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Preface This FREE report reveals 3-steps to creating a no-rejection, proven strategy to Network Marketing success no matter what MLM company you are involved with. When you look at the activities of top 6 & 7 figure earners, regardless of mlm company, you will see what they are doing to achieve success are the exact 3-steps outlined here in this report. There is a 4-part video training that will assist you in implementing the principles taught here. Access these videos at end of report through the link you'll find there. -Walter L Bell

About Walter Walter is a dad and grand dad and has been online since 2008 in the affiliate marketing space as well as network marketing. To his credit Walter originated the marketing training he calls... “The Perpetuated Sphere Of Influence Marketing Theory”. Walt loves network marketing and helping people understand the principles of success he has observed among many top 6 & 7 figure earners in this industry. He is currently a member of a network marketing support group that teaches network marketers how to earn six figures in their businesses regardless of mlm company.

Step 1 Stop Chasing Friends And Family And Start Targeting The very first thing we must do is stop chasing the wrong people. Friends and family are not your ideal market for long term success. Usually, the experience most people get from the family and friends list process is a bad one. Even if initial results from pursuing friends & family seem positive it often does not pan out.

This is due to the often short business life span of new recruits from people's circle of family and friends. Although they sometimes will join you, they often will quit within their first 60-90 days. There are also other reasons why this strategy works for so few people. Not being able to find adequate numbers of business minded prospects who have an entreprenurial mindset is another problem with this approach. The vast majority of people have a 9 to 5, pay-by-the-hour work mentality.

Unfortunately many of them don't have the required work ethic necessary to work without an hourly guaranteed wage to build a business for future financial rewards. The fact is the common mlm “family and friends” strategy which is what most network marketers use actually works for less than 3% of reps. This is based on the fact that rarely will more than 3% of distributors in any given mlm company earn more than a part-time income.

The solution is to start “targeting” a different group of people to recruit like top 6&7 figure eaners do. Before moving forward be sure to register for my personal mentoring group's the next live marketing training session. You'll discover the truth about correct targeting to build any MLM business. Topics also discussed every wednesday night include mlm lead generation, facebook marketing, instagram and much more.

Just click below to register. FREE High-Level Coaching: Join us Every Wednesday @9 for Invaluable Training Webinars Guaranteed to Help YOU Get More Leads, More Reps, and More Money in YOUR MLM Business!

Step 2 "Brand" Yourself And Offer "Value". Step number two is instead of promoting your mlm company first promote yourself! Promoting you is what's called branding yourself. The term "branding oneself" essentially is to distinguish oneself from your competition with the unique value you offer.

You want to stand out as a network marketing leader who provides valuable information your target market wants and needs. There is a big difference in this approach versus a network marketer who merely pitches their biz opp all the time. There are millions of network marketers world wide also promoting their opportunities, with a portion of whom are perhaps in the same company you are in. You want to set yourself apart from these "competitors".

Providing “informational value” to your target prospects is the starting point of a relationship building process that leads to getting sign ups and sales in your mlm opportunity. A 100% FREE video that shows even how a complete newbie can begin offering value with your very own ebook is available by clicking on image below...

Step 3 Become a true marketer. We are involved with an industry known as Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing. I emphasize the term "Marketing" because of its importance here. The term "Marketing" is evident in both terms, however, the reality is that very few participants in this industry ever apply real marketing principles to grow their businesses.

We might as well change the terms to multi level "selling" and network "selling". As marketers we must understand the real difference between marketing and selling. Then after realizing the advantages of having a marketing focused approach to business building we must began to educate and equip ourselves to become the best marketers we can be. To begin with, selling is the practice of individually targeting potential prospects.

This usually leads to scheduling and conducting one-on-one sales presentations with them. There is no doubt many millionaires have built their fortunes on such practices. However when you understand and use real marketing practices combined with the power of the internet the possibilities for network marketing success is much greater. We must not however confuse merely "advertising" with real marketing. It is certainly not the same thing and does not work in the network marketing industry.

Many people try "advertising" their opportunity links all over the internet. This is not only inaffective it is illegal on many platforms. So beware of this practice. A great example that illustrates the difference between selling and good marketing practices is the difference between fishing in a pond with a fishing rod and fishing in the ocean with a huge net. In my 4-video training series I'll teach more on becoming a real marketer and reaching the masses of people who want what you have.

I'll show you how its possible to go from simply a sales approach(pond fishing with single rod) to more of a marketing approach(deep sea fishing with a huge net). The best part is I'll show you how you can have a 24/7 marketing operation in place that works even while you sleep! It will be like having a big boat, a captain and a highly skilled fishing crew going fishing for you around the clock without you needing to be on board. That's the power of having a propely configured sales funnel.

No more focusing on simply selling one-on-one. That way of prospecting is a long and tedious process that limits your success potential severly. Are you ready to learn more about how to stop chasing the wrong people, branding yourself, providing value and become a true marketer? If so you are ready for my 4-video training series. Click here or on videos below to access 100% Free my Perpetuated Sphere Of Influence Video Training.

See You On My Video Series, Walter L Bell

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