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make the skin irritated or will increase photosensitivity such as; acne medications (oral of topical), antibiotics, Retin A, Renova, or similar products that are ...

Laser  Beauty  Medical  Spa   Laser  Hair  Reduction     Pre-­‐Treatment  Instructions:   1. Avoid  bleaching,  plucking,  waxing  and  electrolysis  4-­‐6  wks  prior  to  and   during  laser  hair  reduction  treatments  for  best  results.    Shaving  and   depilatory  creams  are  the  only  method  of  hair  removal  that  should  be  used.   2. Discontinue  the  use  of  products  or  medications  (oral  or  topical)  that  will   make  the  skin  irritated  or  will  increase  photosensitivity  such  as;  acne   medications    (oral  of  topical),  antibiotics,  Retin  A,  Renova,  or  similar   products  that  are  prescription  or  over  the  counter.   3. Tanned  skin  will  not  be  treated.    Therefore,  stop  tanning  via  direct  sun   exposure,  tanning  beds,  and  sunless  tanning  creams  4-­‐6  wks  prior  to   treatments.    Sunscreen  with  SPF  30  or  greater  should  be  worn  everyday   throughout  the  course  of  laser  hair  reduction  treatments.    Failure  to  do  so   may  result  in  injury,  permanent  scarring,  hyper  or  hypo  pigmentation,  delays   in  treatments,  unsatisfactory  results  or  complete  discontinuation  of  laser   hair  reduction  treatments.    Laser  Beauty  Medical  Spa  reserves  the  right  to   discontinue  on  any  individual  that  does  not  comply.    If  treatments  are   discontinued  for  any  reason  there  will  be  NO  refund  from  previous   treatments.    If  your  treatments  are  temporarily  discontinued  for  any  reason   you  may  continue  treatments  where  you  left  off  at  the  appropriate  time  (not   to  exceed  1  year).   4. If  you  have  a  history  of  Herpes  Simplex  Virus,  antiviral  therapy  can  be  started   1-­‐2  days  before  treatment  and  continued  for  1-­‐week  post  treatment  to  help   prevent  an  outbreak.     Post-­‐Treatment  Instructions:   1. Immediately  following  treatment  it  is  normal  for  the  area  to  be  red  and   swollen  in  some  cases.    This  can  last  for  2  hours  to  2  days  and  may  feel  like  a   minor  sunburn.    To  relieve  any  discomfort  apply  cool  compresses  to  the  area   followed  with  an  application  of  Aloe  Vera  gel.    Apply  Cortisone  cream  1%   (over  the  counter)  as  directed  if  redness  lasts  longer  than  a  few  hours.    In   most  cases  discomfort  and  redness  resolve  immediately  or  very  shortly  after   treatment  ends.   2. Makeup  can  be  reapplied  immediately  or  shortly  after  treatment  session   ends  unless  skin  is  very  irritated  or  blisters  occur.   3. Shedding  of  surface  hair  may  take  5-­‐15  days  and  may  appear  like  new   growth.    This  is  not  new  growth.    Clean  and  remove  the  hair  by  washing  and   swiping  the  area  with  a  wet  washcloth  (do  not  over  irritate  skin).    While   shaving  is  permitted  for  best  results  avoid  shaving  the  area  for  2  weeks   following  treatment.   4. Deodorants  may  be  reapplied  immediately  following  treatment  unless   irritation  occurs.  

5. If  you  have  any  questions  or  concerns  please  call  the  office  at  (972)  930-­‐ 0333.    Your  follow  up  appointments  should  be  scheduled  4-­‐6  wks  or  within  1   week  of  any  signs  of  new  hair  growth.      

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