred in your family over the past year. Have you changed your phone number? Have you moved, or are preparing to move soon? If you have not already informed the Church Office about changes to your record, please let us know now so that the information in the Guide Book & Directory is correct. Do you want your record published? If not, please notify the Church Office by 1/25/19. Normally, your name, address and phone number would appear in the Guide Book. If there are certain pieces that you would prefer not to appear in the Book, please notify us by phone call (412-821-4424), email, or stop by the Church Office by Friday, 1/25/19.

HOLY SPIRIT PARISH Welcome, new child in Christ,

Evelyn Ray Griffith

ST. NICHOLAS PARISH CONTRIBUTIONS: Sunday, 12/30/2018 Offertory: $1,070; PSP/Generations: $879; Improvement Fund: $115; Initial Offering: $37; Solemnity of Mary: $5; All Souls Day: $5; Christmas: $350; Christmas Charities: $30; Rental Income: $150. CONTRIBUTIONS: Sunday, 1/6/2019 Offertory: $1,576; PSP/Generations: $350; Improvement Fund: $130; Sanctuary Candle: $100; Initial Offering: $168; Solemnity of Mary: $475; Little Books: $3; St. Anthony/DePaul: $15; Christmas Charities: $94; Priest Residence Fee: $150; DVD Sales: $220. Puno vam hvala i Bog vas blagoslovio!

SANCTUARY & GROTTO CANDLES Request your St. Nicholas Church sanctuary and grotto candle intentions for 2019. See Bob Ehrman after Mass or call him at (412) 8214118.

MASS INTENTIONS NEEDED FOR ST. NICHOLAS We have just about exhausted our supply of Mass Intentions to be said at St. Nicholas Parish. Intentions are available for the Wednesday and Saturday morning 8:00 am Masses as well as the Sunday 8:30 am Mass. Please call the parish office at 412-821-4424 or stop by so you can see what dates and times are available. We are accepting Masses through the end of April. MAXO VANKA MURAL DVDs An unusual, informative and treasured gift. DVDs are on sale after Masses. Only $20 each. (Plus $4.95 each to mail). Help to make known the beauty, heritage and history of St. Nicholas church.

GIFT IDEA—PRAYER CARDS St. Nicholas Parish Prayer Cards include Birthday, Get Well and Congratulations. They are available for a $25 donation. The names of those who receive the prayer cards are entered into our Parish Book of Prayer and remembered at all Masses. To view the cards, please call Jan Kopec at 412-821-4106.

WE HONOR Please pray for these and all men and women serving in our Armed Forces around the world. Matt Ciesinski, Army Specialist Mike Grundler, Sergeant First Class Damian Schmitt, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Ann Mary Walker, USMC Staff Sergeant Rebecca Hernandez, USMC Staff Sergeant Danielle Joestlein, Army Captain Joseph Panza, Army Chief Warrant Officer 3 Matthew Hecker, Army Lieutenant Colonel Jack R. Herrick, USMC Lance Corporal Clay Cavlovic, Navy Seaman Ryan Long, Marine PFC Marisa Lynch, Airman E-3/AIC Air National Guard Eric Enslow, Navy EMN-2

Remember them in your prayers … HOLY SPIRIT PARISH Anonymous, Florence Atkinson, Robert Bajus, Robert Beggan, Jr., Vince Cinski, Helen Crouse, William Dietrich, Timothy Donovan, Sr., Florence Dubis, Violet Dugan, Jean Duss, Erika Gray, Joan Hanselman, Bertha Hartung, Betty Hertweck, Tracie Hillard, Susan Huerbin, Tom Hollinger, Oliver Holtgraver, Frank Iozzo, Thomas Kane, Linda Kennedy, Ann Kisak, Justin Kist, Charles Kress, Florenz Kress, Jr., Kathryn C. Kress, Lisa Kunkle, Carlee Majernik, Audrey McIntyre, Dorothy Mehrlich, Paul Mertz, Paul Moore, Sr., Rose Marie Morgan, Fr. Jack Nanz, Lois Nedimyer, Thomas Nedimyer, Barbara Oswald, Annalena Pearsons, James Perlinger, Gerry Piskurich, Lynn Richter, Jeffery Scheuring, Terry Schiebel, Loretta Sciulli, Diane Schmidt, Dorothy Schreiber, Lois Sippel, Elaine Staniszewski, Amy Steinmetz, Gertrude Szymanski, Vi Tourville, Joanne Victoria, Carla Wasielewski, Barbara Wassell, Ralph Wesolek, Mary Zellmer, Mary Ann Zmuda.

ST. NICHOLAS PARISH Anonymous, Mae Capan, Dorothy Chutko, Bobby Dworsky, Marie Dworsky, Coleman Horvath, Ann Kisak, Carol Kristoff, Mary Matkovic, Mary Petrich, Mary Poslusney, Nikola Radmanovic, Robert “Rocky” Rothmeyer, Terry Schiebel, Marshall Simonic, Edward Stankovic, Helen Tolley, Margaret Vogrin, Ryan Woodrow, Helen Yagesh.

MASS ATTENDANCE SUNDAY ATTENDANCE (DECEMBER 22/23): 4:00 pm - 618 8:30 am - 122 11:00 am - 141 6:00 pm - 139 9:00 am - 221 11:30 am - 181 7:30 am - 333 10:00 am - 569 CHRISTMAS ATTENDANCE (DECEMBER 23/24): 4:00 pm (AS) - 388 4:05 pm (SB) - 397 Midnight (SB) - 522 11:00 am (SB) - 506 4:00 pm (HS) - 400 7:00 pm (SB) - 439 9:00 am (AS) - 264 12:00 pm (SN) - 138 4:00 pm (SB) - 979 9 pm (SN) - 450 10 am (HS) - 187 SUNDAY ATTENDANCE (DECEMBER 29/30): 4:00 pm - 551 8:30 am - 119 11:00 am - 202 6:00 pm - 112 9:00 am - 224 11:30 am - 160 7:30 am - 236 10:00 am - 542



For many weeks now, we have been celebrating the appearance of the divine presence in human form. As a child, he came to Mary and Joseph, was seen by the shepherds, and then by some wandering magi from the East. Today we celebrate another showing, later in time, to a group gathered at the Jordan River. John hesitated to baptize Jesus, whom he recognized as one mightier than I. But he did as Jesus asked, and the Holy Spirit descended and heaven’s voice spoke to Jesus, You are my beloved Son. Jesus was beginning his public life of teaching and service. Soon he would start calling others to join him. Peter was one of the first to be called by Jesus. In today’s second reading, he announces the heart of the message, peace through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all. Peter was called, and you and I are called to spread that message and to serve God’s word.

As we enter into a new year, it is a good time for all of us to remind ourselves of some of the liturgical practices. First of all, many of the regulars who attend HS and SN are probably a bit tired of hearing the announcement about turning off all cell phones, electronic devices and how inappropriate texting during Mass is. But it works, doesn’t it? Secondly, we announce that people should remain in their pews until the celebrant has left the sanctuary which occurs during the singing of the Recessional Hymn. That includes people who bolt out the door immediately after receiving Holy Communion. Leaving at Communion time is disrespectful to the Lord’s presence. Thirdly, please respect everyone’s need for sacred silence especially before Mass. Some people actually come earlier to pray and prepare themselves for Mass. That is not the time for chatter and social conversations. Please take these reminders in the spirit in which they are given! Holy Spirit, inspire us. St. Nicholas, pray for us. St. Bonaventure, pray for us. All Saints, pray for us.

--James Field, © J. S. Paluch Co.

Please pray for the deceased. William E. McGinty Edward R. Schwab Fred R. Boehler Dorothy M. Roetter Rev. Kenneth R. Keene

May they rest in peace.

SELF-DISCIPLINE The greatest of all warriors in the siege of Troy had not the preeminence because nature had given him strength and he carried the largest bow, but because selfdiscipline had taught him how to bend it. --Daniel Webster

YOU ARE MY BELOVED SON, WITH YOU I AM WELL PLEASED – As Jesus was being baptized by John in the Jordan River we are told of amazing things happening. First, the heavens were opened and the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus in the form of a dove. Then, the voice of God the Father from heaven thundered, saying, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.” Jesus did not need to be baptized for the same reason we do. As the Son of God, he was without sin. Yet, to be baptized is to be anointed to fulfill the mission of God the Father in the world. By being baptized in the Jordan, Jesus set an example for us to follow. Through baptized we are freed from original sin, sanctified by the Holy Spirit to share in the life of God through the Sacraments and in the Church, and anointed to fulfill the mission of faith, hope, and love that God the Father has chosen for us. While the Holy Spirit does not descend like a dove he is present in and through the baptized from the moment of baptism. And while the walls of the church do not shake with the thundering voice of the Father, the halls of heaven ring with joy as every new beloved son and daughter of God is welcomed into the life of faith through baptism. Our baptism was not simply a ritual, but a life-changing event that is in effect throughout our lives. How can the grace of baptism continue to be at work for the good of our parishes and communities? Visit onmissionchurchalive.org to learn more and to stay informed.

Around the Diocese and Community RIVERS CASINO TRIP Takes place on Tuesday, January 22nd. Price of the trip is $20 and you get back $20 in free play and $5 in food. Bus leaves St. Aloysius on Mt. Troy Road at 10:00 AM and leaves casino to return at 3:30 PM. Also pickup at WesBanco Bank, Troy Hill. Call Carol at 412-931-8469. PASSION PLAY AUDITIONS AT ST. ALPHONSUS Auditions for solo singing parts for their 17th annual Passion Play will be held on Tue., Jan. 15, and Thu., Jan. 17, from 6 to 8 PM in the church at 201 Church Rd, Wexford. All are welcome to audition. If you are interested in participating in the chorus, no audition is needed—simply attend the first rehearsal on Thur., Jan. 24, from 6:30 to 8 PM in the church. Nearly 90 cast and crew members participated in last year’s Play, representing numerous area churches. We need men, women, teens and kids to be singers, actors, musicians and stage crew. The play will be performed on Fri., April 5, at 8 PM and on Sat., April 6, at 7 PM. Information: St. Alphonsus Music Director Mary Heagy at [email protected] or 724 -538-5258.

RETROUVAILLE: A LIFELINE FOR MARRIED COUPLES Retrouvaille offers help to couples experiencing trouble in their marriage. The Weekend and Post Sessions focus on rebuilding marriage through better communication and understanding. The next Weekend begins Feb. 1st. For information, call 412-277-3434. MAGNIFICAT PITTSBURGH PRAYER BREAKFAST Ladies, come to the Magnificat Pittsburgh prayer breakfast on Saturday, February 9, from 9:00 am to Noon at the Double Tree by Hilton, Cranberry Twp. Hear the story of conversion of Sr. Mary Gianna Thornby, DLJC. She grew up with little faith but experienced conversion after surviving the shootings at Columbine High School. Hear her Columbine experience and her journey to a loving God, conversion to Catholicism, and to final vows in 2018 as a religious sister. She serves at The Ark & The Dove in Gibsonia. Cost of the breakfast is $23. To register, call Kay, 724-772-6749 or Pam, 412-461-8906 or go to the website, www.magnificatpittsburgh.org. Register by February 1.

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ALL AMERICAN RAFFLE TICKETS ON SALE Tickets for Holy Spirit’s All-American Raffle can be purchased after the Masses at Holy Spirit on weekends. They are $25.00 per ticket and the ticket is valid for the entire 2019 calendar year. Get your favorite numbers before they’re gone. You can also purchase tickets Monday thru Friday at the parish office. You will have the opportunity to select your ticket(s) from those still available. Winning numbers are based on the PA Lottery evening (7:00 PM) 3-digit number. NIGHT AT THE RACES AT ALL SAINTS NEXT SATURDAY If you're getting cabin fever this winter and you're looking for a fun night out, please join us on Saturday, January 19, for a Night at the Races. Post time for the first race is 8:00 PM in the All Saints Activities Building on Dewey Street. Free Admission. Must be over 21 to attend. To buy a horse, or if you have any questions, please call John at 412-781-5421. Sponsored by All Saints Mens Club. NEW PERFORMING ARTS CHARTER SCHOOL PLANNED On Thursday, January 17th, a multi-community forum will be held at the Millvale Community Library to discuss the new R.E.A.A.D.Y STEM & Performing Arts Charter School coming to our area. This will be a school designed for STEM & Performing Arts Students; it will be an option for students in all school districts; it will be a public high school with NO tuition costs; it will provide a new way for students to earn their Associate’s degree upon graduation. For more information: [email protected] Snow makeup date will be January 24 at 7pm. CHRISTMAS TRAIN DISPLAY—LAST CHANCE The annual train display is at St. Aloysius School (Reserve Twp.) through this Sunday, January 13th. Admission is free; however, donations are appreciated. Hours of Operation are 12 Noon to 4pm. HOLY DAY ATTENDANCE (DECEMBER 31 / JANUARY 1): 4:00 pm (AS) - 329 9:00 am (SN) - 124 7:00 pm (SB) - 307 12:00 pm (HS) - 207 8:00 am (AS) - 112 LAST SUNDAY’S ATTENDANCE (JANUARY 5/6): 4:00 pm - 587 8:30 am - 109 11:00 am - 187 6:00 pm - 115 9:00 am - 189 11:30 am - 177 7:30 am - 270 10:00 am - 610

HS/SN PARISH STAFF/CONTACT INFORMATION Elaine Magill, Pastoral Associate/DRE [email protected]


Mr. Terry Schiebel, Music Director [email protected]


Pamela Ebner Simard, Business Manager [email protected]


Cathy Celender, Protecting God’s Children 412-821-4424 [email protected] St. Nicholas Church Vanka Mural Tours: Saturdays at 11am & 12:30pm

Group Tours/Other Tour Times: Call


St. Nicholas Parish Holy Rosary Society Sandy Koch


Residing at St. Nicholas Church Rectory Fr. Moses Drammeh, Graduate Student-Duquesne University

Diocesan Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-808-1235 PARISH & SACRAMENTAL LIFE Please contact the Parish Office concerning the sacraments. BAPTISM: Prior registration is necessary. A formation session for parents is also required. RECONCILIATION: See front cover page. Other times are available by appointment. FIRST COMMUNION: First Holy Communion is usually celebrated in the Spring. Children candidates are expected to be enrolled in the parish CCD program. CONFIRMATION: Children preparing for confirmation are expected to be enrolled in the parish CCD program. Any adult (over 18) should contact the CCD Office for their formation preparation. MARRIAGE: Potential couples wishing to be married in our Catholic Church must contact the priest at least six months before the desired date. No date can be guaranteed until the couple has met with one of the parish priests. ANOINTING OF THE SICK: The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick can be administered by a priest at anytime as long as the priest is available. Communal Anointing of the Sick Masses are offered during the year—in the fall and in the spring. RCIA: The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is open to any adult interested in becoming a Roman Catholic Christian through a program of formation and prayer. Call the DRE (Director of Religious Education) for more information.

MINISTRIES SCHEDULE: JANUARY 19th & 20th 6:00pm-HSP: Lector: B. Schiffhauer; EM’s: E. Magill; J. Davis; Deacon Chuck; two volunteers 8:30am-SNP: Lector: D. Langenfeld; EM’s: S. Loch; Deacon Chuck 11:00am-HSP: Lector: S. Schlereth; EM’s: A. Roman; K. Ferrari; J. Berg; P. Schaefer; D. Bauer; Deacon Chuck

WEEK AT A GLANCE AS-All Saints SB-St. Bonaventure HS-Holy Spirit SN-St. Nicholas SUNDAY 1/13/19 CCD


9:30-10:45 AM

MONDAY 1/14/19 Men’s Bible Study Bell Choir Practice

AS School HS

6:30-8:00 PM 7:00-8:30 PM

TUESDAY 1/15/19 Novena Church Cleaning CCD Confessions Choir Practice


After 8:00 AM Mass 9:00-10:00 AM 6:30-8:00 PM 6:00 PM-7PM 7:00-8:30 PM

WEDNESDAY 1/16/19 Prayer Group AS Novena SB

1:30-3:30 PM 7:00 PM

THURSDAY 1/17/19 Church Cleaning HS Choir Practice AS

8:00 AM 7:30-9:00 PM

FRIDAY 1/18/19 Ladies Bible Study


1:30 PM

SATURDAY 1/19/19 CCD Classes Confessions Confessions Confessions Night at the Races


9:00 AM 8:30-9:30 AM 12:30-1:30 PM 5:00-5:45 PM 8:00 PM

SPECIAL COLLECTION NEXT WEEKEND The Pittsburgh Diocese is home to two nationally recognized educational programs for children with special needs: St. Anthony School Programs and DePaul School for Hearing and Speech. The annual special collection to benefit these two organizations will be taken next weekend, January 19th-20th. Please be generous

SANCTUARY CANDLES LIT THIS WEEK HSP Sanctuary: Parishioners SNP Sanctuary: Mitok Family By: Mary Vukman SNP Grotto: George Istenes By: Helen Yagesh 2018 PARISH SHARE HSP Goal: $67,068 Received to Date: $52,218 SNP Goal: $27,023 Received to Date: $42,586

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####44. 1-5. 5. INTRO. & #### .. 6-19. 14. VERSE 1, 2 “There's nothing worth more...” 20. Œœ- œ- œ-. P. 21 w. &. ####. 22 w-. CHORUS 1, 2 “Holy Spirit...”.