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Apr 2, 2013 - Editorial Policy. The Standard is ... The Standard's Editorial Board. As the end of April ... I am writing about the cartoon that was published on ...


April 30, 2013

Is it finally our year? This season might be the one for the KC Royals

As the end of April nears, I find myself not knowing what to do with my life. This isn’t due to the fact that finals are nearing and I’m going to have mountains of astronomy to study for. It isn’t due to the fact that graduation is nearing and many of the great friends I’ve met during my time at Missouri State are graduating and I will still be in Springfield for an extra year without them. It isn’t due to the fact that it’s the end of April and I still have yet to wear sandals more than three times to class so far. While these are all reasons that at the end of April my life could be sent into a tailspin, none are the reason this April seems so strange in comparison to all other Aprils in my young adult life. Instead, despite all of this, it’s the end of April and the Royals are still in first place, and I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. Coming from Kansas City, I’ve lived through many springs in which the Royals have made me excited for what the season could have to offer. Just last year, we were told that it was “our year,” and Royals fans all around the state bought into the idea that last season could be the season it all started to turn around.

Nicolette Martin Columnist However, much like many seasons I can remember, they started out the baseball season strong only to go on a multi-game losing streak, putting them out of contention while the season was still young. So you can imagine my surprise that after 19 games, the Royals are 13-9 with a half-game lead in the American League Central. Now, if there is anything I’ve learned from the past 21 years of being a Kansas City sports fan, it’s to never, ever, under any circumstances, get your hopes up. And too many times, come midMay, I attend Royals games for a fun, friendly event, but am slowly counting down the days until college football season starts. But I have to admit that this season seems different, and as much as I tell myself not to, I can’t help but get my hopes up. I want to feel the excitement of going to Royals games during the summer and truly believing that there’s always a chance of winning. I want to feel the excitement of wearing a Royals shirt around Springfield and not being constantly ridiculed by Cardinals fans for being inferior (although, I still milk the 1985 World Series for all it’s worth). I want to feel the excitement of telling people I’m a Royals fan and not be mocked for liking a team that “isn’t real baseball.” I want to feel the excitement of

Royals records through the years The Royals are currently 13-9 and in first place in the American League Central. Previous records for the team as of April 30 of that year and standing in the American League Central: 2012: 6-15, 4th 2011: 14-13, 2nd 2010: 9-14, last 2009: 9-14, last 2008: 12-10, 1st

The Royals’ final season records for the last five years: 2012: 72-90, 3rd 2011: 71-91, 4th 2010: 67-95, last 2009: 65-97, last 2008: 75-87, 4th

Source: http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/ standings/index.jsp?tcid=mm_mlb_ standings

baseball in September when we are playing for our own American League Central championship and aren’t simply playing to keep other people out of the playoffs. And more than anything, I want to experience the true joy of winning a World Series. I know the season is still early, but I have a feeling that this could be the year the Royals start to turn it around, and really, I just want the Royals to be good. That’s all I want.

This is the opinion of The Standard’s Editorial Board

Give ‘Epilogue’ a little love

We’d like to take a moment and give a shoutout to a Missouri State student project that we’re incredibly proud of this week: “Epilogue.” For those of you who don’t know, Missouri State produced a web series last year, “Epilogue,” that won second place for series at the College Television Awards on Friday. Those are like the Oscars for college media. In fact, “Epilogue” has picked up numerous awards since it debuted online July 1, 2012, being named an LA Web Series Festival Official Selection, a winner of two Telly Awards for Best Dramatic Series and Best Opening Credits, and a recipient of the BEA Award of Excellence. And if you’ve ever watched the series, you know these awards are well deserved. Sitting down to “Epilogue,” you feel like you’re watching a professional TV series, not a college production starring Sam Long, a 2012 graduate of MSU’s BFA Theatre program, as a time traveling Iraq veteran trying to find a cure to a modern plague. As members of the MFJ family on campus, we’re incredibly proud of the work produced not only by our department, but by the Department of Theatre and Dance; the Department of Music; the Department of Classical and Modern Languages; the Department of Art and Design; the College of Natural and Applied Sciences; and the Department of Fashion and Interior Design, who all contributed to make the web series a success. We sincerely hope that if you haven’t watched the six episodes of “Epilogue,” you’ll visit https://epiloguetheseries.com and give it a watch while you’re procrastinating getting ready for finals week. The collaborators deserve your viewing time and the support of their university community for their great accomplishments this year.

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Letter to the Editor Brixey cartoon insensitive to bookstore employees

I am writing about the cartoon that was published on 4-2-13 about Mark Brixey. Now, I am all for freedom of speech and expression. I don’t want a printed retraction, or even expect this letter to be published. I just wanted to make your artist, Rachel Brown, aware that I am not the only person who found her cartoon extremely un-funny (the second panel was unnecessary), but I am angry enough to write about it. “The bookstore employs over 100

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Cartoon by Rachel Brown

Dear editor,

No, never 22.2%

students each year,” according to the article on the front page of said 4-2 issue. This means that over the past 10 years, over 1,000 students (not to mention full-time staff) have worked for Brixey. Obviously, none of us knew about what was happening. He was a cool cat and a wonderful boss. I don’t know of any employee, in my two years with the bookstore, that has ever had a big problem with Mark. He was awesome, and we all got blindsided by his actions. Good people sometimes do terrible things, but that doesn’t lessen the fact

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that he was a nice guy and was widely loved by his employees. I understand that the situation is “funny” to the rest of the student body, but to those of us who knew him as more than some random face on the front page, this cartoon was rude, ridiculous and insensitive. His wife resigned the day of publication. Can you say “too soon?” Emily Maier Senior English Education Major

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