Integrity Commitment

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Vision of Hope Integrity Commitment The program at Vision of Hope is designed to assist women who are serious about working through their problems. As such, staff requires a very firm commitment against negative behaviors, old vices, and inappropriate and ungodly habits. Staff requires a firm commitment from all applicants to not participate in any ungodly behavior that will have the tendency to enslave their participants to sinful habits. Staff realizes that it may take a while to work through problems to the point of losing the desire to participate in negative behaviors. However, in the process, staff still needs the commitment that applicants will not participate in these behaviors while they are in the program. By signing this Commitment, applicants are acknowledging that they have a stated commitment to not participate in any of the following behaviors while in the Vision of Hope program. This commitment applies to all of the 3 Phases, whether on the Faith Ministries property or off, whether in the Vision of Hope house or whether home on a visit, holiday, or vacation. I acknowledge a commitment to refrain from:  Binging  Purging, through vomiting, laxative use, or over-exercising  Restricting calories in any fashion without staff approval  Self-harm in any fashion (burning, scratching, cutting, bruising, etc.)  Consuming alcohol in any form  Consuming illegal drugs in any form  Using prescription or Over the Counter drugs outside of their stated use or beyond doctor’s orders  Participating in any form of sexual immorality, as defined in the Faith Church Statement on Marriage & Sexuality  Pursuing a romantic relationship outside of the guidance of staff Staff acknowledges that the process residents go through is arduous and complicated and revolves around more than the simple rejection of sinful behaviors. The Vision of Hope program is designed to produce changes at the heart level, and staff will be available to help with that process. But the first step in that process is a firm commitment against sinful enslaving behaviors.

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Please print this page and return it with your completed Application for residency. By signing below, I am indicating that I agree to abide by the Integrity Commitment of Vision of Hope.

Applicant Signature ___________________________________ Date ________________

Signature of Parent or Guardian _________________________ Date _______________ [If the resident is a minor, her parent or guardian must also sign]

Witness: ______________________________________________________________________ Relationship to Applicant: ________________________________________________________

Updated 8/16/2017 N:\Forms\Heather's Revised Forms\Application\1 PreInterview Forms\Integrity Commitment.docx