Master eLearning Course F2F

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the essential skills and knowledge to design, develop and develop brilliant eLearning. Upon successful completion of the course combined with our face to face Articulate. Storyline or ... Following essential graphic design rules. · Creating ...

Master eLearning Course F2F This 2 day course is delivered on client site or around Australia in capital cities. It covers the essential skills and knowledge to design, develop and develop brilliant eLearning. Upon successful completion of the course combined with our face to face Articulate Storyline or Articulate Studio workshops participants will be awarded a Statement of Attainment for the competency “Design and Develop eLearning Resources (TAEDES503A)” from the Diploma of Design and Development (TAE50211). The course is filled with practical activities and resources to take away, regardless of what authoring tools you use. Learning Outcomes     

Apply the components of effective eLearning instructional design and learner engagement Use a rapid approach to produce eLearning quickly whilst maintaining interactivity and quality Design eLearning with behavioural-based outcomes Evaluate eLearning programs and establish continuous improvement strategies Use blended learning to leverage business benefits

B Online Learning is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID: 90413) and the Exclusive Certified Articulate Training Provider in Asia Pacific.

What’s Covered DEFINE    

eLearning Today What's Rapid eLearning What's Blended eLearning What’s Instructional Design


Using an Agile Instructional Design Model · What is Agile Instructional Design · Agile Instructional Design verses traditional instructional design models Embedding Adult Learning Principles · Understanding Adult Learning Theory · Identifying and applying adult learning principles to learning activities Techniques to Build Learner Motivation · Learner Motivation · Motivation Level/Value of Training · Ways to Enhance Learning Motivation Building a Design Concept · Identify the learning outcomes · Examine different eLearning approaches · Identify Levels of Interactivity


Using A Team Approach for Development · Examine different roles within the team Converting Content to eLearning · Chunking down the content · The 80:20 rule · 5 Steps to Gather Content : Estimate, Breakdown, Identify, Interactions and Writing Storyboarding · Creating a storyboard using your design concept Engaging Learners with Interactive Strategies · Using scenarios · Intuitive navigation · Instructional interactivity · Catering for diversity · eLearning for mobile devices

 

Templates and Learning Patterns · Following essential graphic design rules · Creating visual interest · Creating reusable templates Using text and narration wisely · Writing techniques for eLearning Assessing Performance · Questioning techniques · Different ways to assess in an online environment Dealing with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) · Identifying challenges that may occur when working with SMEs · Establishing workarounds to these challenges Reviewing eLearning · Using feedback templates


Create a Delivery Plan · Identifying different eLearning approaches e.g. online, face-to- face, live conferencing, social media platforms · Calculating the total course duration Evaluating the Learning · Using the Kirkpatrick evaluation model · Creating final testing checklist

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