May 2010

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May 10, 2010 - 31 Evans House closed for Memorial Day. Bishop's .... at Evans House or online at .... Tale DVDs for snowy days, family.

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Connections linking diocesan leaders

Around the Diocese and Beyond ! Spring Convocation Meetings continue in May: --Augusta Convocation will meet May 02, from 3--5 PM, at R.E. Lee Memorial Episcopal Church (123 W. Washington St., Lexington, VA 24450). --Lynchburg Convocation will meet May 16, from 2:30--4:30 PM, at St. Paul's Episcopal Church (605 Clay Street, Lynchburg, VA 24504). --Abingdon Convocation will meet May 23, from 2:30--4:30 PM, at St. Thomas Episcopal Church (124 E. Main St., Abingdon, VA 24210)

! Center for Lifelong Learning Programs, held at at the Phoebe Needles Center for adults 55+, focus on education and fellowship. A seminar in the morning is followed by a gourmet lunch. The seminars are on a variety of topics from mountain music to Christmas music, from bees to birds. Annual Memberships are available at $45 per person or $65 per couple. The seminars are offered at no cost to members, and $8 to nonmembers. On May 11, enjoy a presentation on Our Disappearing Birds, led by Bill Grant.

Vol. 10, issue 5 May 2010

DATES AND UPDATES Looking Ahead in May April 30--May 02 SYE 02 Augusta Convocation 04 Standing Committee 03--06 New River Convocation Walkabout 08 Deacons' Retreat 13 Education Consortium meeting 15 Celebration of Donnie Wheatley's 25th anniversary at Boys' Home 16 Lynchburg Convocation 22 Companions for Mission 23 Abingdon Convocation 27 Spring Clergy Day 31 Evans House closed for Memorial Day Bishop's Sundays in May 02 R. E. Lee Memorial, Lexington 09 Trinity, Staunton 16 St. Stephen's, Forest 23 Emmanuel, Bristol 30 Trinity, Rocky Mount Remember: Youth and youth leaders are encouraged to attend the youth portion of convocation meetings!

Phoebe Needles also offers summer camp programs for campers of all ages. Held during June, July, and August, these weeklong camps, each with a special focus, are open to all rising fifth- through twelfth-graders. Programs include backpacking, canoeing, climbing, rappelling, arts and crafts, swimming, hiking, environmental activities and more. The 50's "More or Less" Camp is an annual event which gives adults the opportunity to experience the joys of traditional camp activities, along with time to read, relax, or even nap in a beautiful Blue Ridge setting.

Checks will be written in the diocesan office on: May 10 May 21 June 9 June 22 July 9 July 16 August 11 August 23 September 8 September 22 October 8 October 20 November 10 November 22 December 8 December 20

For more information about events at the Phoebe Needle Center: call 540483-1518 or 800-848-1677; email [email protected]; or visit the website at

"...All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well." — Julian of Norwich

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DIRECTORY OF THE OFFICES OF THE DIOCESE OF SOUTHWESTERN VIRGINIA 1-800-346-7982 (DIO-SWVA) ~ 540-342-6797 FAX 540-343-9114 ~ Visit us at 1000-1002 FIRST STREET in Roanoke. Send mail to PO BOX 2279, ROANOKE, VA 24009

The Rt. Rev. Neff Powell Bishop [email protected] extension 116

Aimee Bostwick Youth Ministries Coordinator [email protected] extension 121 M--F most mornings at Evans House, most afternoons from home Aimee works many night and weekend hours with youth wherever they are located.

Bishop Powell's sabbath is taken on Friday.

Lynn Robertson Bishop's Secretary Data Resources Manager Editor, Prayer Calendar [email protected] M--F; 9--5

extension 117

The Rev. Dr. Bob Copenhaver Chaplain to Retired Clergy, Spouses, and Survivors Retired Clergy Insurance Contact

extension 113

The Rev. John Heck Director of Phoebe Needles Center, Inc.

[email protected] 540-556-8307 Bob serves in this role for love and a small stipend.

Alan Boyce Canon for Administration [email protected] M-F; 8-4

[email protected]

Jenny Dye Diocesan Services Coordinator [email protected] extension 115


Vicki Dotten Director of Grace House

M-F; 9--5

[email protected] Fax: 276-395-6588

The Rev. Gene Anderson Transitions and Development Officer

The Rev. Becky Crites Ecumenical and Inter-religious Officer

[email protected] extension 122 Wednesday; 9-1 Gene may also be reached at 540-776-9096.

[email protected] Becky volunteers her time for this service, which is performed outside Evans House.

Jim Robertson Accounts Payable and Procurement Coordinating Volunteer

Kate Garcia Active Clergy and Lay Insurance Contact Editor, Connections Bishop Marmion Resource Center Coordinator

[email protected] extension 120 Jim volunteers his time for this service, and consequently he sets his own hours.


[email protected] extension 111 Kate is a part-time employee with flexible hours M--F. Resources may be previewed and checked out at Evans House or online at

Bill Lindsay Program Coordinator for Planned Giving, Disaster Preparedness, and Grant Applications

Connections is a monthly diocesan publication connecting those who serve in similar or related leaderships positions with the Evans House staff and with each other. Those who receive it are asked to share it with others in their congregations. The submission deadline for Connections is the fifteenth of the preceding month.

[email protected] extension 110 Bill has retired, and his hours are his own. Fortunately, he still shares some of them with us.


“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.” --Seneca --The Rt. Rev. Neff Powell Fifth Bishop of the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia

April 15, 2010! Dear Friends in Christ,! Two years ago I flew to Augusta, Maine, to meet with the new bishop and his staff. This trip was part of my role as the new bishop’s official “coach.” The experienced and committed staff warmly welcomed me, but I was struck that all the staff were the same age. ! We have a breadth and seamlessness of ages among the staff and volunteers here at Evans House. We have staff members in their twenties through middle age and beyond. Often you will hear the happy sounds from toddlers or preschoolers. Throughout the year you see youth in the building working on projects. Over the years Evans House has had many teens and young adults as summer interns. ! Our most senior member in terms age and wisdom is Bill Lindsay. I am not certain of Bill’s age, but he does remember being at a Washington Redskins game when it was announced that Pearl Harbor had been attacked. (The Redskins beat Philadelphia, and Bill remembers what the score was.) ! During the two weeks in which I served the diocese before my ordination and consecration, Bill and I shared a desk because Bishop Light, of course, used the bishop’s office till the afternoon before the big service. Since Bill came in each day at noon, I used his desk in the morning, then cleared out of the way for him to use it in the afternoon. Office space was at a premium in the old Evans House. Bill and I were not the only ones who shared a desk. ! Bill has served several important functions and ministries for us all. On the mundane level, he picked up the mail at the Post Office on his way in and locked up at five, taking the outgoing mail at the end of the day. He wrote grant requests for us. Last year he raised $7,500 in grants, including funds which helped our work in Sudan. ! Bill has been the Disaster Preparedness Officer for Evans House and for the diocese. From time to time he has drilled us on what to expect and how to respond should an unexpected disaster hit this area. Bill produced the brochure Disaster Preparedness for Parishes: After the disaster is not the time to get organized, as well as assembling a notebook on disaster preparation for each congregation in the diocese. He serves on VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters), a consortium of disaster preparedness organizations which includes interfaith representatives. ! Bill has worked diligently to promote and administer our diocese's Legacy Society. You have probably seen the brochure explaining this important program. He has assisted a number of our congregations to establish their own parish Legacy Societies.! Bill has moved to Westminster-Canterbury Retirement Community in Lynchburg, but thankfully he will still be coming to Evans House as a volunteer one or two days a week.! I value Bill’s steady presence and long view of life and the world, so I am glad that I will still be seeing him. The diocesan staff had a first-rate send-off breakfast for Bill recently. In addition to the usual fun cards and gifts, Kate Garcia had made new business cards for him to carry. The card gives his title as Gentleman and Scholar. To which I say, amen.! Grace and Peace,


Being Open to New Possibilities “We stretch our hearts into bigger hearts when we can think collectively as contrasted to individually.” -Alan Boyce Canon for Administration

Did you know we have twenty churches in our diocese that have thirty or fewer members? That is over one-third of all of our churches!! I marvel at how these small churches are navigating their way through the choppy waters of limited resources, especially in these challenging times. There is a lot to learn from these small, but powerful, communities. In the early 1980s, Beth and I attended St. Mark’s, in St. Paul, Virginia. We were members of this tiny parish and loved every minute of it. The Sunday service started just as soon as we were all gathered. The “coffee hour” took place while we waited for everyone to arrive. If Helen didn’t show, we called her to see if she was all right. Announcements were pretty simple and did not require written distribution. We took turns cutting the grass and taking out the trash after church. Sometimes we were invited to the Muse’s home for lunch. Quite often they would provide tasty Bloody Marys and

call it “Vice after Verse.” It is an awesome community. We still remember those days very fondly. The mission of the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia is to challenge and support the creativity of our congregations in their Christian growth and global responsibility. I can see all manner and sorts of possibilities for our diocese to support its parishes in new and exciting ways. Prayer is always in order for such an effort, and I know the committee will appreciate the ones we offer. Being open to new possibilities is also very much in order. I know that we are a better church when we at least think globally as we act locally. We stretch our hearts into bigger hearts when we can think collectively as contrasted to individually. Annual Council requested that the Executive Board organize and oversee a Sustainability Committee in order to conduct a


two-year study of sustainability of our diocesan ministries and resources. This committee holds a great deal of promise in charting a future course for our diocese. I am excited about their work and look forward to assisting them in any way they request. I want to learn from our smaller churches just what it is that they have learned and are learning about sustainability. I remember that the first draft of our funding resolution called for the smallest churches in the diocese to pledge less than 10% to the work of the diocese. I remember how quickly they let us know that they were insulted by not being requested to at least tithe. I am always amazed at how rapidly the smaller churches are able to respond to any given situation. Congregational meetings quite often happen on Sunday morning. I know we will seek occasion to learn from one another. We are a very diverse group. This is our blessing to the process and our gift to one another. Our diversity makes us the best diocese ever! We have wonderful clergy and lay leaders for this two-year journey into ourselves and our communities.

Haiti Benefit Concert Raises Over $10,000


On Sunday, March 14 at 4:30 PM, Trinity Church in Staunton, Virginia was filled with people eager to enjoy good music and to help the victims of the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti. This benefit concert was the brainchild of Trinity!s Music Director, Carol Taylor. Thinking about what she could do to help the people of Haiti, she began a plan to use what was at hand, her church and her excellent choir.

Jennifer Kirkland and Bert Carlson

To make the program varied and informative, Ms. Taylor reached out to other musicians in the community and invited people

with ties to Haiti to speak. In the end, five different sets of musicians joined the Trinity Choirs to make music and three speakers spoke from the heart about their experiences before and after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. The concert raised over $10,500. The funds have been split between Episcopal Relief and Development!s earthquake relief efforts in Haiti and Partners In Health, an established health care provider and health policy organization in Cange, Haiti. The earthquake came at a time when the attention of many at Trinity Episcopal Church was already focused on Haiti. An effort began in the summer of 2009 to collaborate with other churches and organizations to support a project in the Cerca-la Source area of Haiti. The Haiti Collaborative comprises of five churches (Trinity, Staunton; St. John's, Waynesboro; Emmanuel, Staunton; St. Luke's, Hot Springs; and Good Shepherd, Blue Grass) and one school (Stuart Hall, Staunton).The project they have adopted is building a new facility for and supporting operations at St. Mark!s School. --Sue Micklem Trinity, Staunton


The Trinity Episcopal Church Choir


Find it at the BMRC!

Turn! Turn! Turn!

New Veggie Tale DVDs: The Ballad Of Little Joe is a Wild West yarn with the message to have faith when facing hardship because in the end, God can work all things out for good. The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's is the story of the Prodigal Son, an all-new family adventure that reminds kids everywhere that there's nothing like forgiveness and there's no place like home. New Book: The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully (Joan Chittister) Accepting and celebrating getting old, this inspirational and illuminating work looks at the many facets of the aging process, from purposes and challenges to struggles and surprises. Central throughout is a call to cherish the blessing of aging as a natural part of life that is active, productive, and deeply rewarding. Readers are encouraged to surmount their fears of getting older and find beauty in aging well.

"To every thing there is a season,and a time for every purpose, under heaven. . . ." --Kate Garcia Bishop Marmion Resource Center Coordinator, Editor, Connections Insurance Contact for Active Clergy and Lay Employees

At the spring convocation meetings, delegates, alternates, and clergy receive many diocesan ministry reports. You can find them online at by choosing "Governance: and then "Convocations" from the menu in the left-hand column. I write ministry reports for both Connections and the BMRC. I confess that I don't always bring a joyful spirit to this particular task-and yet, by the time I've finished, I have a renewed sense of joy in the opportunity to be part of these ministries and the lives that they touch. The BMRC's purpose is to serve you by providing resources and consultations to parishes and individuals all around the diocese, as well as providing educational programs and workshops. The purpose is lived out!! • by maintaining a lending library of videos, books, CDs, DVDs, and curriculum materials, • through the availability of the coordinator by phone, email, or in person for consultation, • through working with the Education Consortium in planning educational events, • by maintaining an online catalogue and checkout system to make resources more accessible.


New software implemented during spring 2009 provides helpful statistical information about how the purpose lived out. From April 2009 to December 2009, 260 resources were checked out by 75 people in 32 parishes. In the first quarter of this year, 149 resources have been checked out by 39 people in 20 parishes. So, from last April until now, over 400 resources have left the building, and they've traveled into every one of our five convocations! Who uses these resources? The software keeps track of their names, but not their stories. Some of those resources go into homes--Veggie Tale DVDs for snowy days, family prayer and craft ideas for special seasons, books about individual spiritual practices. Many more are used in parishes for Bible study, Christian education, confirmation, and baptism--so that while statistics show how many people have checked out resources, they can't begin to show how many people had the benefit of each resource. The report form asks how convocations and parishes can support the BMRC. That answer is easy! Visit, online and in person. Tell others we're here. Let me know what new resources you'd like to see. We're here to serve, in the BMRC and throughout Evans House.

Charter Chat Epiphany Project Provides Swaddling Clothes and More Then we planned our outing. Jonathan Harris, our rector, 0 1 0 and the folks at Trinity, ,2 January 24 Buchanan, embraced the s, Dear Friend love. This 's d o project with their usual G g in eans show d's love Epiphany m we want to show Go Lent is generosity and enthusiasm. y d year the wa rs during Epiphany an They donated 65 packs of e t and help oth nalized Onesies (infan ission. Capri Sun, and more cookies M so making per children at the Rescue than we could count! Kim, r bodysuit) fo nesies that O r o y e Liam and Tory's mother, had n o ing for m escue We are ask ate and bring to the R her pupils at Community r we will deco School bake cookies, too. Mission. We took ourselves, our Thank You. goodies, Sincerely, and our m Halsey Tory and Lia acting skills to the Rescue Mission for the And so the project began...with an Children's idea presented by two eight-yearEvening Service. old Sunday School students at We began by Trinity, Buchanan. singing a rousing We collected money and onesies version of He's from the parish, coworkers, friends, Got the Whole and family. Altogether, we were able World in His to collect and purchase one hundred Hands, done as and one Onesies. We decorated a naming song, seventy-five of them. Kim and her and then kids made darling bags for the ones presented the Parable of the they decorated. We had asked folks Forgiving Father, as told from a if they had a message they wanted pig's perspective. to send, and these were used to Jonathan was the create very sweet labels. Forgiving Father, Jimmy Carter did double duty as the Prodigal Son and photographer, and Liam was a very convincing Jealous Brother! I was the sassy Pink Pig. Kim pitched in with refreshments and crowd control.


Charlene Hudson helped out and is shown cuddling the toddler who slept through all the mayhem. The group included twenty-five children and several volunteers from the Rescue Mission, as well as staff members who dropped by. After the skit, all the children decorated Onesies for the babies in the Shelter. Later two of the pregnant women came down and made Onesies for their babies, too. It was a wild night, but a joyous one, thanks to the open hearts of two very special eightyear-olds, their gifted mother, and a marvelously open and caring parish led by our priest, Jonathan, who is so receptive to our plans and plottings in Sunday School at Trinity, Buchanan. --Maryanne Meloy Trinity, Buchanan

Youth Ministries News and Updates Mass on the Mountain and Convocation Gatherings--Diocesan Youth have been busy and there are more opportunities to come! --Aimee Bostwick Diocesan Youth Coordinator

Mass on the Mountain I received a phone call last week from one of our YMT parents. She mentioned that her son wanted to be confirmed and had missed the confirmation at his own parish because of some of his school commitments. He had come up with an idea. The bishop was to be present at Mass on the Mountain. Would he confirm Andrew on top of Bear Mountain? When I heard this idea, I knew this was going to be a special Mass on the Mountain! Sharon Bryant normally starts chuckling when we talk schedules. “The Monacans don!t really like schedules,” she tries to gently tell me. In fact, they have a phrase-“Just roll with it." Sharon was proud of me--I was able to “roll with it” much better this time! According to our “schedule” we were going to have the youth sweat on Saturday morning and finish in time for lunch with the bishop. Our hike would follow shortly thereafter.

would be helping to facilitate our sweat. What an amazing gift that was! That is what the Monacans will tell you--that quite often, when you learn to “roll with it,” you experience many unexpected gifts. The hike to the top of Bear Mountain was not an easy one. In fact, I would say that it is the most difficult hike of all our Mass on the Mountain excursions thus far. But, it was so worth it to reach the top! Ancient burial grounds of the Monacan people are there. Celebrating Eucharist in such a setting is enchanting. Andrew Bazak, of Christ Church, Roanoke, was confirmed on that mountain on April 17, 2010. It was beautiful, and only fitting after he had experienced a Native American sweat--an act of prayer and cleansing. It was beautiful to see Andrew surrounded by his MOM community, including his Monacan brothers and sisters, both ancient and new.

On Saturday morning the wind was especially strong--so much so that we had to delay lighting the fire for the sweat by two hours. During that time, we were able to listen to the stories of George Whitewolf, who

On Saturday evening around a warm fire, Lucy, a member of the Monacan tribe, joined us and shared some of the stories of her people. These stories make you laugh, but they also make you think. Lucy shared that Monacan parents tell their children these stories to teach them how to be good and kind. She had a great point--a child will remember and respond to a story much more than to the yelling of a parent. Something to think about … . So . . . another memorable MOM


Summer opportunities: ! Youth Week at Kanuga: The deadline for us to register as a group and receive a discount is May 20. Registration forms need to be in the diocesan office by Friday, May 14. Please visit for more information about the conferences. There is something for everyone from grades 6--12 and for adults who work with youth. has come and gone. The next will be in the fall, in the Augusta convocation at Sherando Lake. We attempted this location this past fall but the weather did not cooperate. The dates of MOM VII are October 15--17. Mark your calendars now! Please remember that MOM is for youth of all ages AND their families.

Above and on facing page, Mass on the Mountain. Below, youth enjoy messy games at the New River convocation meeting

! Bradford Youth Exchange: Six youth and two adults will be visiting our diocese from the end of July until the middle of August. If you are interesting in hosting a youth or dinner for the group, please contact Aimee. We are trying to insure that they are able to stay in each convocation. Visit the youth website for more details at ! Monacan Mission Camp August 2--7 at Bear Mountain: This summer all rising 8th--12th graders are invited to help serve the Monacan nation. Together we will host a Vacation Bible School for the Monacan children and work on the grounds of St. Paul's. Further details will be posted on the youth website as they become available. Our Bradford friends will be joining us.

Convocation meetings get off to a great start! There has been an outcry from the youth for the return of messy games to our time together during convocation meetings. Their plea was answered at the New River convocation meeting. With many, many thanks to Sam West and Maureen Perry, both of Christ, Blacksburg, the games went off without a hitch. We hope to see many of our youth at convocation meetings this spring!


The River Adventure Program is now accepting registrations for summer of 2010. We!ll see YOU on the river! TRIPS FOR 2010 Three One-Week Adventures for Youth: $275/trip --James River (rising 7th-8th graders) June 20-25 Trip Leaders: Joe Harden, Kim Saunders and a Bethel staff member

--New River I (rising 8th-9th graders) June 27- July 2 Trip Leaders: Beth and Steve Wiegandt and a Bethel staff member

--New River II (rising 10th,11th, 12th graders) July 4-9 Trip Leaders: John Eggleston, Geno Iannaccone, and Sue Bentley

Two Family/Adult Day Trips $15/adult; $10/child ($30/family maximum) --Family Trip I July 17 --Family Trip II August 21 And... A Women!s Only Trip August 13--14 ~ $60.00 This overnight is designed to give women a chance to enjoy the peace and beauty of God!s creation in a new way. What better way to end the summer and get ready for Fall! Cost includes meals and all gear except personal items. Beth Wiegandt and Kim Saunders lead. Come canoe wi! us!

Camp Bethel is accredited by the American Camp Association. www.campbethelvirginia/_RAP_.htm

! Managing Spontaneous Volunteers in Times of Disaster This training takes place on May 14, 2010, from 8:30 AM to 4 PM, at Friendship Health Community Room (327 Hershberger Road, Roanoke, VA 24012). Training includes disaster terminology and concepts, working with spontaneous volunteers, volunteer management practices, risk management principles, and more. There is no fee, but you MUST register. Contact Alison Jorgensen at 540-985-0131 x502 or [email protected] ! St. Paul's, Salem, invites all other parishes to join them and a number of churches of other

denominations in a Habitat for Humanity build in Roanoke. There are two "blitz days" scheduled, May 15 and May 22, with additional work continuing through the summer. No experience is necessary, but if you can't work on the construction site, your help with food organization and preparation will be greatly appreciated. You must be at least 16 years old to volunteer for construction work. Contact Bob Leary and Nancy Rutherfoord (540-989-4032; Nancy.Rutherfoord to get involved. ! The annual Small Church Leadership Conference will be held this year from June 1-4 at the Trinity Conference Center, Pine Knoll Shores, NC. The Small


Church Leadership Conference exists in order to empower small churches to be vital communities doing the work of God!s Kingdom. We do this through education, networking, fellowship and worship/ music. This year's theme is The M& Ms of the Church: Music and Money. The Reverend Larry Britt will serve as our Preacher, Celebrant and Spiritual Advisor this year. Tom Gossen, an architect by trade, is founder and Executive Director of The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS) whose mission “is to transform lives by developing a network of church leaders who encourage generosity.” Tom hails from Wichita, Kansas. Ellen Johnston also serves as Vice Chair of the national board for the Leadership Program for Musicians. Her BA is from Centenary College and her Masters in Music from SMU. The Rt. Rev. Shannon Johnston, Bishop of Virginia, is our Bishop-in-Residence for 2011. Bryan Sirchio, singer/songwriter (Phi Beta Kappa, Duke University, MDiv from Princeton) is an ordained minister in the UCC. He began writing songs at 15, had a “conversion of sorts” at 17, and now has 11 CD!s, 3 study guides and 4 songbooks in 22 years to his credit. Conference cost is $240.00 per person, double occupancy, or $305.00, single private room and bath. The commuter rate is $150.00 per person. Cost covers conference fees, materials, and meals. And then there!s the beach, the Shrimporee! & the wonderful staff of Trinity Center. Y!all come! Registration information can be found at .

SPONSOR-A-DAY To support diocesan ministries, consider sponsoring a day out of the year that has special meaning to you. Each sponsorship is a $200 donation to diocesan ministry. You can give the donation in honor or in memory of a birthday, anniversary, death, or other occasion. (This donation is in addition to your annual voluntary pledged giving to your parish.) Parishes and small groups are also encouraged to consider sponsoring a day. Date I/we wish to sponsor: ______/______/______ Amount enclosed: _______________ Please mark your check "Sponsor-A-Day: month/day/year" Person making donation:_______________________ _____________________________________________ Telephone: ( ) ________________________________ Address: _____________________________________ _____________________________________________ Occasion: ____________________________________ _____________________________________________ In Celebration of: _____________________________ _____________________________________________ In Honor of: __________________________________ _____________________________________________ In Memory of: ________________________________ _____________________________________________ If you wish to sponsor the same day each year, please fill out a new form each year. May we acknowledge this gift in the diocesan publication Connections? ! Yes ! No Thank you for your donation to our Sponsor-A-Day Campaign. Return this form to: Sponsor-A-Day Campaign PO Box 2279 Roanoke VA 24009


! January 20: Deacon Bill and Mary Lynne Bumgarner, in celebration of the birth of their new granddaughter, Meg ! March 28: The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James Henry, in celebration of their granddaughter Abigail’s 4th birthday ! July 11: John and Delia Heck ! July 19: Bob and Susan Miller, in honor of their children ! August 3: Ellen Bouton, in memory of her parents on their wedding anniversary ! September 19: Deacon Bill and Mary Lynne Bumgarner, in celebration of the 3rd birthday of their grandson, Jacob ! November 21: Dennis Case Sponsor-A-Day pledges support diocesan ministry.


For more information or other assistance, contact [email protected] or call 1-800-DIO-SWVA.)

(Chart reflects materials received by the fifteenth of each month.) Parishes in need of copies can find them in the Diocesan Paperwork notebook.

A big THANK YOU to all parishes who have already returned diocesan paperwork due in 2010 to the diocesan office. Check the chart to see who you are!

Received Reports


Notice of 2010 Vestry Elections: January 9, 2010

2010 Parish Officers Report: February 1, 2010

2009 Parochial Report: March 1, 2010

Certificate of Election for Council 2011: March 31, 2010

2009 Parish Audit: August 31, 2010

2011 Parish Funding Commitment (VPG): December 15, 2010

Court of Record Information for Parish Trustees: Update as changes occur

Parish By Laws: The diocesan canons say that parishes may adopt by laws and that if they do they are to send them and any amendments to them to the bishop "promptly following adoption."

"When is that due?"

Clergy Supply The following clergy have indicated availability for supply work in our diocese. Please contact [email protected] with changes. Additions and changes are italicized. Anderson, Gene 5631 Warwood Drive Roanoke, 24018 (540) 776-9096 Bowen, Roger 324 Sherwood Avenue Staunton 24401 (540) 292-6423 Busch, Glenn 3024 Cardinal Place Lynchburg 24503 (434) 384-8673 Copenhaver, Bob 116 Lewis Ave. Salem 24153 (540) 556-8307 Crewdson, Robert 6 Miley Ct. Lexington, 24450 (540) 464-1543

Jones, Richard 1902 Jamestown Road Alexandria 22308 (703) 823-3186

Saarinen, Martin 595 Mountain View Dr. Wytheville, VA 24382 (276) 625-0325

Lane, John D. 307 Rainbow Dr Staunton VA 24401 (540) 885-5842

Sinclair, Roderick 1123 Courtyard Rd. Charlottesville 22903 (434) 244-3507

Litzenburg, Thomas 316 S. Jefferson St. Lexington 24450 (540) 463-58855

Smith, Harmon 2228 Karen Dr. Salem 24153 (540) 389-5205

Lloyd, B. 3202 Matthews Lane Blacksburg 24060 (540) 552-5372 Mannschreck, Mary Lou 496 Litz Lane Tazewell, VA 24651 (276) 472-2195 McNeer, Conrad 490 North Court Street, #6 Abingdon, VA 24210 (276) 628-7817 Moore, Matthew 1824 King College Road, Apt. D-5 Bristol, TN 37620 (423) 217-0950

Furgerson, John 11Whitmore St. Lexington 24450 (540) 464-1244

Morrison, Robert D. 119 Briarwood St. Lynchburg, VA 24503 (434) 384-0019

Glover, John 14449 S. Eastside Hwy. Grottoes 24441 (540) 249-1402

Parrish, William 3708 Manton Dr. Lynchburg 24503 (434) 384-9758

Hershbell, Jackson 274 Still House Drive Lexington 24450 (540) 464-4641

Payden-Travers, Christine 1711 Link Road Lynchburg 24503 (434) 384-4744

Johnson, Ronald N. 320 Dudley Creek Road Hardy, VA 24101 (540) 719-2316

Pruitt, George 1246 Summit Ave. Roanoke 24015 (540) 342-7229


Tatem, Frank 1552 Park Road Harrisonburg, VA 22802 (540) 564-3475 Wigner, Doug 104 Yorkshire Circle Lynchburg, VA 24502 (434) 239-1824 Please note change in supply rates as of October 1, 2008. Clergy Supply Rates: The diocesan standard for Sunday Supply as Guest Celebrant and/or Guest Preaching is $150 for one service; $200 for two services; $250 for three services. The diocesan standard for Assisting is $100 for one service; $150 for two services, $200 for three services. The diocesan standard for Guest Retired Bishops confirming is $175. All amounts are plus $.50 cents per mile, effective January 1, 2010. The cost of any meals and/or lodging involved is to be negotiated with the vestry.

Our Lutheran partners are excited to expand our opportunities together by sharing clergy supply lists. If you feel called to work in ecumenical ministry and would like to be listed with the Lutheran Virginia Synod supply clergy, please email The Rev. Becky Crites, Diocesan Ecumenical Officer, at [email protected]

Bishop's Visitations

April 2010 03 St. Mark's, Clifford

November 2010 07 Trinity, Buchanan 14 Good Shepherd, Blue Grass 21 Christ, Marion St. Paul's, Saltville 28 St. Peter's, Altavista

May 2010 02 R. E. Lee Memorial, Lexington 09 Trinity, Staunton 16 St. Stephen's, Forest 23 Emmanuel, Bristol 30 Trinity, Rocky Mount

December 2010 05 Christ, Blacksburg 12 St. Luke's, Hot Springs 19 St. Elizabeth's, Roanoke 26 Christmas

Bishop Powell will visit every parish in the diocese over the course of fourteen months.

June 2010 06 St. John's, Bedford 13 Christ, Pulaski 20 Ascension, Amherst St. Luke's, Pedlar Mills 27 St. James', Roanoke July 2010 Bishop's continuing education and vacation time August 2010 01 Bishop's continuing education and vacation time 08 Good Shepherd, Galax 15 St. Paul's, Salem 22 St. John's, Waynesboro 29 Tazewell Cluster September 2010 05 Labor Day weekend 12 St. Peter's, Callaway 19 House of Bishops 25 Peace in the Valley, Nellysford 26 Nelson Parish October 2010 03 Grace Memorial, Lynchburg 10 St. Thomas', Christiansburg 17 St. Thomas', Abingdon 24 St. Thomas', Bedford County St. John's, Glasgow 31 All Saints, Norton St. Mark's, St. Paul

January 2011 02 New Years 09 Trinity Ecumenical, Moneta 16 Christ, Big Stone Gap 23 St. John's, Wytheville 30 Council February 2011 06 St. Paul's, Martinsville 13 RESERVED 20 Trinity, Lynchburg 27 Emmanuel, Covington March 2011 06 Christ, Martinsville 13 St. Andrew's, Clifton Forge 20 Christ, Buena Vista 27 House of Bishops April 2011 03 Emmanuel, Staunton 10 St. John's, Roanoke 17 Trinity, Richlands 24 Grace, Radford May 2011 01 Good Shepherd, Folly Mills 08 St. John's, Lynchburg 15 St. Paul's, Lynchburg 22 St. Mark's, Fincastle 29 St. Paul's, Bear Mountain June 2011 05 Christ, Pearisburg Visitations in this cycle which have already taken place appear in smaller font for informational purposes.


Looking Ahead at Evans House June 05 Executive Board 08 Standing Committee 10 Commission on Ministry 10 Education Consortium 21--25 Bishop's Walkabout in Abingdon Convocation July 04 Independence Day 05 Evans House closed 13 Parish Communicators' Day 24--August 13 Bradford Youth Exchange held in our diocese Please note: The Bishop's Sabbath day will be Friday, rather than Monday, in 2010.

Mark your calendar!

Wondering About Future Meeting Dates? Fall Mission Days ! Lynchburg Convocation: Oct.3 ! New River Convocation: Oct. 10 ! Abingdon Convocation: Oct. 17 ! Augusta Convocation: Oct. 24 ! Roanoke Convocation: Nov. 7 January Convocation Meetings ! All Convocations: Jan. 16, 2011 ! (Snow date, if needed: Jan. 23) Ninety-Second Annual Council ! Council begins at 2 PM on Friday,January 28, and continues until business is concluded on Sunday, January 30, 2011. Spring 2011 Meeting Dates ! Roanoke Convocation : April 10 ! Abingdon Convocation: April 17 ! Augusta Convocation: May 1 ! Lynchburg Convocation: May 15 ! New River Convocation: May 22

"Using the gifts God has given us to do the work God is calling us to do."

NON PROFIT POSTAGE & FEES PAID Episcopal Diocese of Southwestern Virginia

The mission of the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia is to challenge and support the creativity of our congregations in Christian growth and global responsibility.

The Lady Julian was born about 1342, and when she was thirty years old, she became gravely ill and was expected to die. Then, on the seventh day, the medical crisis passed, and she had a series of fifteen visions, or "showings," in which she was led to contemplate the Passion of Christ. These brought her great peace and joy. She became an anchoress, living in a small hut near to the church in Norwich, where she devoted the rest of her life to prayer and contemplation of the meaning of her visions. The results of her meditations she wrote in a book called Revelations of Divine Love. During her lifetime, she became known as a counselor, whose advice combined spiritual insight with common sense, and many persons came to speak with her. Since her death, many more have found help in her writings. The precise date of her death is uncertain.

Lord God, in your compassion you granted to the Lady Julian many revelations of your nurturing and sustaining love: Move our hearts, like hers, to seek you above all things, for in giving us yourself you give us all; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen. Dame Julian of Norwich c. 1417 May 8

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