May 2010

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May 1, 2010 - Board Members. ORLANDO WORLD CENTER ... dedication and ownership of our board members ... EPSDIV Technical Programs…5. EPSDIV ...

May 2010 

Chairperson’s Report  two major functions of the Board. Once again, we won a Pinnacle Silver Award.

ORLANDO WORLD CENTER MARRIOTT RESORT & CONVENTION CENTER It is time for ANTEC 2010 and also time for the “changing of the guard”. Pierre Moulinie will take over as chairman of the Board of Directors at our ANTEC meeting on Sunday, May 16. Hopefully, this will give me an opportunity to reinforce our membership committee and help the division in other responsibilities. The past year has been very rewarding for me. The dedication and ownership of our board members made my task much easier than what I perceived at …the outset. I especially thank Steve Driscoll and Murali Rajagopalan for their continuous involvement in

We have elected seven new board members. It is expected that they will bring in new ideas and healthy enthusiasm. The Division made two nominations for election of 2010 Society Fellows. Hung Ju Sue from Texas A&M University was elected a Fellow and will be recognized at the Continued on Page 2

Welcome to New  and Returning  Board Members  Thank you all for participating in the recent election of new members of the Board. We originally planned to elect 5 members from 8 candidates. However, since we will be losing a Board Member after May 2010 and received a tie for 6th place, we decided to elect 7 Board Members from among 8 candidates to serve for the next three years: Ashish Batra, Kevin Kit, Daniel Liu, Jason Lyons, Daniel Schmidt, Ashish Sukhadia, and Dave Zumbrunnen I thank the returning members and welcome the new members to the Board. — Sadhan Jana

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Chairperson’s Report…………1 New & Returning Board……. 1 Councilor’s Report……………2 EPSDIV Meetings ……………2 Treasurer’s Report…………….3 EPSDIV Keynote Papers……...4 EPSDIV Technical Programs…5 EPSDIV Board Members……..6

Chairperson’s Report  Continued from Page 1 

Councilor’s Report 

As members of the scientific community, our efforts to generate ideas, develop technology and manage information have helped to produce “next generation” materials and processes. Unfortunately, these efforts have not been as effective at producing the “next generation” of members, and more importantly contributors to SPE. We will have to move beyond the science to personal interactions and networking to have the greatest impact on SPE member development. The advantages of membership in SPE are certainly significant: Career Development, Technical Information, Training and Education, Peer Advice, and Networking Opportunities. These are fantastic benefits to make new members aware of – but how does expanding our membership benefit you as an existing member? When you exchange knowledge and develop professional contacts your knowledge, network and influence grow.

The result? Your access to information, capability, knowledge and expertise advances rapidly. These enhance your productivity, efficiency, and broaden your base of impact! All of this is built into SPE. At ANTEC 2010 in Orlando, we will be discussing and defining new ways to improve the impact of SPE for your network, your community. I look forward to the discussion, and welcome any suggestions that you may have to help us succeed as an organization. Contact me. You would be a great partner to have in my network. I want to be the same for you! - Brian Landes

awards banquet on May 16. Two of our current Board members will also be recognized at the awards banquet. Murali Rajagopalan will receive the 2010 SPE Research Award and I will receive the 2010 SPE Education Award. We both would enjoy your company at the awards banquet - please attend. Our new chair, Pierre Moulinie will write this column for the next year. Please extend as much help as you can to Pierre so that our Board can maintain its quality technical programs at ANTEC and TOPCON and continue to serve our profession better. — Sadhan Jana

EPSDIV Meetings at ANTEC 2010 EPSDIV Board Meeting Sunday, May 16, from 4-7:30 PM Room: St. Thomas (Caribbean Ballroom, North Tower, Level 2) EPSDIV Reception Tuesday, May 18: 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Room: Canary 3 (Palms Ballroom, East Tower, Level 1) EPSDIV TPC Meeting and Lunch Tuesday, May 18: 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Room: Tampa (Hall of Cities, East Tower, Level 1)

Encourage Others to Join EPSDIV, By visiting: 2

Financial Report from July 1, 2009 to April 9, 2010

BALANCE as of July 1, 2009 (cash, checking, savings, investments) INCOME Interest Award Sponsorships ANTEC Sponsorships Misc. TOTAL INCOME EXPENSES Newsletter Production Awards Councilor Travel BOD Travel Teleconferences



ACTUAL $ 239.00 1000.00 5000.00 41.59 ___________ $ 6280.59


1063.00 862.61 1617.55 500.00 392.07 ___________ $ 4435.23




ENDING BALANCE as of April 9, 2010 $ 40,122.97 - Emmett Crawford, EPSDIV Treasurer 2009-2010

Monday’s ANTEC 2010 Plenary Speaker John R. Verity Vice President Polyolefins Global Business Unit for ExxonMobil Chemical Company

Monday May 17th From 11:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.


Tuesday’s ANTEC 2010 Plenary Speaker

Wednesday’s ANTEC 2010 Plenary Speaker Dr. Donald G. Baird

Dr. Balaji Singh President Chemical Market Resources, Inc.

Tuesday May 18th From 11:00 A.M. – 12:00 Noon

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, and SPE 2009 International Award Winner

Wednesday May 19th From 11:00 A.M. – 12:00 Noon

EPSDIV Keynote papers will be delivered by Prof. Chris Macosko Controlled Morphology Dr. Edward Peters Alloys and Blends David Klanecky Fibers and Membranes Prof. Ray Pearson Structure property relationships in Nanocomposites I Prof. Lynden Archer Advanced Energy Prof. Chris Pastore Bioplastics Prof. Luyi Sun Structure property relationships in Nanocomposites II 4

EPSDIV ANTEC 2010 TECHNICAL PROGRAM Alloys and Blends Polymer Analysis Materials Characterization Controlled Morphology Fibers and Membranes Advanced Energy (Joint with Advanced Energy) Structure Property Relationships in Nanocomposites I Structure Property Relationships in Nanocomposites II Bioplastics (Joint with Flexible Packaging) Structure Property Relationships in Polyolefins (Joint with Flexible Packaging) Interactive Session


EPSDIV Board of Directors 2009-2010 CHAIR Sadhan Jana University of Akron 330-972-8293 [email protected]

CHAIR ELECT Pierre Moulinie Bayer MaterialScience 412-777-2332 [email protected]

TREASURER Emmett Crawford Eastman Chemical Company 423-229-1621 [email protected]

SECRETARY Stephen Driscoll U. Massachusetts/Lowell 978-934-3431 [email protected]

PAST CHAIR Jeff Gillmor Eastman Kodak 585-588-7415 [email protected]

COUNCILOR Brian Landes The Dow Chemical Company 989-638-7059 [email protected]

NEWSLETTER EDITOR John Trent S.C. Johnson & Sons, Inc 262-260-4943 [email protected]

Raj Krishnaswamy Metabolix, Inc. 978-513-1832 [email protected]

Murali Rajagopalan Acushnet 508-979-3405 [email protected]

Shriram Bagrodia (Sr. Senate) 423-963-4537 (cell) [email protected]

Jason Lyons Arkema Inc. 610-878-6604 [email protected]

Ashish Batra The Dow Chemical Company 979-238-3495 [email protected]

Gregory McKenna Texas Tech University 806-742-4136 [email protected]

Richard Bopp Natureworks, LLC 952-742-0454 [email protected]

Tricia McKnight Society of Plastics Engineers 203-740-5430 [email protected]

Frank Cangelosi Unimin Corporation 203-966-8880 [email protected]

Joshua Otaigbe University of Southern Mississippi 601-266-5596 [email protected]

(Josh) Shing-Chung Wong University of Akron 330-972-8275 [email protected]

Rajen Patel The Dow Chemical Company 979-238-2254 [email protected]

David Zumbrunnen Clemson University 864-656-5625 [email protected]

Brian Grady (Sr. Senate) University of Oklahoma 405-325-4369 [email protected] Kevin Kit University of Tennessee 865-974-7055 [email protected]

Michael Read (Sr. Senate) Dow Chemical Company 989-636-9555 [email protected] Ashish Sukhadia Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. 918-661-7467 [email protected] John Torkelson Northwestern University 847-491-7449 [email protected]

Hoang Pham (Sr. Senate) Dow Chemical Company 979-238-5920 [email protected] 6

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