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J. Trivedi & Co. ... Renewal of registration of trade mark/collective m ~!~tfja:Qt~€me, ... We, JADE BLUE LIFESTYLEINDIA LIMITED, A company incorporated.

Since 1970

"Y AGNAJYOT" Opp. Kashiram Hall, Polytechnic, Ahmedabad-380 015. Gujarat. India

~ J. Trivedi & Co.

Phone: +91-79-26303777, 26305040 32916809 Fax: +91-79-26302223 e-mail: [email protected] web site: www.yjtrivedLcom



AGENT CODE NO.175/2 Ref: TJ/


Date: 18/09/2012

o, ~.

e Registrar of Trade Marks., Trade Mark Registry Branch, AHMEDABAD. Sub: Renewal of Registered Trade Mark No: 1142008 in Class-2S.

Sir, With reference to the above said matter, we are submitting herewith following documents to renew the above said registered trade mark:dated ~--"'/2012


A Cheque No.


FORM TM-12 to renew the above said trade period of 07/10/2012 to 07/10/2022,

of S.B.I., mark



You are therefore requested to Kindly renew the above mention Registered Trade Mark and send us the Renewal Certificate at the earliest and oblige.

Thanking You, Yours faithfully, For YJ.TRIVEDI

& CO.,

Ene!: Form-TM-12,

Cheque No.

dated ~---I2012.

Cc to: JADE BLUE LIFESTYL DIA LIMITED, PariseemaComplex, C. G. ROAD, Ahmedabad0 006 Gujarat State, India.... for your information

and rec


Receiv.ed Rs.S'OOO in Cash Cheque/M.O.lP.O. on.2..,,~ Vide entry No. In the

to I 82.39 Agent Code:5 Proprieto cOde:-t~2~5~

Renewal of registration of trade mark/collective m ~!~tfja:Qt~€me, trademark. [Section 25; Rules 63(1), 132(b), 138CtB.f5t/_

I -~ / /



Ahmedabad CAS I

We, JADE BLUE LIFESTYLE INDIA LIMITED, A company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act, having its registered office at, 2nd Floor, Chinubhai Centre, Off Nehru Bridge, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad

- 380

009, Gujarat State, India, do hereby leave the prescribed fee for renewal of registration trade mark number 1142008 in Class-25.

The Renewal from 07/10/2012

to 07/10/2022.

The notice of renewal of the registration may be sent to the following address in India.

Since 1970

Y.J. Trivedi & Co. PATENTS & TRADE MARKS ATTORNEY & ADVOCATE "YAGNAJYOT", Bunglow, opp. Kashiram Agrawal Hall, BIh. Jahanvi Restaurant, Polytechnic, Ahmedabad - 380 015, Guajrat State, India. Phone: 079-26303777,26305040,32916809 Tele Fax:26305040 e-mail: [email protected] web site: www.yjtrivedLcom

Dated this 18th day of September, 2012. For, JADE BLUE LIFESTYLEINDIA LIMITED,

JATIN Y. RIVEDI Attorne & Advocate For Y.J.TRIVEDI & CO., Authorised Agent of the Applicant To The Registrar of Trade Marks, Trade Mark Registry Branch, AHMEDABAD.

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