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Oct 15, 2017 - ... David, Steve, Andy, Mark, Intern Pastor Madison, Molly, Kathy, Pastor Amanda, Pastor Todd, .... She is working with Steele County on making.

Trinity Lutheran Church Congregational Council Minutes Sunday, October 15 12:00 p.m. Members Present: John E., David, Steve, Andy, Mark, Intern Pastor Madison, Molly, Kathy, Pastor Amanda, Pastor Todd, Tanyia, John P, Joanna, Tom Minutes recorded by: Joanna Timekeeper: Devotions: John Eickhoff December Council Corner Article:??? Council Meeting Ground Rules

Consent Agenda Items Time Topic/Outcome Person Method 5 min September Meeting Minutes Kathy Vote Discussion Andy made a motion to approve the minutes. David seconded the motion. Motion approved. Time Topic/Outcome Person Method 10 min Financial Report – Budget and Income John Petersburg Information Discussion John shared income and expenses as of September 30. Trinity received the next $50,000 from the Trinity Foundation. It will appear on the next statement. Time 10 min

Topic/Outcome External Audit and Safe Deposit Box

Person John Eickhoff / John Petersburg

Method Action

Discussion John Eickhoff explained that our governing documents require an external audit every 5 years and when the Church Administrator position change. John Petersburg has sent 5 quotes and received 2 responses. The recommendation is to hire the highly reputable accounting company of Froehling – Anderson. It will not be a full audit, but specific procedures. The audit will begin this fall and should be complete by the end of the year. The audit will be for the time period of January through October 2017. Mark made a motion to accept the Finance Committee’s recommendation. Steve seconded. Motion passed. Council extended appreciation for Finance Committee’s work on this. The safe deposit box at Wells Fargo Bank requires two individuals’ signatures to enter the box; the individuals are currently John Lestock and John Petersburg. John Petersburg proposed that three people are listed as the two people to sign for entrance into to the box. To change the signers requires an official voting action from Council. John Eickhoff made a motion to accept John Petersburg’s proposal. David seconded the motion. Motion approved. Time Topic/Outcome Person Method 5 min Stewardship Drive Update Pastor Todd Information Discussion Trinity in Motion will be continued this year with a new theme next year. The campaign begins next week. TNS, personnel pastoral care, and special needs ministry will be in the videos that will be shared in service, social media, and advertising over the three weeks. There was discussion on the strategy. Time Topic/Outcome 45 min Personnel Update Discussion

Person Pastor Todd

Method Information

Personnel Commission is meeting tomorrow night. They are focused on Pastor Dean’s departure and John Petersburg’s retirement. For both changes there have or will be assessment of the congregation’s needs, structure of the organization, and how to move forward. Pastor Todd has met with staff about needs. There will be an exit interview with Pastor Dean in the next few weeks. There will be an open meeting in November with kids and parents on youth visioning. Dean’s farewell is November 4 and 5 with a congregational party on November 5 12:00 – 2:00 p.m. His last day in the office is October 27. There will be an update at the November Council meeting. Time Topic/Outcome Person Method 15 min Wednesday Night Program Updates Pastor Todd Information Discussion Pastor Todd provided an update with Wednesday worship and confirmation moving from Tuesday to Wednesday. There have been 35-50 people attending, including some new faces. Confirmation transition has been positive. Trinity choir participation is down, and they are looking into this and communication. Pastor Amanda did a 5-week bible study on “Who’s Your Neighbor?” They will start up again after MEA. Time 10 min

Topic/Outcome Upcoming Council / Commission Chair Vacancies and Annual Meeting

Person John Petersburg

Method Information

Discussion John has followed-up with the Commission chairs that are up for re-election to see if they will be running again. John shared which Council members and officers are up for re-election. Members shared whether they intended to run again or would like time to consider. Council said they will be able to attend the annual meeting Sunday, February 4 2018 with a lunch after service and meeting following. This was a good indicator to keep the date as is. Time 10 min

Topic/Outcome Pastoral Reports

Person Pastor Todd, Pastor Dean, Pastor Amanda, Intern Pastor Madison

Method Information

Discussion Pastor Amanda has two new faith formation series this season, faith journaling and yoga in addition to Wednesday bible study. Tomorrow is the Fall Leaf trip. Next weekend is the legacy seminary including estate planning, trusts, and advanced health care directives. All Saints Sunday will have the traditional service and meal. We are sending 80 invitations to those that have had deaths in the last year. Pastor Madison is continuing “Hymns on Tap” at Sparetime Entertainment. She is working with Steele County on making Trinity an emergency shelter. Pastor Todd returned from a successful trip to Luther500 Festival in Germany. Pastor Todd and Intern Pastor Madison went to the Intern Supervisor retreat this week. Much of his time is with staff and people on personnel changes and stewardship.

Council Meeting Ground Rules • • • • • • • • •

Follow Behavioral Covenant. Have open and honest dialogue. Provide agendas topics and times before the meeting (from the presenter). Communicate if not attending or late arrival. Have time for fellowship, prayer, and reflection. Start on time. Late arrivals will catch up after meeting. Respectful use of electronic devices. Contribution from participant of $1.00 for overtime on topic.

MEETING EVALUATION:  What worked?  Where did we get stuck?  What changes should/will we make to the process for our next meeting?

Upcoming Dates: Council Meeting Sunday, November 19 12:00 pm

RENEW Synod Educational Event for Councils February 24, 2018 10 am – 3 pm (facilitating strategic plans) at Trinity

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Jun 22, 2017 - ... Pastor Todd, Kathy, Tanyia, Molly, Pastor Amanda, Tom, David, Pastor Dean,. Intern Pastor Alex, Andy, Joanna. Minutes recorded by: Joanna.

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