Learning Center Manager's Meeting

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Sep 17, 2017 - Members Present: Tom, John, Pastor Todd, David, Tanyia, Kathy, Andy, Intern Pastor Madison, John, Mark, Joanna, Molly. Minutes recorded ...

Trinity Lutheran Church Congregational Council Minutes Sunday, September 17 12:00 p.m. Members Present: Tom, John, Pastor Todd, David, Tanyia, Kathy, Andy, Intern Pastor Madison, John, Mark, Joanna, Molly Minutes recorded by: Joanna Timekeeper: Devotions: David November Council Corner Article: ??? Council Meeting Ground Rules

Consent Agenda Items Time Topic/Outcome Person Method 5 min August Meeting Minutes Kathy Vote Discussion David made a motion to accept the August meeting minutes. Mark seconded the motion. Minutes approved. Time 10 min

Topic/Outcome Financial Report – Budget, Income, and Mortgage

Person John

Method Information

Discussion John shared YTD income, expenses, assets, and liability information. This does not include the most recent $50,000 from Trinity Foundation for reaching another milestone on giving units. Time 15 min

Topic/Outcome Impact of Change to Budgeting Process / Timeline for 2018 Budgeting Process / Stewardship 2017

Person Pastor Todd and John

Method Information

Discussion The 2017 shift in budgeting has been effective. At a high level, there was discussion on budgeting for 2018. Goals include increasing outreach to above 13% and restoring funds for property. As we move forward from the last campaign, which was for a three-year commitment, Stewardship Commission is working with a consultant on how to convert giving for the building fund to the general fund. This year’s campaign is the same theme, but not as intense. As part of the campaign, there will be videos including personnel, TNS, and special needs and printed material shared in services October 22, 29 and November 5. Council will review the Finance Committee’s recommended 2018 budget at the December meeting. Time Topic/Outcome Person Method 5 min Database Update John Information Discussion John has removed some members from the database that could not be reached via phone, e-mail, or regular mail. He is also reviewing 450 people over 25 years old (one is 44) that are listed as members through their parents’ household. Information has been sent out; and they are trying different ways to receive feedback from these members. Time Topic/Outcome Person Method 10 min Update on Fall Programming Pastor Todd Information Discussion God’s Work Our Hands had 230 participants on September 10, a very successful venture to involve members. Confirmation has transferred from Tuesday morning to Wednesday night. The first week went well, and there have been a number of positives from the change. These positive outcomes include that there are twice as many volunteers and peer ministers have been more involved. There were 32 at the Wednesday night worship, and there is continued development in the service. There were a variety of ages attending and positive comments.

Time Topic/Outcome Person Method 10 min Six Initiatives from CAT Survey Pastor Todd Information Discussion Pastor Todd has provided information on the six initiatives to the staff leads. One of the initiatives has begun and the Husky Pantry was developed out of it. Equipping people for ministry and leadership has also started. If Council has names of people that would be good on the various initiative teams, feel free to share them. The goal is to have these teams identified by Thanksgiving. Tanyia provided an update on the database of members’ gifts and how the database fits with the initiatives. She provided information on how the God’s Work Our Hands will be extended throughout the year. To communicate with the congregation, there is a place on the website, newsletter, and weekly calendar of where donations and volunteers are needed. Time Topic/Outcome Person Method 30 min Update on Vision Pastor Todd Information Discussion Pastor Todd provided an update on moving from one phase to the next in the Strategic Plan. Some of the next steps are currently in progress. This information has been created based on congregational feedback through CAT surveys, cottage meetings, and visioning days throughout the last few years. Council’s role is to be high level, so there was discussion on how Council could be involved, such as being liaisons and providing names of participants for work teams. One of the 2018 Council retreat topic will be Visioning for the next set of years. Time Topic/Outcome Person Method 10 min Personnel Update Pastor Todd Information Discussion John Petersburg has decided to retire effective after the annual meeting February 4, 2018. He expressed his appreciation to fulfill his calling over the last 20 years. Personnel Committee has started reviewing the structure of responsibilities and has put together a timeline for reviewing structure and job description hiring, and training. Council expressed their appreciation for Personnel Commission’s work on this. Time 15 min

Topic/Outcome Pastoral Reports

Person Pastor Todd, Pastor Dean, Pastor Amanda, Intern Pastor Madison

Method Information

Discussion Kathy brought up the subject that the annual meeting is the same date as the Super Bowl, February 4, which is in Minneapolis. Council discussed moving the meeting to a different date, and other alternatives for attending/voting. Council will discuss at the October meeting. Pastor Amanda was attending Alex Becker’s installation. Madison shared her goals of learning pastoral care, adult faith formation, community outreach, preaching, and participating in other opportunities as they arise.

Council Meeting Ground Rules • • • • • • • • •

Follow Behavioral Covenant. Have open and honest dialogue. Provide agendas topics and times before the meeting (from the presenter). Communicate if not attending or late arrival. Have time for fellowship, prayer, and reflection. Start on time. Late arrivals will catch up after meeting. Respectful use of electronic devices. Contribution from participant of $1.00 for overtime on topic.

MEETING EVALUATION:  What worked?  Where did we get stuck?  What changes should/will we make to the process for our next meeting?

Upcoming Dates: Council Meeting Sunday, October 15 12:00 pm

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Jun 22, 2017 - ... Pastor Todd, Kathy, Tanyia, Molly, Pastor Amanda, Tom, David, Pastor Dean,. Intern Pastor Alex, Andy, Joanna. Minutes recorded by: Joanna.

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