Juha Tornroos; Gary Saunders Beacons

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Schemas, schemas and more schemas (or agreeing in “recommended” ontologies). □ Common schemas for Variant description and annotation. □ Common ...

LOCATION: Europe CHAMPIONS: Jordi Rambla; Juha Tornroos; Gary Saunders Beacons



ELIXIR Beacons ● ● ●


Beacon specification: ○ Goal: Extending Beacon to leverage their potential in data discovery ○ Fact: Exploring a Beacon with Proteomics content and a Beacon for the Plant community Beacon Network goals: ○ Allowing to organize the Beacons above into coherent thematic networks ○ Allowing for private networks, e.g. in healthcare related consortia Deployment goals: ○ Helping ELIXIR Nodes to deploy Beacons, e.g. as a service they can offer internally ○ Providing a Reference Implementation (including web interface/s) ○ Helping deployment of Beacon Network/s across ELIXIR Needs: ○ Schemas, schemas and more schemas (or agreeing in “recommended” ontologies) ■ Common schemas for Variant description and annotation ■ Common mechanisms/schemas to describe phenotypes ■ Common schemas to describe artifacts and operations (e.g. “download”, “file format”, “charts”) for the handover functionality ○ Authentication and (flexible) Authorization commons ga4gh.org

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Apr 11, 2012 - Build and strengthenhealth IT infrastructure and exchange capabilities - .... support infrastructure developed under the Beacon Program.

Cat No. Description. SOL-LX-C/WF/W1/S. 812020FULL-0121X. Solista LX Ceiling, White Flash, White Body, Shallow Base. SOL-LX-C/WF/W1/D. 812021FULL-0122X. Solista LX Ceiling, White Flash, White Body, Deep Base. SOL-LX-C/RF/W1/S. 812022FULL-0123X. Solist

Complementing apps that can be branded. • Useful for marketing, information, interaction, ... Company information/interaction ... At Google Play and App Store ... visitor information with a custom app ... Product development, with CliqTags as.

Edwards 125 Class Xenon strobe beacons are UL and cUL listed signaling devices, available in two versions, normal light output and high light output.

Southwick, MA. 413-569-0711. Hours: Mon-Sat 9am - 10pm. Sun 10am - 6pm. Family Owned and Operated Since 1843. BOAT LIVERY, INC. Sales and Service.

Solex Xenon. FULLEON FIRE ALARM DEVICES. CAFIRV10614. Dimensions. Technical Specification. Catalogue Numbers. Reference. Cat No. Description. SO/R/SR/3C. 531025FULL-0061. Solex Beacon, Red Lens, Red Body, Shallow Base, 3cd. SO/R/DR/3C. 531025FULL-008

Xenon Strobe. AC/DC. 89STRA-AQ. 24V AC/DC. 0.390 A. Amber. Flush. 90 cd. 89STRB-AQ. 24V AC/DC. 0.390 A. Blue. Flush. 20 cd. 89STRC-AQ. 24V AC/DC.

8.64. Edwards 100SB Series rotating beacons are heavy duty visual signals designed with dual sealed beam lamps that rotate 360 degrees within a high impact ...

PDF Subject: Kuohittu Karhu By Juha Kauppinen Its strongly recommended to start read the Intro section, next on the Quick Discussion and find out all the topic ...