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All-time Favorite Movie: Napoleon Dynamite. Favorite Sales Book: The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. Favorite Leadership Book: The 21 ...

Congratulations and welcome to Mary Kay Inc. I’m excited to be working with you as a brand new Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Together, Let’s Make Your Dreams Come True! National Sales Director

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National Sales Director: Kathy Oliveira 920 El Dorado Dr. San Diego, Ca. 92025 Home Office: 619-806-5031 E-mail: [email protected] Follow me on Facebook: Kathy (Parry) Oliveira Follow me on Instagram: KathyNSD Request Access to our Private Facebook Groups: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ mymarykaysisters/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/ Kathyswomenoffaith/ Voxer id: Kolive825


Unit Name: Kathy’s Women of Faith Unit #: G852 Unit Website: www.kathyoliveira.com Company Division: Emerald Division


Started MK Career in September 1992 Debuted as a Director in May 1994 Million Dollar Unit June 2005 Debuted as a National Sales Director in July 2014


Favorite MK Memory: Debuting on Seminar stage as a National Sales Director and acknowledging my family and the leaders of our National Area in front of 10,000 people My Best Asset: Leading with integrity People Would Be Surprised That: I lived in Mexico & England, and that I was a ranked tennis player All-time Favorite Movie: Napoleon Dynamite Favorite Sales Book: The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino Favorite Leadership Book: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell Favorite Book Relating To Life: The Bible Favorite Food: Vietnamese or sushi What I Do In My Spare Time: Travel, spend time with my family and exercise What I Love Most About Mary Kay: Freedom and Flexibility Advice I’d Give a New Recruit: Focus on the activity and the results will come My Mary Kay Role Model Is: Mary Kay herself - She made me feel like her most dearly loved, appreciated, and spoiled granddaughter.


National Sales Director Kathy Oliveira Kathy lives in San Diego, California, and has been married to Tony for over 35 years. Tony is a successful relator. Prior to that he was in federal law enforcement. She has two young adult children, Christina and Johnny. Christina attends UCLA and is studying computer engineering. Johnny, is a manager and wine steward at a fine dining restaurant in Southern California. Kathy joined Mary Kay in 1992 while a stay at home mom with her son Johnny. Prior to staying home to raise her son, Kathy was an assistant dean of students at a university in San Diego. She has earned an MBA and is passionate about life long learning and growing. While a stay at home mom, Kathy felt like she needed something more, that’s when she discovered Mary Kay. Although tentative at the start, Kathy persisted in learning and growing in her Mary Kay business until “she figured it out”. She says she is still “figuring it out”, because she believes that school is never out for the professional. Prior to promoting herself to the position of National Sales Director, Kathy led her unit to the Million Dollar Circle of Excellence, ranking #7 out of approximately 10,000 units in the country. As an NSD, Kathy has many sales Directors and consultants all over the nation entrusted to her leadership. She has driven free Mary Kay cars for over 24 years, and is currently driving a Cadillac Escalade. Her highest commission check, with bonuses, to date for one month has been over $31,000 . Kathy has earned over 2 Million Dollars in commissions in her career! Kathy’s career has brought her a house full of gifts and prizes, including over 40 carats in diamonds and over 20 world class 5-star trips to exotic places around the world to places like China, England, and Argentina. Kathy has received other honors throughout her career. Some of the highest include: being selected as Miss Go Give for the Emerald Seminar in 1994 (an award voted on by her peers), being selected to train new directors in Dallas, hosting a Go-Give retreat for Southern California, and being asked to speak and teach at numerous Mary Kay conferences and seminars.

Kathy’s Mission: To support and inspire others to step out in faith through their Mary Kay careers.


New Consultant Checklist #1 While You Are Waiting For Your Starter Kit to Arrive ❑ 1. Be on the lookout for an e-mail from me. Create a folder in your email for Kathy’s emails. You may want to consider a NEW email address for your Mary Kay business if you wish to keep your e-mails separate. ❑ 2. Join me on Social Media. Friend me on Facebook — Kathy (Parry) Oliveira Join our private groups Olive National Area - My Mary Kay Sisters & Kathy’s Women of Faith. Follow me on Instagram - KathyNSD. When you post on social media use the hashtag #mymklife. ❑ 3. Log on to www.marykayintouch.com. Enter your consultant number and create a passcode. Get your own personal website, marykay.com email address, business cards and set up propay. ❑ 4. Download the free VOXER app and text me your VOXER name (series of letters and/or numbers). My voxer id is Kolive825. ❑ 5. Download the free ZOOM app. You may need to use it if you are out of town and can’t attend the orientation, new consultant training or unit meeting sessions. ❑ 6. Complete your MK University training on Intouch. (It’s under education) ❑ 7. Complete your Color Confident and Skincare Confident courses on Intouch (under education). ❑ 8. Order your business kit by going on Mary Kay Intouch.com/ordering/ mkconnections. This kit inculdes business cards, an address stamp, a name badge and product labels.

You Hold The Key Phone Ring Holder E-mail me when you’ve completed Checklist #1 at [email protected] Kathy will either mail you your prize or present it at our recognition night.


New Consultant Checklist #2 How Will I Run My Business? Inventory Options/Financing ❑ Listen to advice by on inventory by visiting http://www.kathyoliveira.com/page/ welcometomarykay and watch the video entitled “Inventory - Options” If you will be making this financial decision with another person, make sure they listen as well. To check your credit score, go to https://www.creditkarma.com. If your credit score is less than desirable, you may want to check www.inventorysolutions.com for funding options. If you have a good credit score then you may qualify for the Mary Kay Chase credit card. It offers 0% for 12 months and has no annual fee. ❑ Place your first order ❑ Open a separate MK checking account for your business. You will want a debit card attached to this account to pay for all your MK expenses.

After your inventory arrives... ❑ Label your inventory with the product labels that came in your business kit, especially skin care and skin supplements. ❑ Use your name and address stamp to stamp all Look Books, and team building materials. ❑ If you have extra funds, consider purchasing the following supplies from MK Connections:

Beauty Coat

Insulated Wheeled Case

Insulated Color

You’re In Red Business Card Holder

Email me when you’ve completed Checklist #2 at [email protected] Kathy

will either mail you your prize or present it at our recognition night.


Your Grand Opening A grand opening is an optional way to begin your business. I recommend you have inventory if you select to have one. REVIEW the “How to have a Successful Business Debut” at http:// www.kathyoliveira.com/page/welcometomarykay. You can also find good information on Mary Kay Intouch/contests promotions/Great start promotion/Grand opening

Checklist to ensure you have a successful grand opening of your brand new Mary Kay business! Purpose of the Business Debut: 1. To show your family and friends you are starting a BUSINESS and will have the product to service them. They will be able to purchase produces from you at your grand opening. 2. To book your first 60-90 faces. 3. To schedule your first 6 opportunity chats _____ Schedule your business debut within your first 2 – 3 weeks of business. You will want to plan to have your inventory in stock before your business debut. _____ Hold your business debut in your home, preferably, because it is a warmer, friendlier, environment. _____ Invite all the people on your “Contact List”. This should be a minimum of 75 people. (You can expect 15-20 to attend with proper follow-up.) _____ Send out a minimum of 75 Business Debut Invitations. Sending postcards and Facebook alone will not be effective. After you have mailed your invitations, plan to call each guest personally and invite them 24–48 hours before your event. (Use grand opening printable invitations from Intouch/contests promotions/great start promotion/grand opening/ tools.)

Checklist for the day of the event: _____ Provide abundant refreshments. You’ll want to delegate the hosting/serving to someone special in your family or a close friend so you may be focused on helping your guests to schedule appointments and learn more about your Mary Kay business. Keep in mind some people will come just for food, so be generous. _____ Mark your datebook with everything that you have going on in your life. Then highlight the times and dates that you have dedicated to your Mary Kay business for your 4 POWER START WEEKS. (30 faces in 30 days) _____ Have the following supplies available: ______ the “perfect 10” set sheets. (they can be found on www.kathyoliveira.com/ welcome to mary kay/how to have a great debut) ______ a rollout bag filled with all the products included in the “perfect 10” set sheets ______ pens and profile cards on hand for each guest to complete as they arrive. ______ a money bag with $20 in change. (1 – $5, 10 – $1 and $5 in coins) ______ Look Books stamped with your contact information. ______ sales tickets and a calculator ______ 7 product prizes (either deluxe mini’s or full size) _____ Your recruiter/director will arrive 1/2 hour before the program. She will help you set up the product display. = 6

_____ Relax and have fun with your guests. Your focus should be to schedule your 1020 parties for your power start. Your recruiter/director will help you fill orders and will talk to people about the business opportunity. _____ Have enough Hostess packets prepared to give one to each guest at your debut. Hostess packet should include: Hostess Brochure Mary Kay Look Book Your Business Card 5 Sales Receipts

_____ Decorate a pretty poster board with 30 lines to book your Power Start and 6 lines to book your Pearls of Sharing at your debut.


All the guests will introduce themselves, tell how long they have known you and their relationship to you, a bit about their family, work, hobbies and what their experience with Mary Kay has been, if any.

Your Director or Recruiter will explain the purpose of the event: You will be affirmed in your business by your guests. You will share your goals in advance.

The recruiter/director will share her i-story with the guests.

No one will actually receive a makeover that day because that is what you’ll be offering at their party. This is a show and tell type event.

Guests will have an opportunity to win product prizes from you by making purchases, scheduling a facial/party and listening to the marketing plan, among other ways.








Welcome To The Olive National Area Family Your Mary Kay experience may be something as simple as gaining self-confidence or something as profound as deepening your self-esteem. Either way, I can promise you that by surrounding yourself with MK women, events, communication and philosophies, your life will be GREATLY enriched.


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