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Jun 22, 2017 - ... Pastor Todd, Kathy, Tanyia, Molly, Pastor Amanda, Tom, David, Pastor Dean,. Intern Pastor Alex, Andy, Joanna. Minutes recorded by: Joanna.

Trinity Lutheran Church Congregational Council Meeting Thursday, June 22 7:00 p.m. Members Present: John Petersburg, Mark, Pastor Todd, Kathy, Tanyia, Molly, Pastor Amanda, Tom, David, Pastor Dean, Intern Pastor Alex, Andy, Joanna Minutes recorded by: Joanna Timekeeper: Devotions: Mark August Council Corner Article: ??? Council Meeting Ground Rules

Consent Agenda Items Time Topic/Outcome Person 5 min May Meeting Minutes Kathy Discussion Tom made a motion to approve. Mark seconded the motion. Motion approved.

Method Vote

Time Topic/Outcome Person Method 10 min Update on CAT communication Pastor Todd Information Discussion Pastor Todd provided an update. There have been blog posts, information posted on the website, and an article in the Messenger. Tuesday, June 20 eight members attended a meeting to review and discus the results. Pastor Todd asked if there were any thoughts or feedback since reviewing the information at the last meeting. Overall feedback was extremely positive. Stewardship reviewed the information and were very happy with the results. Time Topic/Outcome Person Method 5 min Update on House Pastor Todd Information Discussion June 29 is the closing date on the house. Inspection and appraisal went well. The sale price was $145,000 including splitting the closing costs. The church invested $14,000. The proceeds from the house will be $115,000 to $120,000. Initial appraisal before renovations was $80,000. Thanks to Dorothy Turness memorial, John Kubichek, and all volunteers!! Time Topic/Outcome Person Method 10 min Financial Report –Budget and Mortgage John Information Discussion John provided an update that we are year to date less than $2000 below budget and offering is approximately $24,000 above last year. We sent $250,000 to pay down the principle of the property loan: $200,000 was from reserves and $50,000 from Trinity Foundation. The principle is now $3,879,950 on the property loan. In 2017, the principle has been paid down by over $300,000. Time Topic/Outcome Person Method 5 min Update on Husky Pantry Pastor Todd Information Discussion The Husky Pantry is up and running for the summer. There is much information to learn about the population of the group and their needs. There has been a participant; we have been told that these types of programs take a while for people to use. There are volunteers in place to gather food and organize. We are looking for an overall coordinator. The pantry is open on Thursdays and Sundays 4:00-7:00. We have coordinated with other efforts in the community, and have active communications with the high school social worker. There was discussion on other possible connections for this program.

Time Topic/Outcome Person Method 5 min Update on membership Tanyia Information Discussion As of today including new members, baptisms, deaths, and transfers membership has grown and is now at 4038. Time Topic/Outcome Person Method 5 min Update on Personnel commission Joanna Information Discussion At the May Personnel meeting, Commission and staff discussed The Ideal Team Player book and ways to implement ideals from it. The performance review has been altered based on discussion, and the changes are beginning to be implemented. Based on the meeting, implementation, and feedback there is definitely enthusiasm about the changes. Supervisors were commended for their leadership. Time 15 min

Topic/Outcome Pastoral Reports

Person Pastor Todd, Pastor Dean, Pastor Amanda, Intern Pastor Alex

Method Information

Discussion Intern Pastor Alex – He extended a thank you to the congregation for the opportunity to stay home for the birth of his daughter. He has officially graduated and is waiting for an assignment. He recently preached at a funeral and is planning a men’s day retreat in early August. Pastor Dean – There was a visioning meeting on restructuring Confirmation. VBS had almost 200 kids at Trinity, and Pastor Dean worked with 20 fifth and sixth grader at St. John. He has been providing devotions daily at youth horse camp. Summer trips are in full swing. Pine Ridge left this week, with other groups going out the next few weeks. The softball team is having fun, amid injuries and losses. They play on Tuesday nights. Pastor Amanda – Caregiving have had 2 grief groups including the regular series where a number of participants learned about the group from the newspaper. A widower grief group led by Pastor Barth with 7 men attending has gone well. The Courage Race book study has gone well which included a field trip to the Science Museum and discussion on Martin Luther King Jr. The bible study series “Picnic with the Prophets” will begin soon. Amanda took part in end of life meetings with other local groups and began incorporating into ministry. EPES has 20 people from Trinity and a church in Mankato going to Chile over Thanksgiving. There is a nice range of ages participating in the trip with a participant as young as 14. There have been a number of funerals recently. There were 29 women at the women’s retreat in April, and they are planning for the retreat next year. Pastor Todd – He has been active as HS marching band chaperone the last few weeks and will chaperone their California trip in July. Todd will be guiding three band members from California to the service trip in West Virginia. The summer sermon series based on Romans is in full swing. Wednesdays during the school year will be different including a worship service and changes to Confirmation. This weekend Our Saviors Lutheran is celebrating 50 years. Trinity sent a congratulations letter and is keeping them in prayers. Plans are in motion for the intern transition. Alex will be at Trinity through August 6. August 14 Madison will move into the St John’s house. She will start work August 21. At the fair worship service, Trinity musicians will lead worship and Amanda is preaching. The fair worship service is at 11:00. Trinity will not have a 10:45 service that day, but encourage participation in the fair service. Kathy provided information on the Global Leadership Summit Thursday, August 10 and Friday, August 11. Trinity will participate from a church in Rochester. We encourage leaders, including Council, to attend this great program to develop skills. Kathy provided an update on Council meeting dates through the end of 2017.

Council Meeting Ground Rules • • • • • • • • •

Follow Behavioral Covenant. Have open and honest dialogue. Provide agendas topics and times before the meeting (from the presenter). Communicate if not attending or late arrival. Have time for fellowship, prayer, and reflection. Start on time. Late arrivals will catch up after meeting. Respectful use of electronic devices. Contribution from participant of $1.00 for overtime on topic.

MEETING EVALUATION:  What worked?  Where did we get stuck?  What changes should/will we make to the process for our next meeting?

Upcoming Dates: Council Meetings Sunday, August 13 12:00 pm

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