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Achievement of increased efforts in invasive alien species management and control on to enhance implementation of Aichi Targets 9 and 12 and give impetus to ...

“Cancun Commitments and Coalitions for Enhanced Implementation” Presentation by Parties and partners during the closing session of the High-level segment (HLS) of the thirteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP 13) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

Presentations of Cancun Commitments and Coalitions Lead Party(-ies) Other Parties, and partners who are part of the commitment One line description/title of the commitment Main objective(s) of the commitment

New Zealand Other governments and organisations are invited to support the proposal Achievement of increased efforts in invasive alien species management and control on to enhance implementation of Aichi Targets 9 and 12 and give impetus to the Honolulu Challenge on Invasive Species To stimulate development of partnerships at all scales with the purpose of increasing the rate of eradications of invasive alien species at landscape and nation scales. To bring together willing countries, public and private sector organisations, international organisations, academia and scientists, and citizen groups to develop new initiatives, methodologies and techniques to increase the quantum and effectiveness of activity to control invasive alien species. To undertake activities to increase capacity and capability to undertake invasive alien species control activity.

Main Aichi Biodiversity Target(s) impacted

Timeline for implementation


The primary target to be addressed is Target 9: Invasive alien species control and eradication. Through addressing Target 9 there will be a significant impact on: Target 12: Preventing species extinctions and improving population status. Target 14: Restoration of ecosystems to improve livelihoods. A program of work will be developed by interested partners by July 2017 to ensure concrete actions are underway by December 2017 leading to measurable and reportable change by 2020.

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