MAY 2010

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May 1, 2010 - NAPM-Denver Calendar. May 11. NAPM-Denver Webinar, Large. Scale Solar ... [email protected] or telephone: 303-556-5849 to.

MAY 2010 NAPM-Denver Calendar May 11

May 20




NAPM-Denver Webinar, Large Scale Solar Projects Worldwide, 12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM (MDT), Speaker, Thomas Leyden, Managing Director of SunPower Corporation

Dinner Meeting Denver Renaissance Hotel 5:30 (Seminars) 6:45 (Dinner) Dinner Reservation Form

No Dinner Meeting

No Dinner Meeting

No Dinner Meeting

DINNER SPEAKER – MAY 20 The Critical Role of Procure to Pay (P2P) in the New Economy: Hidden Value Levers Presented by: Bill Dempsey Bill Dempsey, Director of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing for MillerCoors, will bring his insights as to what is happening within MillerCoors procurement and specifically will discuss the role of P2P at MillerCoors – looking at how they structure the process, their guiding principles, the importance of proper formation of a P2P team, and some examples of projects in process at this time. Additionally, Bill will share his experience of working with the hidden value levers being explored at MillerCoors: o o o o o

Shareholder Value and Strategic Sourcing Integrating with Others in P2P Strategic Alliances Cash Conversion Cycle Non-Recurring Expenditures

Bill will conclude his presentation by sharing his thoughts as to how he sees the “new economy” and how it impacts us. Bill is responsible for procurement activities including strategic sourcing, contract management, supplier management and operational purchasing for nearly $2 billion of indirect material category spend. MillerCoors Procurement has recently managed through some significant transformational changes, with the joint venture of Miller and Coors in July 2008. Make your reservations at Page 1

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PRE-DINNER SEMINARS (5:30 P.M.) Contract Lifecycle Management Kathryn Sweers, General Counsel, Molson Coors Brewing Company and Jamie Morea, Contract Manager, MillerCoors LLC. A proactive and methodical management of a contract from initiation through award, to compliance and renewal. The New Procurement. Presented by: Chris MacLean, Director of Global Procurement, Molson Coors Brewing Company. Many procurement groups rethinking the approach on ‘how to buy’.

COMMITTEE OF THE MONTH: PRE-DINNER SEMINARS The Pre-Dinner Seminars Committee plans and facilitates the seminars that start at 5:30 PM before each dinner meeting. Duties include contacting presenters, making arrangements including audio-visual requirements, and facilitating meetings. If you are interested in helping with this committee, or have questions, contact the chair: Scott Stark Miller Coors Brewing Co Tele: 303 277-7062 Email: [email protected]

BUSINESS CONDITIONS SURVEY By Rogers Coke, CPSM, C.P.M. JOIN THE NAPM-DENVER BUSINESS SURVEY NAPM-Denver in cooperation with the University of Colorado at Denver publishes a Denver area Manufacturing Business Survey and a Denver area Non-Manufacturing Business Survey. NAPM-Denver needs members willing to respond to the each of the surveys. The survey questions ask respondents various questions to ascertain the condition of the manufacturing and non-manufacturing economies in the Denver area. The surveys are similar to the Institute for Supply Management’s (ISM) Report on Business for both manufacturing and nonmanufacturing. Please contact Dr. M.P. Parthasarathy of the University of Colorado at Denver College of Business at email: [email protected] or telephone: 303-556-5849 to participate or for more information. A large group of respondents is required to make the surveys valid.

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Election Night Results Voting for new 2010-2011 directors took place at the April 15 Dinner meeting. Elected were: Fred Lehn (5-year Director) Debbie Rowe (2-year Director) Wendy Albrecht (1-year director) Scott Stark (1 year director)

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS Matthew Edrington – Sunrise Medical Penny Mieth – TriZetto Group Troy Minch - Encana Natural Gas Kevin Moos - Sandoz

CONGRATULATIONS TO… Re-certified as Lifetime C.P.M.s Lance Bradford, C.P.M. - Kinder Morgan Grace Mills, C.P.M. – Caridian BCT Re-Certified C.P.M.s Helen Fischer, C.P.M. – Qwest Jarrod McDaniel, C.P.M. Bill Scheller, C.P.M. – Roche Colorado

2009-2010 NAPM-DENVER OFFICERS President

Dorothy Cohen, C.P.M.

(303) 494-0458

Past President

Dan Marin, C.P.M.

President Elect

Jim Branaugh, C.P.M.

Tri-State G&T

(303) 254-3111

Executive Director

Carol Coke

NAPM-Denver, Inc.

(303) 444-7056


Kelly Mickelson, C.P.M.

Adams County School District 50

(303) 428-3535


Jo Ann Rose, C.P.M.

Molson Coors Brewing Company

(303) 927-2405

2-Year Director

Bobby Eggleston, C.P.M.

Ball Aerospace

(303) 939-6310

2-Year Director

Sandra Schmitzer, C.P.M.

1-Year Director

Wendy Albrecht, C.P.M.

Sounds True

(303) 665-3151

1-Year Director

Fred Lehn

Raytheon Polar Services

(720) 568-2369

Cricket Communications

(720) 374-8076

(303) 447-1438

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Jim Branaugh, C.P.M.

Tri-State G&T

(303) 254-3111

Educational Resources

John Hiatt, CPSM, C.P.M.

Group Publishing

(970) 292-4560


Ginger Young, C.P.M.


Deb Egan, C.P.M.

Qwest Corporation

(303) 707-5588

Pre-Dinner Seminars

Scott Stark

Miller Coors Brewing Co.

(303) 277-7062

Presidential Advisory

Sandra Schmitzer, C.P.M.

Professional Development

Doug Henninger, C.P.M.

Denver Water

(303) 628-6769


Jim Branaugh, C.P.M.

Tri-State G&T

(303) 254-3111

Webmaster/Business Survey

Rogers Coke, CPSM, C.P.M.

Public Relations/Marketing

Wendy Albrecht, C.P.M.

(303) 471-2920

(303) 447-1438

(303) 444-1924 Sounds True

(303) 665-3151

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