KS4 subject information French

KS4 subject information. French. Brief overview. Studying a language is a challenging yet rewarding option, and if coupled with the right subjects can allow you ...

KS4 subject information

French Brief overview

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Studying a language is a challenging yet rewarding option, and if coupled with the right subjects can allow you access to the English Baccalaureate. GCSE French will provide you not only with the skills to visit French speaking countries but will also improve your cultural awareness. French is widely spoken across the world and being able to speak and understand the language will be very advantageous. In today’s world being able to speak another language is a huge advantage and one which is fast becoming less common.

3 themes: Identity and culture (family, friends, relationships, free-time, technology and festivals) Local, national, international and global areas of interest (home, town, region, holidays, environment and social issues) Current and future study and employment (school, studies, future plans, jobs) 4 papers as detailed below Paper 1 Listening and understanding 25% Paper 2 Speaking 25% Paper 3 Reading and understanding 25% Paper 4 Writing 25% Students will be entered for either Foundation or Higher tiers for all aspects of the assessment. Students who achieve the necessary score in the subject can take French further to A level and beyond. Having done a language at GCSE opens many doors for the future whether students want to do an apprenticeship, go to further education or apply to universities. The skills acquired will enable students to stand when applying as many businesses as well as education system recognise languages skills are valuable on a bigger scale. The knowledge of French can enable students to work with in many areas like catering (restaurants, food services, etc.), law, translating, business, teaching, sports, tourism and many more. We believe that having studied a language at GCSE offers opportunities to students on a personal and professional level as it will develop their resilience, problem solving skills, independence, dedication, hardworking skills but also it will challenge students to be more focused and organised.

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