IV-A-1_K-Literacy ST. THOMAS audit sheet

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Title I Literacy. Grade K. Audit Sheet. (Teacher use ONLY). To be started at beginning of school year and filled-out throughout school year. Student's Name ...

Title I Literacy Grade K Audit Sheet

May Benchmark __________

(Teacher use ONLY)

To be started at beginning of school year and filled-out throughout school year. Student’s Name ___________________________________

Grade K

School: ______________________________ Title I Teacher: ____________________ St. Thomas Classroom Teacher: __________________________ Date of Audit: _______________ Date: Participated in Jump Start Program / Certificate of attendance Fall Selection Data Scores (With THIS student’s Scores highlighted ONLY) Criteria Form with Data Attached Permission to enroll or Continuation permission into Title I from JumpStart Program Refusal New Student to Sanford (Received services in previous school district) Monitor Parent Letter/Notification Re-Enter Services Parent Letter / Permission Withdrawn -

Reason: ______________________________________

Summer School Parent Permission / Refusal End of Year Student Report (COPY for Summer School) Certificate of Attendance for Summer School Literacy Trimester Progress Reports (Attach Copies of each) Second Quarter instructional text level Third Quarter instructional text level Fourth Quarter instruction text level

Attendance: ______/_______ (# Sessions Attended / # Sessions)

________________________ Signature of Person Completing Audit Working file Rev.: 9/7/18


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