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knew from history and experience that ... their own history, what their lives have been to that point and the .... a showcase of Chinese dance, costumes, artwork ...

Opera House Calendar October

Broadway Live presents Twelve Angry Men presented by Broadway Live, Wyatt, Tarrant, and Combs LLP, and Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. Friday, October 5 - 8:00pm Saturday, October 6 - 2:00pm & 8:00pm Sunday, October 7 - 2:00pm Call 233-3535 for tickets. UK Opera presents "Hotel Casablanca" Friday, October 12 - 7:30pm Saturday, October 13 - 7:30pm Friday, October 19 - 7:30pm Saturday, October 20 - 7:30pm Call 257-4929 for tickets Variety Live presents "RENT" Monday, October 22 - 7:30pm Tuesday, October 23 - 7:30pm Call 233-3535 for tickets.

Kentucky Ballet Theatre presents "Dracula" Friday, October 26 - 8:00pm Saturday, October 27 - 8:00pm Call 252-5245 for tickets.


Variety Live presents "Golden Dragon Acrobats" Thursday, November 1 - 7:00pm Call 233-3535 for tickets. Friends of the Arts School present SCAPA: Anne of Green Gables Thursday, November 8 - 7:00pm Friday, November 9 - 8:00pm Saturday, November 10 - 2:00pm and 8:00pm Call 233-3535 for tickets. Central Kentucky Youth Orchestras Sunday, November 11 - 7:00pm Call 254-0796 for tickets.

House Lights Lexington Opera House Lexington Center Corporation 430 W. Vine Street Lexington, KY 40507

The Newsletter of the Lexington Opera House Fall 2007

In this Issue… You Be The Judge … p1 With All Faith and Affection … p2 Presenting 3 Variety Live Shows… of Every Variety! … p3 Event Calendar … p4

Broadway Live presents Annie presented by Broadway Live, Idearc, Blue Grass Airport, and Ball Homes Friday, November 16 - 8:00pm Saturday,November 17 - 2:00pm and 8:00pm Sunday, November 18 - 2:00 & 7:00pm


Lexington Children's Theatre presents "Alice in Wonderland" Saturday, November 24 - 7:00pm Saturday, December 1 - 2:00pm and 7:00pm Sunday, December 2 - 2:00pm Variety Live presents "Home for Christmas" Laura Bell Bundy, Lyndy Franklin, and the Bluegrass Area Jazz Ambassadors Monday, December 10 - 7:30pm

House Lights

Fall 2007

You Be The Judge “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” -William Shakespeare “The courthouse is second anything on stage. It is - Scott Ellis

their judgment of the evidence presented. The jury is neither required nor allowed to offer their reasoning in court. They are asked only for their verdict.

best to theatre.”

The tradition of trial by jury in this country is older than the Republic itself. I respect the wisdom of our founding fathers. Those who wrote our constitution knew from history and experience that juried evaluations are a means to provide a safeguard against unfounded criminal charges and prejudice. Surely that is the reason for a 12 person jury - large enough to promote group deliberation, free from outside attempts at intimidation.

You recognize the quote from the Bard – but who is Scott Ellis? He’s the director of the upcoming production of TWELVE ANGRY MEN, and I think he’s right. Ellis further commented, “I’m always attracted to characters. I’ve always joked that if you give me four people trapped in an elevator, that’s interesting to me. So, now it’s twelve guys trapped in a room… a great group of people to be with and explore.” Toyota Motor Manufacturing, KY, Inc., and the law firm of Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP bring this Roundabout Theatre production of TWELVE ANGRY MEN to our stage October 5-7. Having earned three Tony Award nominations and unanimous praise form the critics, this show ran for 32 weeks on Broadway and is launching its second season of the national tour, here in Lexington. This means - that Lexington and the Opera House will be home to this talented cast, crew and executives for a full week, as they prepare their ’07-’08 tour. What a great opportunity to show off our hometown and promote the value of our theatre! There is something mysterious about the very nature of a trial by jury. While both jury selection and the jury trial are most often held in open court, the final phase of a jury's work - the deliberations are

What each juror brings into that room is their own history, what their lives have been to that point and the prejudices that result. And where prejudices lurk, stereotypes are seldom far behind. The jurors must examine and evaluate the evidence of the case, in an exercise of selfexamination as well. This amazing, all-star cast of TWELVE ANGRY MEN, starring

– Continued on page 2 – Richard Thomas stars in TWELVE ANGRY MEN.

absolutely secret. There are no prescribed procedures for juries to follow, and they are left to themselves in a locked room, guarded by the court, to reach a verdict based only on

Please Note: • Twelve Angry Men runs without intermission. • Immediately following the Saturday evening performance, the production company and our sponsors will offer a panel discussion with prominent, local legal experts exploring the jury system of the 1950s as portrayed in the play and the jury system of today. If you hold tickets for Saturday night – we hope you’ll want to attend!

STORY (cont. from pg. 1) Richard Thomas will virtually lock you inside that deliberation room with the jurors. The drama is intense and you will all be reminded of the fact that we are indeed – judged by our peers.

With All Faith and Affection (cont. from pg. 2)

TWELVE ANGRY MEN was originally written as a teleplay that appeared in 1954 on the CBS drama series “Studio One.” In 1957 it was made into a major motion picture. This play is a period piece and during that time in our history, women

seldom served on juries. Yet, its significance remains powerfully relevant today. It is theatre - that makes you think!

With All Faith and Affection I remember first hearing about Little Orphan Annie – from my grandmother. Being the youngest of three children, my Mamma Sharpe took care of me while my parents worked and my older siblings were at school. I know her maternal influence on me was strong and equal to the role model of my mother (her only daughter). I remember following Mamma Sharpe around the house – from chore to chore throughout the day. If she ironed, I ironed. If she watered the plants, I would too. She let me cut out biscuits, after she rolled them out on the board. And all the while – she was teaching me and entertaining me with pre-school nursery rhymes and stories.

Inscribed, with All Faith and Affection: To all the little children: -- the happy ones; and sad ones; The sober and the silent ones; the boisterous and glad ones; The good ones — Yes, the good ones, too; and all the lovely bad ones. The Orphan Annie character first appeared in a comic strip in 1924, created by Harold Gray; but the Annie we know today was conceived in the early 1970s by Martin Charnin. The famous lyricist and director bought a collection of “Little Orphan Annie” comic strips and began imagining a musical comedy based on the main character. ANNIE, the Broadway production opened on April 27, 1977 and won seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Book and Score.

LITTLE Orphan Annie's come to our house to stay, An' wash the cups an' saucers up, an' brush the crumbs away, An' shoo the chickens off the porch, an’ dust the hearth ‘an sweep An' make the fire, an' bake the bread, an' earn her board ‘an keep An' all us other children, when the supper-things is done, We set around the kitchen fire an' has the mostest fun A-list'nin' to the witch-tales 'at Annie tells about, An' the goblins ‘ll git you Ef you – Don't – Watch – Out! I had to look up the middle part of the poem, as I really only remembered the first two lines and of course… the scary finish! Though the original poem was written by James Whitcomb Riley in 1885, I believe Mamma Sharpe used it to set the stage. Then she would make up her own stories to entertain me… some were scary, but most were not. And most had a lesson

ANNIE comes to our house on November 16-18, and “leapin’ lizards” – she’s staying for an extra show! Thanks to the generosity of our three corporate sponsors, BALL HOMES, BLUE GRASS AIRPORT and IDEARC MEDIA, we will be offering a fifth performance of this wonderful family attraction on Sunday evening, November 18th at 7:00pm. This extra show will give even more children, and their parents the opportunity to experience live theatre at the

The return engagement of RENT is coming to the Lexington Opera House in October for two performances October 22 – 23, 2007. Written by Jonathan Larson and directed by Michael Greif, this critically acclaimed Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winning Broadway musical has inspired a major motion picture and a whole new audience to discover the show. Set in the East Village of New York City, RENT is about being young and learning to survive, falling in love, finding your voice and living for today. RENT has made a lasting

* Mature Audiences

incorporated – warning me about what might happen if I wasn’t a good little girl or reminding me to look for a silver lining, and to always keep trying! It makes perfect sense once I learned the words inscribed by the poet as a preamble: -2-

Chip Beef on Toast (beef dip on french bread) P B & J Sandwiches Mini Potato Pancakes w/ Sour Cream & Apple Sauce "Annie" Home Made Lollipops Assorted Miniature Cookies

Certainly, the tales of Little Orphan Annie continue to entertain and teach children. ANNIE reminds us all of the difficult times endured through the depression years. ANNIE depicts the history of the 1930s, when American orphanages were institutions and before child-labor laws were enacted. It illustrates family values - and the value of families. And most of all, ANNIE teaches to children of every age - the virtue

of an optimistic outlook. I tried to follow my grandmother’s lead. While I didn’t remember the middle part of the poem, I did teach my daughter the words to Annie’s signature song: “…when I’m faced with a day, that’s grey & lonely… I just stick out my chin, and grin, and say… TOMORROW - it’s only a day away!”

Presenting 3 Variety Live Shows… of Every Variety!


Daddy Warbucks Silver Dollar Crab Cakes w/ Sun Dried Tomato Remoulade

Opera House.

mark on Broadway with songs that rock and a story that really resonates. Whether it's your first time or your 100th time, the time is now for RENT! THE GOLDEN DRAGON ACROBATS from China will perform one public show and two school shows on the Opera House stage on November 1. Representing the best of a time-honored tradition that began more than 25 centuries ago, The Golden Dragons are recognized

throughout the United States and abroad as the premiere Chinese acrobatic touring company of today. World renowned impresario Danny Chang and choreographer Angela Chang combine award-winning

tunes as a Christmas card to Lexington on December 10. This event, sponsored by Blue Grass Airport, will also serve as an important fund-raiser, with all profits being offered to the Opera House Fund Capital Campaign, Kreative Kids, and the educational programs of BAJA. Tickets will go on sale November 2. Order early, tickets to this special presentation are sure to go fast!

acrobatics, traditional dance, spectacular costumes, ancient and contemporary music and theatrical techniques to present a show of breathtaking skill and spellbinding beauty. Audiences are invited to come early and enhance their cultural experience before the show begins when the Kentucky Association of Chinese American Professionals present a showcase of Chinese dance, costumes, artwork, crafts and Chinese delicacies on the 3rd level of the Opera House from 6:00 – 6:45 p.m. Tickets for the public performance are $25 and $35.

Home for Christmas

HOME FOR CHRISTMAS – This special Variety Live presentation features two hometown Lexington stars, Laura Bell Bundy and Lyndy Franklin, who are taking time off from their LEGALLY BLONDE and A CHORUS LINE performance schedules to kick off the holidays in Kentucky. Accompanied by the Bluegrass Area Jazz Ambassadors, Laura and Lyndy will offer holiday favorites and Broadway show-3-

Tickets to all of these events may be purchased at the Lexington Center Ticket Office, (859) 233-3535 or any Ticketmaster Outlet. For group information, please contact (859) 233-4567 ext.3731.

Lexington Center Corporation 430 West Vine Street Lexington, Kentucky 40507 (859) 233-4567 Chief Executive Officer - William Owen Opera House Program Director - Luanne Franklin Operations Manager - Tom Habermann Marketing Manager - Sheila Kenny Graphic Designer - Matt Johnson Box Office Manager - Jeff Bojanowski Technical Services - Bob Stoops House Manager - Paul Thomas

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